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Cliff B chats about Gears’s inspiration and women…

Gears of War 3 is coming this fall (so that means spring for those who live below the equator) and it’s promisng to be the ultimate game in the trilogy. Cliff Bleszinski has been the mouth piece for the game’s reign in the charts and the forthcoming release means the comm chatter has stepped up a notch.
But first, some context and background about wear GOW3 is headed. It is set eighteen months after the fall of Jacinto witnessed at the end of Gears 2. The Gears including our heroes Marcus and Dom as well as what’s left of The Stranded are living aboard a converted hovercraft on the island of Vectes but with the emulsion infected Lambent on the rise, it is only a matter of time before both the Gears and the Locust are threatened by this new enemy.
While Gears of War can be described as a work of science fiction, horror has been just as important in shaping its design aesthetics. Cliff Bleszinski has cited two sci-fi horror films as having a particularly big impact on the look, feel, and evolution of the series: John McTiernan’s Predator

(1987) and John Carpenter’s The Thing

Mr Carpenter’s movie about a shape-shifting alien slaughtering scientists in the Antarctic inspired Gears of War 3’s new Lambent breeds, which are Locusts that mutated due to prolonged exposure to Imulsion.
“What we’re doing in Gears 3 with the rapidly mutating Lambent threat…it’s safe to say that we’re all fans of Carpenter’s The Thing.” I love that spider thing that eats the dog myself!

There are also a host of new playable female protagonists in Gears 3 which are based on people from Bleszinski’s own life: “Samantha ‘Sam’ Byrne is named after a Sri Lankan girl that I know, and Anya is based on someone I used to know.”
In addition to Anya and Sam, another important relationship the upcoming sequel explores was influenced by one of the most painful things in life: the death of a parent. “Several of the leads-myself included-lost their fathers at early ages,” Bleszinski says, “which is why Adam Fenix, Marcus’ father, is seemingly back from the dead in Gears of War 3.”
I personally think the ‘back from the dead’ line is a bit of a stretch given anyone who watched the end credits of G2 will know Adam Fenix is alive.
Sam and Anya Stroud joining the ranks of Delta Squad is a significant shift from the male dominate point of view the previous games. Cliff Bleszinski explains that the new female recruits are just as battle-ready as the rest of Delta Squad. We’re seeing women on the battlefield now in Gears because of a greater demand for more soldiers regardless of sex and a society where gender lines are less relevant. “In the fiction of Gears of War, the gloves are now off, and everyone needs to grab a gun,” Bleszinski says. “Previously, any female capable of breeding was tasked with procreating. But we’re past that point now. The women of Sera need to curbstomp with the rest of ’em.”
Cliff says that Gears of War 3 will answer a majority of the questions raised over the course of the series, particularly about the history of the world.
Resolution will be reached, but Bleszinski says bringing closure to everything that’s happened since the original Gears of War is impossible. “We’re not answering everything mysterious about the world,” he says, “just many important, outstanding questions. We have more exposition in Gears of War 3-so we’ve had to be very careful with piecing together the story while balancing it with the action. But I think we’re hitting a sweet spot of action-filled crunchy shooter gameplay with exposition this time.”
So it sounds like Cliff and the boys are making a huge effort to up the ante for Gears of War 3 to make sure the series goes out with a band.
This is not necessarily the end for the Gears franchise however as eagle eyed fans have spotted that Gears of War: Exile has been trade marked. This could be a possible spin off and also may take advantage of the new Xbox Kinect technology.

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Cliff B talks Carmine

Again Cliff B talks about the fate of GOW3’s Carmine character:

“I just wanna see him slip and fall in the shower, joked Bleszinski. ” I want him to die in the most benign, unspectacular way like he steps on a nail and winds up lock jawed and falls over eventually. Something like that. Something really lame. That’s how I want it to happen.”

Oh, Just Bring It Already!

Check out my Gears of War 3 review or how I think Gears of War 4 could play out.

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Gears of War 3 Trailer: Let’s Finish It

WoW! The Gears of War 3 Official Campaign Trailer has been released and it would appear the self induced hype should be believed. The campaign looks beautiful. Set to Black Sabbath’s classic track War Pigs

, the trailer starts with Marcus and company receiving a radio message from Adam Fenix seeking help from his estranged son Marcus.

