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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – Anne Hathaway in Her NEW CATWOMAN Costume with Bat-Pod

This is just a very quick post to share a few brand-new photos shot during the filming of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman movie showing Anne Hathaway in her new Catwoman Costume getting ready to take a ride on the Bat-Pod Motorcycle. MEOW!!

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THE DARK KNIGHT BATMAN and The JOKER Spotted in Las Vegas!!

OK, these pics are both kinda funny and very cool, all at the same time! Our Good friend, Saul, is having a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas right now and he says that no matter where you go they have a BATMAN SLOT MACHINE, everywhere! They are all themed like THE DARK KNIGHT Movie with characters and graphics from the film. They even have a special one for Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker called “The Joker’s Heist!”. There is also a HUGE version at the Bellagio with a giant screen display. Oh man, this is so cool! Thanks Saul for sharing these fun pics and please, try NOT to lose your life savings, ha ha!

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – New WB Publicity Photos From The BATMAN Film

Warner Bros was kind enough to leak a few DARK KNIGHT RISES Publicity Photos out on the web. Here, we get to see some new pictures of Batman, Catwoman, Bane, and CEO Lucius Fox talking with Bruce Wayne. Oh yeah, I think Morgan Freeman is the perfect Actor for that role. Just like Michael Caine makes an excellent Alfred and Gary Oldman is great as Jim Gordon ( not shown ). I mean, we gotta give props to Director Christopher Nolan for such excellent casting. I can’t wait to see this movie!

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Just a quick post to share this brand-new image that’s out, a very nice Promo Photo from Warner Bros’ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie. Of course it features, BANE!! Oh yeah, click on it to enlarge it, it’s sweeeet!

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES – Official Batman Movie T-Shirt Contest Winners To Be Revealed!

Hey Dark Knight Rises Movie Fans! You might remember awhile back when we hyped the Official DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie T-Shirt Design Contest over at the Design By Humans website. It’s a very big deal & was even judged by Christopher Nolan. Well, the WINNERS will start to be announced this Monday, April 30th, 2012. Also on that day the top 5 winning shirts will be available for sale with the Grand Prize Winner to be announced on Friday! For more details, CLICK HERE!

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THE TUMBLER TOUR! See The Original DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Batmobile Prop Car in Your Town!

Hey Bat-Fans, Warner Bros is doing something really cool for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. They’re sending the Original TUMBLER BATMOBILE Film Prop-Car out on tour! Yes, they’re calling it THE TUMBLER TOUR!! In fact, the event starts today, May 12th, in Bentonville, Arkansas! Yes, this is the first stop on the Tumbler Tour! Go to the Wal-Mart on Walton Blvd from 10AM – 3PM to see the Dark Knight’s Vehicle up close & personal!
Now, Here’s a List of other Cities and Dates:

5/12 Bentonville, AR5/15 Tulsa, OK5/19 Overland Park, KS5/21 Kansas City, MO5/23 St. Louis, MO5/25 Chicago, IL5/27 Washington, DC5/28 Baltimore, MD5/30 Philadelphia, PA6/1 Buffalo, NY6/7 Toronto, Canada6/10 Montreal, Canada6/12 Purchase, NY6/13 Columbus, OH6/15 Lansing, MI6/16 Detroit, MI6/17 Brooklyn, MI6/19 Indianapolis, IN6/21 Nashville, TN6/22 Knoxville, TN6/23 Atlanta, GA6/25 Dallas, TX6/27 San Antonio, TX6/29 El Paso, TX7/1 Albuquerque, NM7/2 Phoenix, AZ7/7 Los Angeles, CA

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New FUNNY BATMAN HUMOR To Brighten Your Day!

If you’re a Loyal Fan of the BAT-BLOG.COM then you know we kinda go crazy a little bit sometimes posting some funny crazy stuff. Hey, we can’t be totally serious all the time! So, here are some very humorous pictures that we hope will brighten your day, because you know, we all need that every now and then!

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THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie – Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Here’s some information that brand-new readers of the BAT-BLOG.COM need to know and that is every week we celebrate “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!”. It’s a time when we post a few FREE BATMAN WALLPAPER BACKGROUNDS for you to enjoy ( hopefully! ). Since we’re all super-excited about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie coming out soon I thought I’d use some recent Promo Photos & create some. These feature BATMAN, Bruce Wayne ( Christian Bale ), and Tom Hardy as BANE.

OK, at the last minute I also added a nice one of Anne Hathaway as CATWOMAN on her Bat-Pod Motorcycle. It’s an older picture but still cool, MEOW!

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The BAT-BLOG.COM reported awhile back about Warner Bros’ plan to have THE TUMBLER TOUR in major cities to promote THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie. Well, they recently went to Toronto, Ontario, Canada ( June 7th, 2012 ) and our Buddy Tom got these amazing photos ( Click on them for larger hi-res pics ). Yeah, he was kind enough to share and it’s pretty cool to see these original movie prop vehicles up close.
As you can see they had the Tumbler Batmobile ( Black Version ) and the Bat-Pod Motorcycle. Oh yeah, that’s Tom in the 2nd to last photo & then in the very last one his Buddy Frank is getting kneed by Batman ( or I guess I should more accurately say, “Bearded-Batman”, Ha Ha! ) Thanks Guys for sharing your cool pics. It looks like everybody had a great time!

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