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DC Direct’s MAD Magazine JUST-US LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES Action Figures

In early April of 2012, if the Mayan Calendar Theory doesn’t kick-in & we’re all still alive, then DC Direct has plans to release a brand-new set of Action Figures called “JUST-US LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES”. They will feature ALFRED E. NEUMAN, the Mascot for MAD Magazine, as a different member of the Justice League of America: Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Robin, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and even The Joker. I was a HUGE Fan of MAD Magazine when I was a little kid & totally love these new toys! I gotta say that one of the JOKER is my favorite. Alfred E. Neuman just seems so appropriate for that character, Ha Ha!

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New BATMAN LEGO TOYS FIGURE Inspired Art and Photography

Over at the LEGO TOYS Company Website they have been showing some Lego Fan Art that celebrates the release of more BATMAN Licensed Products next year. Yes! LEGO BATMAN is coming back and I think it’s gonna be even bigger and crazier than last time. Whoops, back to the ART. The 1st one, with the Joker making an appearance, was drawn by Alison Goetz. It’s pretty funny and looks like it was done with Colored Pencil. Then, my favorite of the bunch, is a very excellent parody of the iconic comic book cover to Detective Comics # 27. It was made by Tony Norton. Last, but not least, is this piece of Photography Art created by Daniel Mezraev. Batman is struggling to reach his trusty Batarang, ha ha!

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With Christmas around the corner I thought I’d do a post advertising the brand-new BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY 2012 Wall Calendar. Of course this is the HOT New Video Game that every Batman Fan loves! Calendars make nice Christmas Gifts and this one with BATMAN is kinda hard to find because it sells out everywhere. But you can get it now by clicking HERE!

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LEGO TOYS Video – DC Universe Super Heroes BATMAN Toy TV Commercial

Check out this extremely awesome LEGO DC Universe Super Heroes TV Toy Commercial featuring Batman, Two-Face, and the Joker! We even get a good look at the Batmobile Car too!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Lego DC Universe Super Heroes Video!

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OK, These photos are total torture for me! I mean, I already know I will not be able to afford to buy this brand-new HOT TOYS ’89 BATMOBILE Toy and I’m already crying myself to sleep over it, ha! This is the HUGE vehicle being made for the large “Michael Keaton BATMAN” Hot Toys Figure. It’s gonna be real expensive ( Like hundreds of dollars ) but completely worth every penny as it’s a beautiful, and extremely detailed, replica of the Batmobile Car from the 1989 BATMAN Movie.

It has Rubber Tires with Detailed Tread, a Cockpit that slides open, an Instrument Panel inside that’s very detailed, Machine Gun Turrets that pop-out of the hood, a Special Base to display it on, etc… it even comes with a “Cocoon Shield” to cover it. OK, I’m just gonna cry for about an hour or two. I know you are so much braver than I am so please be sure to check out all the wonderful photos.

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THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS – Superman VS Batman DC Direct Statue

Sculpted by Derek Miller. Here is a large statue from DC Direct showing Superman doing battle with the Dark Knight himself, Batman! Of course this piece was inspired by the pages of Frank Miller’s acclaimed Graphic Novel Book, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS! ( Yeah, we all know who wins this fight, ha! ) Click on the photo here for a larger version.
It measures approximately 11″ high x 11″ wide x 9″ deep and will retail for about $299.95. Also, it goes on sale around August 29th, 2012.

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Just a quick post to share this brand-new image that’s out, a very nice Promo Photo from Warner Bros’ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie. Of course it features, BANE!! Oh yeah, click on it to enlarge it, it’s sweeeet!

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New BATMAN TOY – Mattel Hot Wheels R/C Nitro Speeders – Batmobile Tumbler Vehicle

OK, Mattel is totally torturing me with all the cool BATMAN TOYS they keep cranking out, ha ha! Plus, to make matters worse, you know they’re gonna go wacky-crazy once THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie appears! In fact, here’s a brand-new HOT WHEELS R/C Batmobile TUMBLER Vehicle that is coming out soon called “Nitro Speeders”! I love the WINDOW BOX ART and the toy looks pretty cool too! ( Thanks to our Buddy BATMOBILLY for the heads-up on this ).

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New BATMAN TOYS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Action Figures 1st Wave!

This is sort of a weird post but really actually pretty cool if ya think about it, ha! OK, Please let me explain. Here at this site we have a Fan who just so happens to work at Wal-Mart. She’s also a Huge Batman Fan & was very excited to see that some brand-new Bat-Toys came in that were related to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. She said the weird thing was that all the Employees there have very strict rules about NOT placing the product on the shelves until Midnight, on May 27th. So, at that time, this new stuff will be appearing. The cool thing was she snapped a photo for us of the Action Figures in the 1st wave. You can see them in the 1st pic.

Also, as a side story: The 2nd photo features some of the new “Mattel Batman” Figures that are out right now ( they don’t have a special release date ). I call them the “Mattel Batman” Toys because they DO NOT tie-into any Comic Book, Movie, Cartoon, Video Game or anything. Their actual name is “Power Attack!”. These are designed exclusively by Mattel, what they call “in-house”.

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