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Pandora Hearts: Gilbert Nightray

pandora hearts cosplay - gilbert nightray

Friend and loyal servant of Oz Vessalius, Gilbert Nightray considers Oz to be the most precious person in the world and is willing to do anything for him. He was first taken into the Vessalius household 15 years ago in an injured state. He later becomes known as “Raven”, a member of Pandora who retrieves Oz from the Abyss. He hates cats, loves to cook, and completely adores the hat Oz’s little sister, Ada, gave him.

Another image I had to crop to have a better look at the cosplayer. It makes me wonder if I should change the blog layout to show larger images next time. Thank goodness the image had a watermark of the series title, or I would have never guessed where this was from! Great cosplaying!

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