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NEW Fisher Price DC SUPER FRIENDS Imaginext BATMOBILE TOY CAR & Batman Action Figure

Our good friend “Batmobile Billy” sent us a photo of this brand-new toy he saw at a retail store the other night. He’s always on the hunt for cool Batman Batmobile Toys & spotted this new variation of the DC SUPER FRIENDS BATMOBILE CAR with Batman Figure made by Fisher Price, as a part of their “Imaginext” series. This one sort of looks a little bit like the car seen in the 1989 Batman movie, kinda-sorta! It also comes with 3 industrial barrels of “Joker Chemical Waste” ( I love the Joker Logo on the top of them, funny! ). The photo showing the toy on the store shelf is Billy’s picture he snapped of the actual product & the other 2 are from the FP website. I like this car a lot & I’m gonna have to get one later, it’s pretty cool! Thanks Billy for sending the pic. If any other Bat-Blog Readers ( that includes YOU! ) spot any brand-new Batman Toys or Merchandise out there then please let us know so we can share the info, thanks!

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OK, I decided the other day to go hit Wal-Mart & see what kind of Batman items I could find. If you’re a Serious Bat-Collector then you know it’s been really really dry lately. But that’s cool because it allows us time to save a little money for stuff later, ha ha! But anyway, the trip to the famous retail store was kinda lame. The only new things I found were some Kid’s T-Shirts ( Most of them have a LEGO BATMAN theme which is pretty cool ) & that’s usually not something that I personally buy ( in fact, I didn’t ). But, when I got to their “Seasonal Area”, they were doing a “Summer Time – July 4th Theme” & they had this extremely awesome BATMAN 5 Foot long BEACH TOWEL! Oh man, the graphics are beautiful and it’s the “comic book version” of Batman. The quality is really nice too & the thing is only 10 bucks, can’t beat that! But if ya want one you better hurry because it’s the very best selling one in the bunch. I mean, don’t get stuck with Disney’s Little Mermaid, ha! one last thing, if ANY Bat-Blog Fan out there sees ANY new Batman items, no matter what they are, then please let us know so we can share… Thanks!

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New BATMAN and JOKER Merchandise at the Dollar Store

Batman Collectors are gonna love this! Our friend Kevin just sent us this photo of a very cool 3-D BATMAN and JOKER Placemat his wife bought for him at the Dollar Store. He said they also have a dinnerware set ( plate, bowl, & cup ) to match. I really love the artwork on this baby & will have to make a trip to the store pretty soon. If anyone gets the other items soon please send us a pic, thanks. Oh yeah, and thanks Kevin for letting us know about this, you ROCK, Sir!

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BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Knight Flight R/C by Bandai

Our buddy BATMOBILLY spotted this extremely cool BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD R/C Toy the other night at Toys-R-Us. It’s made by Bandai & is called “Knight Flight Batman”. Basically, it looks like a large figure of Batman wearing a gyro-helicopter backpack. It has an infrared remote control & the figure has twin propellers so it can move up/down or sideways. Oh man, I would have totally freaked out as a little kid if they made this a long time ago, ha ha!

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New BATMAN Toys by SQUATZ – DC Universe Figures

Here are some photos for the retail packaging ( prototype ) to some brand-new Batman toys to keep an eye out for in the future. These are SQUATZ Figures of popular DC Universe characters. There will be 6 to collect in the 1st wave: Batman, Joker, Penguin, Green Lantern, Flash, & Superman. Because of space limitations I’m just showing the Batman-related ones. Now, in each package you get 2 figures & one of them is totally unknown, a mystery! The way you find out who it is you put the figure in water & allow the special coating to dissolve. Then, you know who the mystery figure is, woo hoo! Sounds like hours of fun!! Actually, I’m really loving the retro-style characters presented on these cards. The figures look sort of cool too. I can’t wait to see these in stores. You know, to see what they actually look like. Stay tuned to the Bat-Blog & when we find out, you will too.

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New BATMAN INCORPORATED Action Figures from DC Direct

It looks like DC Direct is wasting no time creating action figures from DC Comics’ new comic book title, BATMAN: INCORPORATED. So, here’s a look at the 1st wave of toys: Batman ( Bruce Wayne ), Damian as Robin, Man of Bats, & the Knight. The basic story behind these is this: Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City from his trip through time with a new mission – to recruit worthy heroes to don the mantle of the bat! Realizing he can’t fight evil alone, Batman teams up with an array of heroes across the globe. Traveling the world, testing and training a strong team, Bruce Wayne builds a nearly unbeatable network of crime fighters. From the ongoing BATMAN, INC. series written by Grant Morrison with art by Yanick Paquette. Look for these action figures to hit stores around July 6th, 2011.

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From the writer and artist of the new DC ongoing series BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT! The next Batman BLACK AND WHITE statue is an original design for DC Direct! This cold-cast porcelain statue measures approximately 6.5″ high x 6.75″ wide x 5.25″ deep, is painted in monochromatic tones, features a Bat-logo-shaped base and is packaged in a black and white box. The retail price will be about $ 80.00 & look for it around July 13th, 2011.

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New BATMAN and JOKER 1/6 Full Action Figures – Vintage Version

Here are some brand-new Batman Toys for Collectors to keep an eye out for. From the Takara Tomy EnterMedia company in Japan we get these two 12″ BATMAN and The JOKER Action Figures, Vintage Version. I think what they mean by “Vintage Version” is that these figures look like they’re from the 1980’s ( or earlier ) because Batman is wearing his classic blue-gray-yellow outfit ( My favorite ).As a side note, before you totally fall in love with these new figures please keep in mind that they are going to be very very expensive.

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New BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Action Figure 2-Packs

The battle between good and evil continues! Mattel is set to release their Legacy BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Action Figure 2-Packs just in time for the Video Game! They will be made available this fall. This wave will include: Batman, Robin, The Joker, & Two-Face.

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NEW BATMAN TOYS – DC Heroes Skelanimals Jae Plushes

Towards the end of 2011, around December, be sure to keep an eye out for DC HEROES Skelanimals JAE Plush Toys with a “Batman” Theme! There will be 2 different Plush Dolls ( One Deluxe & one Regular ) and even a Mini Clip-On Toy. We’re showing the “Deluxe Version” Plush & the Clip-On Toy in our photos up above. The 3 toys will range in price from $10.00 to $28.00.

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