Look For The WEDNESDAY COMICS # 1 Promo Flyer!

Be sure to visit you friendly neighborhood comic book shop today to pick up this free Promo Flyer for the WEDNESDAY COMICS # 1 that will debut on July 8th, 2009. The front features a beautiful mock-up of the Batman page by Brian Azzrarello and Eduardo Risso, and on the back is a 14″ X 20″ shot from the Superman feature by Bermejo, plus a list of all the other characters & artists that will be featured in this new publication. It’s sort of Batman-related so you might want one. Plus, did I say it’s FREE!?!

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THE DARK KNIGHT COOKIES Batman Movie Food Product

Riddle me this, Batman! The following pictures were sent in by a Bat-Blog Reader ( Thanks Adam ) who is trying to find out what country these special “Tormis Cookies” were made. Anybody know? Sadly I had to tell him I have never seen these before ( they are pretty cool though ). The Tormis Pastry Cookie Company had a promotional tie-in with the recent “The Dark Knight” Batman movie & even had special POGS you could collect. I would also like to know where these are from so if anybody knows then please contact us. Our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this webpage.

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