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BATMAN TATTOO ART PHOTOS: Catwoman, The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, & More!

Last night I got an e-mail from a friend named Wes. It looks like he has been pretty busy getting more tattoo work done! In fact he’s got an entire “arm sleeve” of work done. He sent us some really great photos showing the new work & it’s totally amazing art! Just check out the pictures if ya don’t believe me, ha ha! ( Click on them for larger images with more detail ). He now has Catwoman, The Joker, The Penguin, & The Riddler! Previously he had Batman & The Scarecrow. Dang! Wes, these are seriously awesome & very well done. I love the coloring & the clean sharpness…they’re GREAT! Thank you for taking the time to take these photos, I appreciate that. Also, please let the tattoo artist know that we here at the Bat-Blog think that he ( or she ) is a true art master! I guess I’ll shut-up now & just let the photos speak for themselves, ha ha! As a side note I would like to invite any other readers who have got some Bat-Tat work to please send us some pics too, thanks.

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!

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ATTENTION: The BATMAN FOREVER Batmobile Car Has Been Spotted in Pennsylvania

The Batmobile has been spotted in Pennsylvania…at a TOYS R US in Cheltenham, PA to be exact! A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Michael, just recently saw this BATMAN FOREVER MOVIE Vending Machine Toy Ride-On Batmobile & had to send some pics to us. I like how it looks sort of “cartoony” ( I just invented that word ). Plus, it’s always fun to see one of these things. Now I know a lot of people totally hate this film but I actually kinda like that it is so bad. Now obviously I would have prefered for the film to be good, or even great, but since it’s not we might as well accept it. “Don’t cry over spilled milk”, my Grandmother used to say. I wanna thank Michael for taking the pictures for us, I really appreciate that, it’s a very cool car!

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BATMAN TATTOO: Bat-Blog Fan Needs Your Help!

I got an email the other day from a very nice guy named Keith. He wants to get a Batman-related Tattoo with an “ARKHAM ASYLUM” theme. So, he asked me to ask my readers if you have any ideas or know of any cool graphics that sort of showcase the ARKHAM ASYLUM building. I posted a picture up above that lets you know a little bit about what we’re talking about. Actually, his letter explains it a lot better than I can so please read this:

“I am thinking of getting an Arkham Asylum tattoo on my arm. The thing is I can’t seem to find anything that fits the image that is in my brain. I am picturing the gates with a gargoyle on either side, The name above and the asylum itself in the background. I was wondering if you, or any of your Bat-Blog Readers, would have ( or know of any ) images that would help me out. I have gone through most of my graphic novels ( which I have a lot ) but still nothing. So, any help would be greatly appreciated!”

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Funny Funny Funny BATMAN Humor Photos!

OK, Many Bat-Blog Readers send us great photos all the time & I totally appreciate that. I mean, I’ve always said that if the Bat-Blog is any good at all then it’s because of that reason. Here are some great examples: The 1st pic is a recent submission of a “found photo”. The guy who sent it said he can’t remember the site he found it on but he thought it was pretty funny & knew we would like it. It’s a Batman T-Shirt that is a parody of the Apple iPod Advertising. It shows the Dark Knight listening to music on his iPod & it’s attached to his bat-belt…hilarious! The next pic was found by our good friend Bob. It’s an actual tourist photo of a “Cambodian Batman Taxi”. It’s a large Bicycle-Cart that is pulled by a Moped Motorcycle. I think they call these things TUK-TUK. There is actually an entire sub-culture revolving around these very unique vehicles. Do a Web-Search sometime & you’ll see a ton of great pics. This one, of the “Batmobile Tuk-Tuk” is extremely inventive & it really looks like it would be pretty fun to zoom around town in. If I were on vacation in Cambodia I would totally go for it! The last photo was e-mailed to me the other night & when I opened it I completely cracked-up, ha ha! It’s Batman showing the Joker some of his favorite movies he has appeared in & the Joker has a correct response! Well, hopefully you got a good laugh! Now remember, if YOU come across any Silly Batman Material then please share it with us ( unless it’s something you created yourself, please let us know “where” you got it ). Our email button is always at the top right-hand side of this page.

