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You guys and gals rock. All 300 plus a day of you!

It’s clear most of you are Halo Fans and not just Halo fans….

Thanks for your emails of support, comments, retweets and follows via the Mr Halo News twitter account and the Halo Reach News Facebook page. I’m pleased you are getting some satisfaction!

My knowledge of Halo isn’t as vast as some of my reader’s wise learning so thanks for kindly pointing out pointing out any errors or ommissions. This blog is to inform not disinform! We’ll leave the propaganda to the Halo Hype Machine eh? Hmm….

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  • Meet Team Noble!
  • History of Halo
  • Meet an Engineer
  • Didn’t think anyone survived Pegasi, Sir?

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Are you dear readers, a final call to action! Keep reading! Use the social media buttons! Keep playing Halo in all it’s glory! And may your Great Journey be swift!

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Isaac Hannaford’s Master Chief and Cortanna Concept Art

You may have read that the concept artist for Bungie, Issac Hannaford has been given the chance to show Halo fans everywhere his etchings. Here’s the pictures that he released of the Master Chief and Cortana – the above one was a suggested game covert art concept.

I didn’t realise Cortana had such sexy long legs…

I am your shield thingy

Why so serious?
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