‘Gallowwalkers’: Wesley Snipes Is Back! Sorta!

Gallowwalkers, formerly Gallowwalker, formerly The Wretched, has a very long and somewhat bizarre history. But it’s apparently finally going to hit theaters this year, nearly seven years after it was supposed to.

The backstory here is that this movie was actually filmed in 2006, and was supposed to be released in 2007. And then it just kinda… went away. It’s not really clear what precisely happened, as there are several conflicting stories ranging from a total lack of money for post-production to rights-holders refusing to put the movie out until Snipes could do publicity, which is kind of a problem since he’s finishing up a stint in prison for tax evasion.

Either way, the logjam has apparently cleared: Gallowwalkers surfaced at the European Film Market and honestly, it looks all kinds of bizarre, if Bloody Disgusting’s post of a recut trailer is any indication:

That probably clarified nothing. The basic idea is that Snipes is the cursed son of a disgraced nun, who apparently brings everybody he kills back to life as zombies. Which considering the sheer number of zombies in this thing must mean all this guy does is kill, because sheesh. Apparently to kill the, uh, people who have a right to be pissed off with him, he has to behead them.

Honestly, it does actually look pretty cool. The deserts of Namibia make for a unique location, and the movie looks like it takes a lot of cues from cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, except this is probably going to be a lot more coherent in terms of plot.

That said, this also doesn’t have a major studio backing it, so we’re unlikely to see it in theaters. But, hey, that’s what Netflix is for.

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