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12th Doctor to be Revealed This Sunday Live on BBC! [NOW WITH OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER]


A live broadcast hosted by Zoe Ball this Sunday will reveal the actor who will portray the twelfth incarnation of the Gallifreyan Time Lord known across space and time as simply, The Doctor. Showrunner Steven Moffat and 11th Doctor Matt Smith will be joining Ball on the special-along with whomever’s going to be playing the new Doctor.

The announcement is scheduled to air at 7pm, Sunday August 4th in the UK… and 11am PDT and 2pm EDT in the States.

The remarkably secretive casting process was done under the code name of Whodini, and apparently even the crew and other staff working with the soon-to-be 12th Doctor didn’t know what was going on.

Currently, an episode of Celebrity Mastermind is scheduled for that particular time slot on BBC One-most likely this will be preempted.

Furthermore, MSN UK just released this tweet regarding the announcement:

#DoctorWho fans. There will be an announcement at midnight. That’s all I’m saying…

– MSN UK Entertainment (@msnents) August 1, 2013

Don’t read too much into this, though-it’s believed that this message refers to the same announcement we’re talking about, and the official reveal of Twelve’s identity will be saved for Sunday.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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