BATMAN EXTREME!! A New Batman Toy Collector Blog!

This post is a shout-out to a Friend of ours who has been doing an excellent job on a new Batman Toy Collector Blog called “Batman Extreme”! Now, he’s a Major Batman Fan and he shares a bunch of cool stuff! At the end of this post I’ll share a LINK to it but I gotta warn ya, his site is mostly done in Japanese! But wait, there is plenty of eye-candy to enjoy plus, he does some posts in English. Also, it’s really not that hard to figure out how to navigate the site.

One tip, at the bottom of all his posts there is a “Pagination Area” where you click the numbers “2, 3, 4, etc…” Just click those and you can enjoy the whole site. There is some neat stuff like Tin Toys ( Robots and Batmobile cars ). Plus, a lot of new merchandise. It looks like he might focus on “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES” Movie Action Figures a little bit too. It’s fun, just click HERE!

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Hal’s Custom BATMAN BAT-CYCLE Harley-Davidson Motorcycle!

Check out these awesome photos of a really great “Bat-Cycle”! This is a 1988 Harley Davidson FLHTP owned by our friend Hal. Originally, it was an old Police Bike that used to be in service in New Jersey. Hal removed all the Police-related items off of it and customized it a little bit with some fresh paint and Batman Bat-emblems. I really like that he kept the design sort of minimal. I mean, he didn’t over-do it and that’s important because with some “Bat-Vehicles” a lot of People just go totally crazy, ha! Now, don’t get me wrong though, “extreme” can be cool too, but I really love this Bat-Bike. Good Job Hal, and Thanks for sharing these fun pics.

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Wonder Woman Cos Play Outfits

Wonder Woman is one of the truly iconic superheroes – thanks to the success the comics and Lynda Carter’s TV version – Wonder Woman is up there in the league of Batman and Superman when it comes to listing the most famous superheroes of all time.
It’s no wonder then that this Amazonian Goddess is often chosen for cos play costumes – she’s sexy and smart – and that’s a perfect combo – and hey, at the convention’s Wonder Woman’s chocolate sure brings the boys to the yard!

Adrianne Curry as her favourite super gal

Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman

Above is the Wonder Woman that every one is trying to match with their outfits, America’s original sweet heart, Lynda Carter.

Why so serious?

Sometimes even the celebrities like to play dress up for parties and orgies too. Here’s publicity whore Kim Kardasian vamping it up with her own costumed version of WW.

Double Trouble

Wonder Woman and close friend, Power Girl

What’s better than one Wonder Woman cos player? Two !

Of course, this is not to say every cos play queen gets the outfit right. Every so often some one pulls a costume out of the bag so bad and horrific that it becomes the stuff of legends and nigh mares. This image below is the ultimate classic wonder woman done wrong:

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Catwoman Cos Play Costumes

catwoman cosplay sexy

Catwoman. She’s as famous as Wonder Woman but wears more black leather. The original and most widely known Catwoman, Selina Kyle, first appears in Batman #1 as an uncommon burglar with a taste for high-stake thefts. A popular love interest for Batman, the modern Catwoman is seen as an antihero rather than a supervillain.

catwoman Michelle phiffer

Michelle Phiffer’s Catwoman

Catwoman has been famously played by several hot Hollywood actresses including Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt whereas Michelle Phiffer famously breathed a new sexy life into the cat in Batman Returns.

A Halle Berry film version was a giant box office flop, but there’s no doubt the upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight Rises will be a huge sucess and Anne Hathway as the newest Catwoman will get carried along for the ride.

So given the renown Catwoman has within the DC Comic history, the Batman TV show and in later years the range of hit and miss films, it’s no surprise that lots of lasses love to cos play as Catwoman. Here’s some pictures of cosplayers at various conventions (and bedrooms!) showing of their best kitty cat cos play.

catwoman cosplay angry


catwoman cosplay costume

The Cat and The Bat

Catwoman ready to pounce….

ccosplay cat woman

Nice Kitty

catwoman cosplay sexy leather

Catwoman likes to play on the side walk

catwoman cosplay bikini

Mariah Carey look-a-like Catwoman?

Full Leathers cos play action

Breast in Show

Selena Kyle?

She’s all business

An undressed Catwoman?
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Toycon 2011′s Xmen Cosplayers

So they do cosplay in the Philippines too… here’s some Xmen characters such as Jean Grey and Gambit from Toycon 2011.

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Liam Lynch knows his Dylan / Gears / Halo / Gaming Culture

Liam Lynch of ‘United States of Whatever’

fame singing about Halo and Gears of War and GOGS. Given this website is called Gears of Halo, we felt OBLIGED to show it here. Can we get a full version Liam?

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Unknown Entry 068

unknown cosplay 68 from comiket 2010

I originally thought this cosplayer was from the game Steins;Gate because she is holding a pamphlet featuring Makise Kurisu on the cover. I think I am sadly mistaken, because I wasn’t able to find any character listed that bears the same description.

Anyone have a better idea? Thanks to Femi for sending this!

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HeartCatch Precure!: Kurumi Erika

heartcatch precure! cosplay - kurumi erika from comiket 2010

The daughter of Fairy Drop’s shop owner, Erika shares a love for fashion and design just like her mother. She is an energetic girl who bluntly says what she’s thinking. Erika has a jealous complex towards her older sister, whose beauty and fashion sense made her a Charisma Model despite still being in high school.

Cute cosplay! And I really like that little plush of her fairy, Coffret! Her wig is gorgeous too. Thanks to Ophelia for sending this! Tags: cosplay, cosplayer, holic, role, play, roleplay, costume, anime, manga, game, series, character, photographer, photo, japan, comiket, 2010, heartcatch, heart, catch, precure, kurumi, erika, daughter, fairy, drop, shop, owner, share, love, fashion, design, like, mother, energetic, girl, blunt, say, think, jealous, complex, older, sister, beauty, sense, charisma, model, high, school, cute, little, plush, coffret, wig, gorgeous, ophelia, contribution, email, , , !, , , , ,

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Black★Rock Shooter: Black Rock Shooter 07

black rock shooter cosplay - black rock shooter 07 by saya

A calm and collected girl, Black Rock Shooter keeps to herself and only spoke once in the OVA confronting her “other self” Kuroi Mato. She does not focus on anything else aside from the most important thing that she has to do at this very moment she’s doing it. Black Rock Shooter is a highly skilled fighter, despite her seeming defeat by Black Gold Saw, she easily manages to fight evenly with Dead Master even though she’s appears as if she’s trying not to hurt her.

Beautiful Black Rock Shooter cosplay by Saya! I love how her scar looks so real and her long hair! Thanks to Pamela for sending this!

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Lucky Star: Izumi Konata 06

lucky star cosplay - izumi konata 06 by aka-san

Izumi Konata is the hardcore otaku protagonist of the Lucky Star series. She has a tendency to refer to several popular games, anime, and manga; including Yu-Gi-Oh! and The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. She has many figures of Suzumiya Haruhi in her room and even cosplayed her in the Cosplay Cafe she works in.

Did I mention that both characters have the same seiyuu (voice actress) too? Awesome cosplay by Aka-san! Thanks to Raichuu for sending this in! Tags: cosplay, cosplayer, holic, role, play, roleplay, costume, anime, manga, game, series, character, photographer, photo, lucky, star, izumi, konata, hardcore, otaku, protagonist, tendency, refer, popular, yu-gi-oh!, melancholy, suzumiya, haruhi, figure, room, cafe, work, mention, same, seiyuu, voice, actress, hirano, aya, aka, raichuu, contribution, suggestion, email, , , , , , , ,

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