Want a Halo Tattoo? Check these ideas out

halo tattoo

Some Xbox box players like to play Halo. Some Halo fans love to play the game. Some Halo fans love the game so much they start up Halo Blogs. Some Halo fans love Halo so much they get tattoos.
Check out these pictures of Halo fans and the ultimate proof they love Halo more than ‘mom’…

master chief tattoo

John 117 with guns blazing on this sweet tattoo.

Master Chief is Pretty in Pink like Molly Ringwald…

Master Chief Tattoo in the classic Halo 2 pose.

Legendary Arm Tattoo

Legendary Back Tattoo (incomplete?)

Tattoo of Mr Chief on the back of the neck. Ouch!

Check out The Arby!

Ever crossed swords with a Halo player?

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Why do so many people hate Halo?

Why do so many people say they hate Halo? The most popular games in the Xbox franchise sure attracts a lot of criticism. Why? Why hate the greatest games ever made? (Not talking about cricket either…)
Some people are trolls. Others think it’s cool to hate. Others just seem to hate Halo. The moment something Halo related is posted on a website out come the commentators with their venom.

Halo Sux! Xbox Suxk. Halo is for fags. Halo CE ruled but 3 sucked tits man.

I see such a comment, sigh, and wonder if breastfeeding should be made mandatory.

Here’s an in a discussion about the Game Informer Info – this from a guy who says he is going to buy the game and play it lots:

Whatever changes and updates they make, it will still be Halo. After this game I really hope Bungie re-grows its testicles and tries something new and innovative.

That one was kinda passive agressive eh? Despite the leak suggesting there’s plenty of innovation to be found in Reach and the almost universal knowledge Bungie is going to do a new IP game, the dude still mindless made his or her comment.

The Halo franchise is finished, and this game signals its demise. Fanboys will line up days prior to buy this crap only to realize that it is an inferior product. I would play Superman 64 again before I ever bought another Halo game.

That was just a mild comment though. Let’s check out some real Halo Haters shall we?

Halo 3 sucks.

I liked Halo 1, i thought Halo 3 was rubbish
The Halo franchise has to be one of the most over rated in gaming history.

No doubt fanboys will continue to suck Halo’s dick.

halo reach will suck as bad as the last 3 halo’s… halo 1 was original and groundbreaking ever since then it’s the same old stuff with no innavation horrible vechicle controls and muddy cartoonish graphics but still people eat it up, who knows.

This is a charmer discussing the Halo Reach trailer (paraphrased):

Fuck this game if it tells the story once again through flash backs. It will be mediocre just like Halo3:ODST. What does that say about Halo3:ODST

. It just wasn’t as well received because of its story telling and it was just boring as hell. Loved the other ones a lot more. Firefight was the only thing the game had going for it. I have a real funny feeling we are going to see the same exact kind of game as ODST unfortunately so fuck BUNGIE!.

What cracks me up though is that these comments are generally found at the end of articles that involve a discussion about Halo in some fashion. If these people hate Halo so much, why do they even read the articles in the first place? Especially if its about a new Halo, that they say they won’t play!?

Then there’s always the guy that weighs in with XBOX sux, PS3 FTW!

Halo Haters please feel free to leave hateful comments…..

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Spartans go on a date?

spartan cosplay dress date

Are Spartans allowed to date each other? Is that against UNSC regulations?
I found this spartacular image on my ipad and I have no memory of how it got there. But here it is, some full Halo glory. Any one know what the deal was? Looks like the hook up happened at Comic Con….

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Do you need some First Aid Halo style?

It looks like this guy has a lot of time on his hands – here’s a shot of his replica Med Kit from the Halo games. As an aside, I disliked the return of Med Kits in ODST and Reach. Just annoying…….

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Knee-Deep in the Dead with The Flood

On google plus Bob McCord asked, “Have you ever noticed how the book cover of “Halo:The Flood” and the game cover of the “Doom” novel seem to resemble each other”

I think it’s a fair question…..

Speaking of Google Plus – Follow Gears of Halo on it !

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