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FUNNY HUMOR with THE JOKER From The Dark Knight Movie ( Heath Ledger Version )

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, whew, Ha Ha!
( Thanks to everybody who sent these funny pics! )

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There’s a pretty cool art show event-thing going on at the BEAR & BIRD BOUTIQUE + GALLERY in Lauderhill, Florida that a lot of Bat-Blog readers might like to see. In fact, the show ends on July 31st so, you have until the end of this month to see it. It has a “Love of Vintage Toys” theme & a few pieces are even Batman-related. Basically, it’s a group show with many artists contributing artwork & photography that is inspired by cherished toys from their childhood. They all pay homage to different action figure toy lines: You have Mego’s Batman, Kenner’s Star Wars, Mattel’s He-Man Master of The Universe, Lego Characters, & much much more! A lot of the artwork is really amazing! Here in this post we feature the 2 Batman-inspired ones. The 1st one was done by the curator of the show & it’s actually an original comic book ad for the Magnetic Batman figure by Mego, framed. She also displays the actual figure right above it…cool! The next one is an acrylic painting of a Batman String Puppet flopping around. It was masterfully done by Lora Zombie. There are too many artists & pieces of art to mention here but the flyer ( last photo ) shows all of their names. Plus, at the end of this post is a really really great video of the Art Gallery Installation & you can see all the artwork very well. For more information be sure to visit BEARANDBIRD.COM plus, if you would like to see all the art in sharp detail, be sure to visit their online Flickr gallery by clicking HERE!

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Photos – BATMAN and JOKER Tattoo Art Graphics

OK, I’ve been sort of a slacker lately about publishing the BATMAN TATTOO ART photos & I really don’t have an excuse except that I wanted to sort of chill with them a little bit. But lately we got a few sent in by some Bat-Blog Fans & they’re so GREAT that I know we had to post them. The 1st one features the JOKER pointing a gun in your face, POW! This belongs to our friend Michael who said he was mainly inspired by Jack Nicholson’s performance in the 1989 Batman movie. The artwork looks like something from the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon, how awesome is that?! The next one belongs to our friend James who got a modern-day BAT-SYMBOL LOGO on his chest. OUCH! That must have hurt, ha! But it looks pretty cool so I guess the pain was worth it. Speaking of pain…The last pic shows the largest tattoo in the bunch. It’s JOKER standing in the entrance of Arkham Asylum. This one belongs to a guy named Tom & he shared the fact that this JOKER was inspired by the recent video game. So there you go, a ton of cool tattoo art to enjoy! Now, if any Bat-Blog Readers get some ink done then please shoot us some pics. Plus, a special thanks goes out to these guys who sent us their pictures.

CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight and Joker!

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Stu’s Family Parties With Batman!!

You might remember a story here at the Bat-Blog we did on Jay Weatherby’s Custom Batmobile. Our friend BatDave sort of met him by accident one day in New Jersey & then got to ride in the Batmobile! He later sent us some great pics of this replica car. Well, a few days later I got these photos from our friend Stu. He & his family had a cool party & hired Jay for the event. Check out these fun pics! It looks like everyone had a great time. Oh yeah, if missed the previous post & you wanna see BatDave’s pictures of the Batmobile then click HERE! I also wanna thank Stu for sharing the wonderful photos.

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Funny BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT Humor Photos and Comic Strip

OK, You know the drill! Every now & then, here at the BAT-BLOG.COM, we post a set of totally hilarious and/or super-funny Batman-related pictures, photos, & comic strips for your viewing pleasure… enjoy!

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OK, I recently got some amazing photos from a few Friends over at Facebook who all live in different parts of the World. So, I thought I’d share them as one post titled “Around The World Wackiness!”. Yes, my concept is stupid but these pic are really great, check it out! The 1st one is a photo of Comedian Kevin Meaney. During a recent trip to Vietnam He found this Giant-Size BATMAN Statue at the entrance to a “Cave” at some Theme Park. It’s crazy!

Next up is a fast Photo, shot with a Cel Phone, by our Friend Mauricio in Santiago City, Chile! Just in time he caught this Subway Car going by that is advertising the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour. He said that he and his family are defiantly going to that show!

Last, but not least, is a random photo from the USA where some Kid is getting a special BATMAN Haircut. OK, now how cool is that?! That hairstylist is a true Artist!

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