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THE THREE FACES OF THE 60’s CATWOMAN ( 1966 Batman TV Show ) Magazine Article

A new friend to the Bat-Blog, named Fred Grandinetti, just wrote an article for the “Movie Collector’s World” Magazine website. He did a piece in issue #734, August 2009 ) on the “The Three faces of The 60’s Catwoman” from the 1966 Batman TV Series. Of course we all know them as Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, & Eartha Kitt. It’s a very interesting read & at the end of this post we have a link to it. Also, if you’re really into Vintage Movie Posters you might check out a few other features at the site. Basically, the entire web page is totally devoted to movie collectibles, pretty interesting stuff. I wanna thank Fred for sending me the link, plus let him know he did a really great job on the article ( Thanks Fred ). You can visit the site by clicking HERE!

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John’s ORIGINAL 1966 TV BATMAN BATCOPTER Helicopter Ride!!

OK, I gotta admit that I’m pretty proud of this post. Mainly because it’s a great example of the positive synergy created by the Bat-Blog, plus it made a Batman Fan’s dream come true! Now, how cool is that? Please let me try to explain, ha! We did a post the other day about the original 1960’s Batcopter being at the Meadowlands Fairgrounds in NJ. Our friend BatDave had sent some really great photos & we thought it would be news worthy. Especially since the 60’s Bat-Copter is so cool! Well, one Bat-Blog reader, named John, saw the post & totally freaked out! I mean, he had no idea about this thing going on & he lived close by so he could actually go! He almost jumped off the computer & ran to the car, ha ha! Long story short, he did go & he said it was an incredible day in his life. He got to fulfill a lifelong dream of riding in the actual Batcopter! Now, when he watches the Adam West / Burt Ward BATMAN movie, he can say that he has actually been inside that famous bat-vehicle. He took a lot of photos that he posted at his Flickr account. Here’s a link to see them, just click HERE! Now, I hope he doesn’t mind, but I stole a couple to use as an example here at the site, ha ha! The 1st one shows John sitting in the famous bat-vehicle. That smile on his face is priceless! The 2nd pic shows the inside of the cockpit where the real-life actors from the TV Show & Movie have signed it. The autographs include: Adam West ( Batman ), Burt Ward ( Robin, The Boy Wonder ) , Yvonne Craig ( Batgirl ), Julie Newmar ( TV Catwoman ), and Lee Merriwether ( Movie Catwoman ). The last photo shows John coming in for a landing. Oh yeah, here’s a video he took of the Batcopter taking off, it’s pretty cool to see! Thanks to everybody involved for making this happen.

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