Chip Kidd Set To Write Full-Length Batman Comic Book Story

Graphic designer, novelist and Bat-Nerd Chip Kidd has announced that he will write a full-length Batman comic book story for DC Comics. He gave out this information at the recent Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest. You might remember his recent “Batman Japanese History” book titled Bat-Manga! He also wrote a book about Vintage Batman Toys called Batman Collected. This is his 1st attempt at actually writing the comic book. No exact date has been set yet but it’s something to look for in the future.

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ART MASTERPIECE: The 1966 Batman TV Show Adam West Cowl Made By Chuck!

OK, I swear that I don’t mean for the Bat-Blog to be all “Adam West – Batman Day” today, it just worked out that like that, ha ha! But I had to post these 2 new photos I found because I’m really proud of them. A friend of mine, named Chuck, who’s an extremely talented artist & sculptor, makes these totally amazing 1966 Batman Cowl Replicas that I consider to be Masterpieces of ART. I’m really trying to be sincere here when I say that & I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything, I mean, just look at the photos! Chuck made this by hand & it’s almost better, no, it is better, than the original ones they made for the 60’s TV Series. The attention to details, in every way, is totally insane! It’s just completely beautiful! I seriously wish I could afford one of them. In fact, I would buy 2. One to put in a glass display case with security guards watching it 24 hours a day & the other to wear every single moment of my life!

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Kenner’s SUPER POWERS 25th Anniversary – The PENGUIN Action Figure!

OK, after just featuring the Joker I knew I couldn’t leave out The Penguin! ACK ACK! He was another “Batman Super Villain” mixed into the group of characters in the Kenner SUPER POWERS Action Figure line-up! I remember having this toy a long time ago & it’s really wonderful to revisit him once again! Originally, he came with an umbrella-weapon accessory ( shown here ). Also, just like the “Joker Figure” post, I’m showing a reprint of the original mini-comic booklet that came with the figure…enjoy!

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New ‘Terminator’ Rumor: Two More from Original Movie Signing Up?


At Nerd Bastards we’re no strangers to weird movie rumors, we deal with them on a daily basis, but this latest tidbit concerning Terminator 5 really boggles the mind.

Comic Book Movie is reporting that, in addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, original Terminator co-stars Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn are also being courted by the film’s producers. No word on exactly what their status is: Are they negotiating? Has the offer been merely extended? Is this for a full-on supporting role, or are they only going to cameo? Who knows.

As I’m sure you know Hamilton and Biehn had pretty pivotal roles in The Terminator. She played Sarah Connor, mother of humanity’s future savior John Connor, and he played Kyle Reese, a soldier from the future sent back in time to protect Sarah, and, inadvertently (by design) father her child. It would seem unlikely that Hamilton and Biehn would be appearing as Sarah and Kyle though, so could something else be afoot?

Naturally. Remember that rumor about Terminator 5 taking place in the 1950s and is about a grizzled old man (Schwarzenegger) who protects Sarah Connor’s parents from an all new, more deadly Terminator played by Dwayne Johnson? Hamilton and Biehn be recast in this provocative new setting too, although they may still be too old to play Sarah Conner’s parents. Of course all this is merely rumor, and everything about the production of Terminator 5, with the exception of its existence, should be taken with a grain of salt.

But what do you say Bastards, want to see a Terminator reunion of Schwarzenegger, Hamilton and Biehn? Sound off below.

Source: Blastr

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A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Dave, sent us some pictures lately of a few different Batman Halloween Costumes he has had over the years. They span about 20-something years apart & are very interesting. For this post I thought I would just show the Joker ones & then do the others later. The 1st photo here must have been from last Halloween because he is the newer “Heath Ledger Joker” from The Dark Knight movie. The hair & make-up look really good & I bet he hit a ton of Thrift Stores until he found the perfect purple suit & vest! It all ties together nicely. Plus, Hey! Is that HELLBOY standing there too? In the next photo it looks like his wife got her “Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ” outfit on, it’s very cute from what I can see ( where’s Toto The Dog at? ). The other pictures are from the 1980’s. Back then, he was more of a “Comic Book Version” of The Joker. He also had great Joker Style going on then too with the purple clothes! I bet thrift stores never sell this kinda stuff all year long until Halloween time, ha ha! But all kidding aside, I wanna thank Dave for sending these totally wonderful pics. These Joker Costumes are all great. Now, I promise I will be posting the other ones soon, they’re great too! Remember: If any other Bat-Blog Readers wanna share there Batman-related Halloween Costume pics then please do!!

