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Practically every superhero legend is the story of an ordinary person who finds a power that either he/she didn’t know they had. An ordinary guy named Lenny B. Robinson learned if he dawns his cape and climbs into his Batmobile he can change the lives of sick children.

In March 2012 the cyberworld was introduced to Lenny B. Robinson, a Baltimore Maryland based business man who was pulled over by police dressed up as Batman –Batmobile and all — in Silver Spring, Md. He was pulled over for a problem with his plates. This wouldn’t ordinarily make international news, but the car was his black Lamborghini, the license plate was the Batman symbol, and the driver was dressed head-to-toe in a full Batman costume. When videos of this masked Batman went viral, the Caped Crusader’s true intentions came to light for the world to see. It turns out Robinson is a real life hero.

Robinson, 48, has been visiting sick children in hospitals in the Baltimore area monthly since 2001, and has now ventured out nationally, and soon internationally, to bring his superhero to thousands of sick children in hospitals around the globe. He also visits schools to talk about bullying, but he does not do birthday parties. Trading in his Lamborghini for a custom-made Batmobile, that debuting in Coeur d’Alene Idaho on the 4th of July 2012, Lenny traveled around the country in July 2012 giving out Batman toys and goodies to hundreds of kids in children’s hospitals along the route.

To read more about Lenny’s further adventures please be sure to visit his website. Also, while you’re there, please be sure to make a donation. Thanks.

Here’s the link, just click here: SUPERHEROES FOR KIDS

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Custom Bat-Cycle Inspired by the 1989 BATMAN Movie Batmobile!

OK, I’m not really sure what these sort of vehicles are called but they’re basically 3-wheeled motorcycles. Well, recently these “tricycles” have become extremely popular with people who love customizing stuff.

Here’s one I came across randomly on the Internet and, as you can see, it’s design is inspired by the Batmobile Car from the 1989 Michael Keaton BATMAN Movie… AWESOME!!

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Delightful Mary Poppins And Alice In Wonderland Skirts

Most wardrobes could stand to have more playful and fun items, and these new skirt styles from Go Follow Rabbits meet that requirement. She’s got Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland prints available, and as you can see from the photo above, they don’t follow Disney’s interpretations either. I think that makes them more wonderful.

The skirts are made to order, and turnaround time is three weeks.

Check out the Mary Poppins skirt after the break.

Product Pages: Alice in Wonderland ($45.99) and Mary Poppins ($45.99)

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Bad News, Mario [T-Shirt]

Try to imagine for a moment what it would be like to wear Mario’s shoes. Just how many times will you discover that the princess is in another castle before you completely lose your mind and need to be committed? You could try asking Mario, but I don’t think he’d hear you in his current state.

Product Page ($24.54 via shirtoid)

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Potential Casting Choices For Peter Quill And Drax The Destroyer In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

Apparently the following information is a Comic Book Movie exclusive, as they have received the names of some potential actors for the role of Drax The Destroyer in the upcoming Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy, with James Gunn in the driver’s seat. This is all thanks to a source that they have that is “very close to production”, who shared with the site the names of three potentials for the role of Drax as well as one person who is “still high on” for the role of Peter Quill.

The potentials that are lined up are former WWE star Dave Bautista, Brian Patrick Wade from Generation Kill and The Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa. According to the source, they’re all still in negotiations with Marvel at the present time. To be honest, I don’t know if I could take The Old Spice Guy seriously.

For those of you who aren’t fully aware of the backstory behind Drax, he started off as your average human dude named Arthur Douglas whose family was killed by Thanos. Kronos then took Arthur’s soul and put it in a brand new, souped up body so that he could have at it with Thanos. And there we have Drax the Destroyer. The movie will be “updating” this backstory, though, and Hollywood-izing it so that’ll be interesting to see.

There has been a lot of speculation about who will be playing Peter Quill. The source claims that Peter Krasinski is up there in the running, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything is set in stone just yet.

What do you think about these potential casting choices? Who would you like to be on the big screen playing these characters?

Source: Comic Book Movie

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Nerdy Bits: William Shatner Tweets to Space – Gets Response, A Batcave Under Downton Abbey?, A Very Ood Proposal, and MOAR!

Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at

Above: If you’re not already following Sir Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) on Twitter, this is the kind awesome you’re missing. Prof. Xavier stumbling upon a real Xavier school. [Nerd Approved]

@williamshatner Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.

– Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) January 3, 2013

And in another instance of reality and fiction blending via Twitter, we have this exchange between William Shatner and currently living aboard the ISS astronaut, Chris Hadfield. We are living in the future people! [io9]

Know anyone naughty enough to deserve a paddle with this Princess Peach paddle board? If you do, grab one on Etsy for only $35. [Geek Tyrant]

@azalben a batman in downton?…

Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) January 3, 2013

Batman, British? Turns out he could be as famed Batman scribe Scott Snyder has discovered some startling evidence the real Batman might be operating out of Downton Abbey! Full story on MTV Geek.

Have to say I’m surprised it took this long for a TARDIS hoodie to crop up, but man do I want one. Available at Hot Topic this stylish and comfy hoodie will set you back about $45. No guarantees it’s bigger on the inside. Or rather, smaller on the outside. [Geek Tyrant]

It’s one of the Ooddest – ha! I’m not sorry – but still unbearable adorable proposals to date. A man proposes to his girlfriend while disguised as an Ood. You’ll have to read it, over on The Mary Sue, to believe it.

I’ve shared a lot of weird and wonderful Grand Theft Auto mods, but this .gif of a horse stealing a car then melting into the pavement is probably the best thing I’ve seen. Ever. [Kotaku]

Spoilers guys, but there’s a pretty major death in Amazing Spider-Man #700, and it looks like Stan “The Man” Lee doesn’t think too highly of it. I have a feeling this has been photoshopped, but either way never a good sign when a character’s creator is shredding such a monumental issue. [Geeks are Sexy]

We’ve all searched out walkthroughs before when stuck in a video game level, but you’ve never had the opportunity to hear Christopher Walken guide you through a walkthrough. And believe, it’s something you’ve always secretly wished for. [Dorkly]

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