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Book Review: ENEMIES AND ALLIES – BATMAN / SUPERMAN STORY Novel By Kevin J. Anderson

I was gonna write a book review on the new Batman/Superman novel “Enemies and Allies” By Kevin J. Anderson that just came out. But my friend Christopher Huff already did so why should I? Actually I have not read the book yet & since I feel kinda lazy today I thought I’d just link his review here, ha ha. I mean, he wrote one that’s just as good as mine would be, OK, actually a lot better! A long time ago, ever since hearing about this book, I have been pretty curious about it & hoped it would be good. Almost all the reviews I have come across lately all say that’s it’s really interesting. The story is set in the 1950’s so there’s a lot of “Cold War period” stuff to deal with & you get a lot of “vintage style” story-telling. It just sounds like it would be really cool! So, this book is going on my wish list. Now, Christopher wrote a really great review & I’m asking everybody to please check it out by clicking HERE!

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