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Zatanna & The Dark Knight!!

YES! The Bat-Blog just received a photo from our good friends Dallas & his wife. It shows what their Halloween costumes are going to be this year. She is Zatanna, The Magician & he will be Batman ( The Dark Knight movie version )!! The costumes here really look incredible! Thank you Dallas. Everybody please be sure to click on the photo for a larger, more sharp, version. Now Readers, you might remember this couple from last year when he was a different version of Batman ( Modern Comic Book ) & she was Catwoman ( the Jim Balent “Purple Cat-Suit” version ). Their costumes were great then & great now! I’m sure they will be a SMASH HIT at any party they go to!! We love to get photos like this at the Bat-Blog so if you have some of you in costume now, or some from the past, then please send them in. Our e-mail button is always at the top right-hand side of this blog!

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Batman’s THE KILLING JOKE Joker Parody on SOUTH PARK

The other night, on Comedy Central’s SOUTH PARK Cartoon TV Show, they did a total homage to Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s classic Batman Graphic Novel JOKER: THE KILLING JOKE. Yes, the ultimate JOKER book! One important thing that true Batman Fans will love too is the fact that they used the original version of the book & not the 2008 re-issue. Now, I have not seen it yet. In fact, our friend Dan was the guy who told me about it & to torture me he sent these amazing screen shots ( Thanks Dan! ). As you can see, they do a spot-on parody of the book! Be sure to click on them for larger versions. I have been trying to find the episode online & that’s turned into a small problem. You see, the creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, are under a lot of trouble right now because this episode depicts an image of the Prophet Muhammad & it has a lot of very serious Muslim groups pretty angry. Like, usually after a South park episode has aired ( & you missed it ) you can visit their website a few days later to see it online. Well, this episode is the one under fire from religious groups & they might not ever post it there. Stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for more details.

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Original 1960’s BATMAN POP ART OIL PAINTING By Bob Kane!

WOW! The Bat-Blog is known for sharing a ton of news about Batman but this is actual BAT-HISTORY right here! The image you see up above is a photo of the original Batman Pop Art Oil Painting “done by” Bob Kane, the co-creator of Batman. The pics were sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Rick, who actually owns this amazing piece of art ( Be sure to click on it for a larger, sharper, image ). He explained how he got it in this email, he wrote:

In 1966, after the television show hit big, Bob Kane did a series of 12 large pop art oil paintings. This is one of them and, I think, the best of the bunch. I saw about 8 of them in the early 90’s when Kane exhibited them at an art gallery in Beverly Hills. Mine was owned by Cary Grant for 20 years and hung in his guest bathroom. I’ve owned it since 1987.

Oh man! I’ve known about these paintings for years & it’s so cool to actually meet someone who owns one. I’ve never seen one in real life, only publicity photos. To publish an actual photo of this on my blog is a total honor, no kidding, it’s great! Thank you Rick for sharing your story.

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Desmond’s BATMAN COSTUME T-Shirt!

Hey, Check it out! It’s our good buddy Desmond & he’s the coolest kid in the whole wide world! Why? Because …HE IS BATMAN!! See, here’s the photographic proof, ha ha! Actually, Desmond’s parents just bought him this extremely awesome “Batman Costume” T-Shirt at Target & they wanted to share this information with other Bat-Blog Fans, especially parents with small children. So, thanks Desmond…your bat-shirt is GREAT!! Now that I think about it, this would be sort of cool for Halloween. Thanks for sending us the cool pic.

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Happy Birthday BATMAN Cake for October!!

Oh yeah, this Custom Batman Birthday Cake photo goes out to all the Bat-Blog Fans & Readers who share a special day in October…so, Happy Birthday!!!

( As a side note I should say that this Bat-Cake was originally made for our friend Roberto by his Wife. She filled it with real strawberries…yummy! The overall design is extremely creative. She did a wonderful job on it & we love it! )

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