Cue a rumble in the jungle with lambent beasts, angry Brumack, giant Bezerkers, a hungry giant fish (similiar to the Levithan from Gears 2

) and guns. Lots of guns.

Gears of 3 is sure to be a winner if this trailer is a true represenation of some of the in game play.

I liked the end of the trailer where Marcus quips, “Let’s finish this” which was slightly reminiscent of Halo 3’s Finish the Fight campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Order your copy of Gears 3 from Amazon


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GOW’s Beast Mode explained

Stephen Totilo from Kotaku has managed to score some hands on time with Gears of War 3 and has written up how the new Beast Mode stacks up:‘Much has changed in the year since Epic Games last showed Beast Mode, the play-as-the-bad-guys part of this September’s Gears of War 3. Much has changed for the better, I learned, when I played the new Beast Mode yesterday.The new, revised Beast Mode I was shown yesterday, is now a violent rush to defeat waves of humans in as little time as possible. You get to control some epic monstrosities to get this job done. It sure is fun to be the ugliest bad guys in the Gears universe. Let me explain the joys of Beast Mode to you.Beast Mode is a standalone part of Gears of War 3 that can be played by up to five players. As the Gears developers at Epic Games first advertised it when they showed it a year ago at gaming press events, you play as the Gears games’ bad guys. You play as the brutal Boomers, the irrepressible Berserkers, as the pesky Tickers and even as something that looks like a giant centipede. The biggest change is that Beast is now played for time. The game’s Horde Mode, which lets a batch of players team up against waves of beasts can be a four-hour survival marathon. Beast, Gears of War 3

lead producer Rod Fergusson explained to me yesterday as we battled through it, is a game of speed. Anyone can get through Beast Mode’s 12 levels, but how fast can you do it? Half an hour? Maybe just 16 minutes, if you’re a ninja Epic Games tester?

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

A Beast Mode session rolls out in waves. At the start, it’s just you, as one of an initial selection of five types of beasts, against some wimpy humans. You play on any of the game’s multiplayer maps (we played on “Drydock” which is a rectangular map full of blind corners with an elevated walkway in the center). The humans are computer-controlled. They automatically place traps-barricades, turrets and dummies-the kind of defenses that players can deploy as humans in this new game’s “Horde Mode 2.0.”The most important thing to know about playing Beast Mode is that you start with only one minute left on the play clock. In one minute, the Hammer of Dawn will strike from above and kill everyone on your team. That would be bad. Thankfully, you gain time on the clock every time you kill an enemy or destroy an emplacement.You also earn money with each kill, healing moves and damage caused to pathetic human emplacements. That’s handy, because you must pay money to become a beast. Each time you die, you have to pay to become a new one. As you earn certain large amounts of money, you’ll unlock new beasts to choose from and have an increasingly enjoyable time mauling pathetic humans. But as the waves of Beast Mode progress, you’ll also find yourself no longer just going up against easily-shredded ordinary male and lady soldiers. Heroes of the Gears-verse will appear, one at a time, then in groups. They are harder to kill and, worse, they have heavy guns. Anya’s got a mortar. Cole’s got a Boomshot. Hoffman has a Hammer of Dawn.

The First Beasts

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

The cheapest beast is the Wild Ticker. For a mere virtual $75, you can be this scampering, fast little pest that excels at munching through spiked fences. It can eat grenades, but that’s a useless skill unless you have a friend playing as a grenadier unit. (This would turn you into a virtual suicide bomber. See the next unit for why that’s good.) You want to be this guy if you want to chomp through defenses.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

The Ticker is also only $75 and very similar to his wild cousin, except he’s always ready to blow up. He can detonate as soon as you pull the trigger, so make him run into a crowd and blow himself up. Try not to think about what the real-world equivalent is.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

The Wretch is a basic melee unit. His best ability is a scream attack which can stun humans. As Fergusson noted, you want to think about team strategies for Beast Mode. If I’m the Wretch, I can stun guys into position. Then you can run up as a Ticker and blow them up. Good plan?

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

If you want to wield a retro lancer, be aSavage Drone.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

This guy is a Butcher. He is very slow but can take a beating. He’s a walking tank, if a tank had a machete instead of a cannon.

