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HERO ENVY – Vintage Toy Collector Blog Pays Tribute to the 1970’s BATMAN COLORFORMS Play Set!

Our Buddy, John Cimino, who writes an excellent “Toy Collector” Blog called HERO ENVY recently paid tribute to the special 70’s BATMAN COLORFORMS Play Set he has owned since childhood. In his article he shares a very heartwarming story about how he got this toy from his Dad back in 1977 when he was only 4 years old. His Dad had bought it for him on a special trip to Osco Drugs. You can check it out by clicking HERE!

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I totally love these old Vintage TV Toy Commercials! In fact, I used to collect them on VHS many years ago. I don’t know, they’re great reference material and a lot of fun to watch, especially if they were ads that aired during your childhood. They really bring back a lot of fond memories. Here’s a great one for the 1966 BATMAN CARTOON KIT COLORFORMS Play Set!!

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David’s Vintage 1980’s BATMAN GRAPHICS Beach Towel!

Here’s another photo sent in by a loyal Bat-Blog Fan named David. It’s a wonderful vintage family photo from around 1981 or so. It shows David, then age 13, with his favorite Batman Beach Towel. Oh man, the graphics are so extremely cool & this thing, today, is very very rare! The artwork looks like the classic stuff done by Carmine Infantino. I totally love this pic, thanks to David for sending it. If any other readers have any Bat-memories to share then please do. our email button is always at the top right-hand side of this page.

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Vintage Batman Toys – 1966 BATMAN ACTIVITY BOX Play Set by Whitman

I have been meaning to post these picture for awhile but here they are at last! Shown right here on the Bat-Blog is this totally amazing Vintage 60’s Batman Toy. This is the BATMAN ACTIVITY BOX Play Set made by Whitman in 1966. Basically it’s a very large paper place mat (you can color) that comes with cardboard punch-outs of Batman characters, building pieces, & vehicles. Oh man, this old toy is so beautiful!! The graphics are really great. Just look at all the photos and you will start to cry, ha! I love the stand-up people here, characters like: Batman, Robin, Alfred The Butler, Commissioner Gordon, Joker, The Penguin, a Policeman, & even Batman and Robin as their alter-egos, Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson! There are some pieces for the Gotham City Police Station, the Bat-Cave, Wayne Manor, and also the Batmobile Car and Bat-Plane!! They just don’t make toys today with this sort of imagination & quality. Especially since this thing was meant to be sort of inexpensive. So, I gotta know, what do you think about it? Please leave comments.

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BATMAN Collector Reference Photos – Vintage 1960’s Toys and Books

One of the main functions of the Bat-Blog is to celebrate the joy of collecting Batman toys and memorabilia, both old & new. So, it was really great to get an email from a reader named Robson who wanted to share a few pieces from his Vintage BATMAN Toy Collection. Shown here is the 1960’s Aurora Batman Model Kit, a couple of 1966 Coloring Books, and a 1966 Twistable Batman made by Marx Toys. The Coloring Books are kinda common but I have always loved the graphics on them. The Marx Figure is so extremely RARE that it’s almost what Vintage Toy Collectors call a “Museum Piece”. ( One last thing, I made the photo of the Model Kit into a BATMAN Wallpaper Background you can use to brighten your desktop – Click on it to see it’s full-beauty! ). Robson, Thank you for sharing these cool pics. If any other Bat-Fans out there who have any pieces they would like to share then please send us some photos too!

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Vintage Batman Toys – Cheesy Carded Rack Toys From The 70’s

If you have ever read the Bat-Blog for a few days or longer then you know I love the Batman Toys, ha! I like everything from the 60’s all the way to today. But the stuff that’s the most special to me is the merchandise made in the 1970’s. You see, I was born in 1964 so I remember most of the bat-products on the shelves around that time. I guess you could say they were “the toys of my childhood”. So, I’m sort of nostalgic for them. Now, in the 70’s there was a “retail-marketing thing” called RACK TOYS. They were usually extremely cheesy plastic toys that were sold inside a clear bubble-pack on a thin-cardboard header card.

You would see them all the time at Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, & especially 7-Eleven! They were inexpensive & some modern-day Toy Collectors call them “Shut-Up Toys”. You know, you would whine that you wanted it & Mom would say, “OK, here, get this one & be quiet!”, ha ha! So, this post is dedicated to those wonderful collectibles from the past. Most of the photos are pretty self-explanatory so I’ll just let you check them out. Also, if you have any special memories of this stuff then please share.

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OK, This week’s “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday” is gonna get really really weird, ha! First off we have a very nice piece of art sent in to us by our friend Gary. It’s an image of one of the strangest Super-Villains in Comic Book history, COMPOSITE SUPERMAN! This weird character has developed sort of a cult following over the years & keeps making appearances from time to time. Basically, his costume is half-Batman and half-Superman. I don’t know, I’ve always thought it looks pretty cool! If ya wanna learn more about this guy then just click HERE, it’s pretty interesting stuff. Also, a special “THANKS!” goes out to Gary for sharing his awesome artwork with us, good job!

Next up, the Bat-Blog is mostly known for being a place where Serious Batman Toy Collectors show-up. The history of merchandise for the Caped Crusader is vast & we love all the cool vintage stuff that’s been made over the years. One area of collecting that I have always loved are the Mego Dolls from the 1970’s. In this wallpaper I used a simple clean photo of THE RIDDLER Figure. Go ahead, try it as a background, you’ll like it, ha!

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I just realized the other day that we have not posted any cool Vintage BATMAN Toys in awhile so here we go! SPOILER ALERT: These photos are gonna make you both drool and cry! First up is this Ultra-Rare 1960’s ROBIN HAND PUPPET in the original packaging. It was made by Ideal Toys in 1966. This Puppet is kinda hard to find just “loose” but getting it “Mint in Box” is worthy of putting in a Toy Museum!

Next, is another RARE item and it’s also kinda fun. This is a 1966 BATMAN AND ROBIN TOY PRIZE Header Card that showed what toy premiums you could win in a Gumball Vending Machine. Wow! They were only 10 cents! I know I would have begged my Mom for a Dime, or two, or three, ha!

Last, but not least, is an ultra super-rare BATMAN TOY that I have to admit, in 20+ years of extremely serious bat-collecting, I have never EVER seen before! This was on evil eBay awhile back and I almost cried when I saw it. It’s an extremely weird toy, sort of a thin-plastic BAT-A-RANG on a string! It’s shown here still in it’s original box & the retro-style graphics are wonderful!! It sold for quite a bit and whoever owns it better take good care of it, ha!

OK, I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these cool toys. Do YOU have an ultra-rare bat-item or a piece you just completely love? If so, then please shoot us a photo today. Remember: Sharing the love of Collecting BATMAN is what the BAT-BLOG.COM is all about!!

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