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For the Batman Wallpaper graphics this week I thought I would go with a retro theme! The 1st one is a new image drawn by a famous comic book artist named Darwyn Cooke. It’s the classic 1966 Batmobile car (with Batman and Robin) done in a clean, yet simple, black & white style that I really like & hope you enjoy. The next one is an iconic image from the 1970’s. It’s a picture of The Dynamic Duo by Neal Adams & Dick Giordano. OK Kids, always remember: Be sure to visit the Bat-Blog every single week for “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday”!

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OK, every now & then I get people asking me, “How long have you been a total Batman Fanatic?” Well, I guess the answer would be “over 40 years”. I mean, I am 45 & have been a HUGE Bat-Fan since the age of 2! Every holiday, when the whole family gets together, they always make fun at how I was totally crazy about Batman as a little kid. My Aunt loves to tell the story about how my Nanny ( her Mother ) made me a Custom Batman Cape & I used to totally live in it, ha ha! Yeah, the story gets kinda old but it’s always nice to hear. Now, regular Bat-Blog Readers might have read about when my Grandmother died recently. It took my Aunt a long time to get the courage to “deal with the house”. Mainly because it was so haunting to go in there & be totally reminded of her. I can completely understand & respect that. It must have been really difficult. Well, she finally got around to going through her things & I told her that Nanny had a photo of me wearing a Batman T-Shirt and, if I could, I would really like to have it. It was an old black & white photo that hung on her bedroom wall, like forever. Well, she said it wasn’t there anymore ( she’s still trying to find it ). But, while going through a drawer she found this one still in the original metal frame. It’s a color photo & I have NEVER seen it before. I really laughed when I saw it. Plus, if you look closely, I’m wearing a bootleg “Batman & Robin” T-Shirt. Now, how cool is that!? I’m also wearing my Grandfather’s military hat he wore during WWII. I loved it & used to wear it all the time.

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New MTV Interview with Alicia Silverstone ( About 1997’s Batman and Robin )

This video is about when Alicia Silverstone dropped by the MTV offices to hype her new diet book. When she was there a reporter asked her about any memories she has about making the 1997 “Batman and Robin” movie & being the “Batgirl” character. Her answers are sort of interesting. The reporter practically said the movie totally sucked & she didn’t defend it at all, ha ha!

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Matt Damon’s Take on Casting Ben Affleck as Batman and What About Robin the Boy Wonder


Matt Damon was recently in India, promoting his latest movie Elysium when The Times of India caught up with him and asked him those burning questions that has Internet forums a buzz and generating clever pictures like the one above. What did he think about his long time buddy Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman, and would Damon, could Damon, should Damon, join the cast of Batman Versus Superman as Robin the Boy Wonder.

I think it will be great, It will be terrific. I know there are a lot of people grousing on the internet. I just think it’s kind of funny. You know, he’s not playing King Lear. It’s Batman! Certainly within his skill set. If anybody saw ‘Argo’ or ‘The Town,’ and all the work he’s been doing lately, it’s way more nuanced and interesting and way more difficult than Batman! Batman just sits there with his cowl over his head and whispers in a kinda gruff voice at people. Bruce Wayne is the more challenging part of the role, and Ben will be great at that…

But it’s safe to say I won’t be Robin.

Yeah, I think deep down we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. I bet we’ll see some funny video on the Jimmy Kimmel Show about it though. Maybe Ben Affleck, dressed as Batman pulling up to the house from Goodwill Hunting in the Batmobile with Matt Damon coming to the door in street clothes and they back and forth with Damon saying something about never wearing that costume and it ain’t gonna happen no matter how many times Affleck comes to the door.

The other Matt Damon news making its way around the internet is that Damon might be returning to the Bourne franchise. Damon had this to say:

They were just trying to revitalize that franchise and I didn’t mind at all, It didn’t have anything to do with the movie that I made. It makes sense for a studio to keep those franchises as alive as they can, it makes business sense for them. I don’t begrudge anybody for that. I am a huge fan of Jeremy. I don’t equate my Bourne movie with his. He didn’t play the part of Jason Bourne. It’s a totally different thing.

Could that movie have both Damon and Jeremy Renner in it? That would be great to see. I’ve loved all the Jason Bourne films and have read more than a few of the books.

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BATMAN AND ROBIN # 10 Comic Book Cover Art

Direct from DC Comics here is the finished color artwork for the cover to the new BATMAN AND ROBIN # 10 Comic Book. The artist, Frank Quitely, did an amazing job on it! It shows Robin about to kill Batman. Well, try anyway! I guess Damian is really going insane …again! Personally I think that Dick Grayson needs to teach him some manners, ha ha! ( Click on the above graphic for a larger version ).

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