The Second Tier of Beasts

As you kill and destroy, you are clearing waves of human enemies. Each player is also amassing a pile of virtual money that they draw from each time they die and need to spawn (you’re never locked into being the same beast, so you can pay to respawn as whichever beast you can afford). As you reach certain money goals, you unlock a new tier of more expensive, playable beasts…

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

I hate, hate, hate the Kantus when I have to fight him in Gears games. He’s a shaman of sorts, and it turns out he’s great to be. He has a gorgon pistol and inky poison grenades. Better is that he can heal and revive injured and downed allies. Healing earns you money, so it’s worth doing.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

Fergusson told me that the Bloodmount was hard to control. That sounded like a challenge. And sure enough, I made sure the Bloodmount ruled the battlefield (briefly). You control the beast here, not the rider. You’ve got a melee attack and the ability to spot enemies for the rider, who is constantly shooting. This is not a beginner unit, I’m told, but it is awesome.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

The Mauler has a shield, as you can see. Fergusson said that one of his team’s strategies in Beast Mode is to form a phalanx of Maulers and then march them ahead of a few Boomers who fire boomshots over their heads. That is a hell of a tip, from Rod to you. Use it!

Beasts: Tier Three

As noted above, you start each wave with one minute remaining on the clock. Kills and destruction of emplacements add time (so, bear in mind, if the clock is about to run out, some backfield beast can save the day by munching through an unattended enemy fence to add some time.) If you and your teammates all die and have to re-start the wave, three minutes of penalty time are added to the total time tabulated for getting through Beast Mode. You don’t play those three minutes. They just make your completion time look even worse. Remember, the goal is to finish Beast Mode’s 12 waves as fast as possible.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

The incredibly awesome Giant Serapede is a heavily-armored, fast centipede of sorts that you control. It’s weak spot is its tail. It’s killing moves come from the pincers around its jaws. This thing lets you live out whatever monster-movie fantasies you’ve ever had, if your favorite monster movies involved giant snakes and if you wanted to be that snake. Surely, that’s at least one of you out there? This unit costs $1350, by the way.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

The Savage Corpser is another wonderfully evil unit. It is sort of like controlling a giant hand. It has a brutal melee attack and, even better, can burrow under the ground to heal… then pop out to murder.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

If you like using the Gears of War shotguns, play as the Savage Grenadier. He’s got a shotgun. And he can throw grenades, though Fergusson said that his ammo stock of grenades restores slowly, since grenades are so powerful in this mode. Note that this guy has grenades. So he can stick one to a wall in order for a Ticker to eat it and then run off and bomb someone. Teamwork!

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

The Boomer needs little introduction to Gearsfans. He’s got a boomshot. Those things are like cannons. Pay $1500 to be this unit and your money’s been well-spent.

The Best, Baddest Beasts

Fergusson and I played with a cheat unlocked that gave us about $100,000 from the start. So by wave five we had all four tiers of beasts unlocked. That is not normal, and so our relatively easy march through human enemies was atypical. You really should be playing this mode in groups. You can randomly matchmake to assemble a crew, though once the match starts (hosted, initially on the lead player’s system), other players can be added by invite only.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

Your goal for Beast Mode should be to be theBerserker. These big ladies (yes, ladies) are partially blind, so when you play them, the periphery of the screen is clouded in blackness. That’s about all the disadvantages you have. For a mere $5,625 you can run through enemies like a linebacker, murdering them as you stride through them. Or you can stop and smash them. In other words, you can be the Flash and the Hulk, only evil… and female.

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

I didn’t play as the Armored Kantus, but his deal is that he’s like the Kantus but has spiky armor. As a result, he won’t take much damage while he’s busy healing his teammates. Bonus: since his armor has spikes, he can roll into humans and perforate them to death. (If the beasts were nice and gentle, they wouldn’t be beasts, right?)

The New, Better Beast Mode is Gears of War 3's No-Longer-Secret Weapon

I didn’t play as a Savage Boomer either. They are, Fergusson explained, a great fire-and-forget unit. They are because they shoot burrowing projectiles that won’t detonate until they are near a target. So aim at a scumbag human, fire your shot, and then turn away to the next victim with the confidence that the first one is probably about to be blown up from underground.
Full article here.

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