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Michael Shannon Won’t Say “Kneel Before Zod” in ‘Man of Steel’

Everyone who has watched Superman II can quote the famous line, “Kneel before Zod,” that actor Terence Stamp says in his fight with the late Christopher Reeve‘s Superman.

It’s a line that demands respect and has been uttered in countless parodies in the years since the film’s release, giving the line itself a cult status. While doing an interview on VH1′s Big Moring Buzz Live Michael Shannon, who has taken over the role of General Zod in Man of Steel, may have shattered the hopes of thousands of Zod fans revealing, “I don’t say that in the movie,” when asked about quoting the famous line in the reboot.

Now we know Zack Snyder is trying to update the franchise but “Kneel before Zod” is synonymous with Stamp’s role and it has to be said. It’s one of those lines that should be carried on in some way, much like what was done for Martin Sheen and the reworking of, “With great power comes great responsibility,” in The Amazing Spider-Man. Hopefully the line will be used in some variation to make it Shannon’s own, if anything Snyder can at least give people this:

Your welcome Zack, use something like that and you’ll calm a planet of angry nerds.

Special thanks to Blastr for spreading the word of Zod. Check out Shannon’s original interview with VH1 below,

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