Outpost details

Hands-On New Halo: Reach Maps

Outpost map details stolen straight from G4TV

  • Trades the sleek purple Covenant lines for a dusty and desolate location in the middle of nowhere.
  • Hilly terrain means lots of cover and lots of places to toss a grenade over.
  • Massive Covenant gun huddles on the hillside overlooking the map.
  • Central building has a small but fairly defendable location if you cover all the entrances. Just watch out for grenades.
  • Ordnance spawns will force you out in the open.
  • One of the locations on this map is called “ONI Road,” a nice little nod to another Bungie project. (That’s a sweet Easter Egg!)
  • Scattered containers and debris provide decent coverage for coordinated attacks
  • Best bet: Hole up in the central building, and cover all the exits. Watch for grenades and spawn outside the building if you die so you can clean baddies off the outside.
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Noble Map Pack Trailer


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The first Halo 4 multiplayer news

Halo 4 multiplayer news as discerned by Gamefan:

  • Story wraps around the multiplayer experience for the first time in the franchise.
  • Players now control Spartan IV’s, which promise to be just as powerful as Master Chief.
  • There is a reason why red and blue soldiers are killing each other.
  • Beyond the typical cosmetic customization options, players will be able to augment their Spartan IV’s abilities and weapon loadouts, altering their gameplay styles for the first time.
  • A lot of focus has gone into giving players a better sense of weight.
  • Audio design has been much improved and really gives a player a sense of where shots are coming from.
  • Maps have been built from the ground up.
  • The Battle Rifle is back and has been redesigned.
  • Two maps have been announced so far: War House and Wrap Around.
  • War House takes place in a civilian manufacturing plant that is travelling in a near space orbit above a gas giant. It has a large decorative Cyclops Mark II mech in the center which serves as the focal point for this slayer style map.
  • Wrap Around is another small slayer style arena, set in a Forerunner facility, that contains catwalks, ramps, and plenty of man-cannons to keep the action fast and frantic.
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Bungie’s Final Multiplayer Stats

Today marks the day that Bungie no longer collects and manages the statistics for Halo multiplayer matches. 343 is now charged with this responsibility. That was the last official tie that Bungie has the the Halo universe. They can still have the glory for making the first 5 Halo games….

Bungie has made this wonder graph below which explains the stats related to the Halo multiplayer realm. It’s a monster and a half of goodness. How many of these numbers did you contribute to?

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