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New Trailer For ‘Batgirl: Spoiled’ Web Series Will Butter Your Waffles

Grab a plate of waffles, your jug of maple syrup, and plop yourself down in front of the computer and get ready to view some Batgirl Stephanie fan love. The new web series just released a new trailer that has this NerdBastard book marking the site for future episodes. The story line:

“After a close call leading to a falling out with Batman and Oracle, Batgirl goes out on her own to reexamine her place in Gotham and the world at large. Stephanie spends her days seeking advice from Gotham’s various heros, and her nights patrolling the streets in a seemingly endless battle against crime. All this while attending college, having a social life and finding time to sleep.”

Batgirl Spoiled is written by Sax Carr, Zack West, Ray and Beurer with Joey Rassool as Director of Photography and Editor. Original scoring by Regan Remy, Executive Produced by Sax Carr.

This NerdBastard finds the tone set in the trailer as dead on for a Batman style series. I can only hope that the series really cranks up the tone, maybe as high as eleven.

If you find yourself hungry for more information you can head over to the Batgirl” Spoiled Facebook page or the official Twitter page, to see stills from the series and additional tidbits.


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