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The World Ends With You: Kariya Koki

the world ends with you cosplay - kariya koki

One of the most formidable reapers in game, Koki, who is better known as “Lollipop” is a lid-back Reaper who enjoys being out and about in Shibuya. He even turned down his promotion to become an officer because he feels that looking important all day is a boring life.

Pretty impressive cosplaying, even though he’s not holding a lollipop. Did you know that in the official TWEWY manga, they revealed that what most people think is a lollipop is actually bean paste on a stick? Fans are a little confused with this because Square Enix’s website had a Reaper Quiz that mentions bean paste is Kariya’s favorite lollipop flavor.

Either way, he’s still one of the most awesome characters in the game. Nice cosplaying to boot!

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