Batman Returns

BATMAN RETURNS Batman & Catwoman Costumes By Zack!

This is our friend Zack with his lovely Girlfriend. Of course he is Batman (1992 BATMAN RETURNS “Michael Keaton” movie version ) & she is perfect as the Catwoman. Zack told me that even though he built his costume himself, with items he found from different locations, he did custom-build the chest piece for this bat-suit. OK, I gotta say that both costumes look really really great & I don’t mean any disrespect here but, Dude, your Girlfriend is totally HOT! But all kidding aside, I guarentee that both of you will be a total hit at any party you go to…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ( Zack – Thanks for sending the wonderful pics )

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THE PENGUIN Vinyl Model Kit BATMAN RETURNS ( 1992 Movie )

I just realized last night that I have not featured one of these wonderful Model kits in awhile so here we GO! Shown here, for your viewing pleasure, is this extremely beautiful Vinyl Model Kit of THE PENGUIN made by our good friend SKINNYBIRD. Of course it’s the “Danny DeVito version” from Tim Burton’s Classic 1992 Film BATMAN RETURNS. One photo is a full-body shot where you see the whole thing but the magic really happens in the other photo that is a close-up of the character’s face. I think he did an amazing job on the painting of the face. Actually, the whole thing is painted extremely well, but with these kind of model kits of actual real-life people you really gotta do a good job on the face or they just don’t work. This one does, looks just like the actor…NICE! If you’re new to the Bat-Blog then I guess I need to explain that we have been posting a few of these Batman Models every now & then. A Good Friend to the Bat-Blog, nicknamed “Skinnybird”, sent us some great pics awhile back of all the Batman Model kits he has built. To view all the ones posted so far just look down below this post for the LABEL word “Skinnybird” & click on that. It will open all the posts related to his artwork. Last, but not least, I wanna thank Skinnybird for sending these & invite all other creative readers to do the same! Your pics don’t have to be models but can be any kind of Batman-related thing, thanks!

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Batman Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday….on Thursday!

OK, I know that today is Thursday & on Wednesday I always post “Batman Themed Desktop background Wallpapers”. But I’ve been having a little trouble lately getting back on track. So, better late than never! Here are 3 Wallpaper Backgrounds that are sure to jazz-up any PC desktop. The 1st one uses some promo art that was done in the 1980’s by Paul Gulacy, it’s pretty cool. Plus, he’s a total bat-fan favorite. Speaking of “promo”, the next one uses some art that was found in an old comic book & was made to advertise the BATMAN RETURNS Video Game. It’s got Catwoman, The Penguin, & even his famous Duck-mobile vehicle….awesome! The last one is more modern day. it’s an image from the DC Universe Film BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD. Of course, it’s the Joker….looking pretty twisted ( as usual ). Please be sure to look in the far-left column of this blog where you can find the Bat-Blog Archives. There, you’ll see hundreds of other Bat-Wallpapers we have posted in the past…have fun!

CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

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