BATMAN ARKHAM CITY – Video Game Event at TOYS-R-US Times Square NYC

If you’re lucky enough to live New York then this event is for you! Yes, 500 copies of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Video Game will be available a day early at THE TIMES SQUARE Toys-R-Us location on Monday, October 17th ( that’s about 5 days from now ). The first 100 customers who pre-purchase a copy of the game through the store’s “Personal Shopping Department” ( starting now, don’t wait ), will receive a coupon reserving their copy, and can have their game autographed by Jim Lee ( DC Comics ), Kevin Conroy ( Voice Actor of Batman ) and Sefton Hill ( Rocksteady Studios ) at the event. The other 400 copies will be available for purchase at the event, which officially starts at 4:00 pm, but who knows when people start lining up? The event will include photo ops with actors dressed up as Batman and Catwoman, and game demos.

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Hal’s Custom BATMAN BAT-CYCLE Harley-Davidson Motorcycle!

Check out these awesome photos of a really great “Bat-Cycle”! This is a 1988 Harley Davidson FLHTP owned by our friend Hal. Originally, it was an old Police Bike that used to be in service in New Jersey. Hal removed all the Police-related items off of it and customized it a little bit with some fresh paint and Batman Bat-emblems. I really like that he kept the design sort of minimal. I mean, he didn’t over-do it and that’s important because with some “Bat-Vehicles” a lot of People just go totally crazy, ha! Now, don’t get me wrong though, “extreme” can be cool too, but I really love this Bat-Bike. Good Job Hal, and Thanks for sharing these fun pics.

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Videos – World’s ONLY Turbine-Powered BATMOBILE Car!

OK, this is BATMAN FANDOM to the Extreme! You gotta love it! A cool Bat-Fan named Casey Putsch recently built his very own Batmobile Car! It’s modeled after the 1989 BATMAN Movie version. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, there’s a ton of those out there!”. Well, NOT like this one. He used a a Boeing turbine engine from a decommissioned military helicopter!! Yes, this thing is really turbo!! It’s just like it was intended in the movie, but real, ha! Just check out the videos down below & you’ll see. Plus, be sure to crank-up your speakers because you can hear the modified turbine engine roar! This EXTREME!! ( Thanks Jordan & Mike ).

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

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RETROACTIVE BATMAN Comic Books Still Going Strong!

Hey Comic Book Collectors! Tomorrow, on Wednesday, August 3rd, be sure to keep an eye out for the latest DC Comics’ RETROACTIVE 1980’s BATMAN title. This all-new criminal mystery is written by Mike W. Barr with art by Jerry Bingham. It also features another Reaper story (the start of the BATMAN: YEAR TWO storyline) by Mike W. Barr, Alan Davis, and Paul Neary, that was originally published in the 1980’s. For a FREE PREVIEW of the 1st few pages, click HERE!

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Funny BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT Humor Photos and Comic Strip

OK, You know the drill! Every now & then, here at the BAT-BLOG.COM, we post a set of totally hilarious and/or super-funny Batman-related pictures, photos, & comic strips for your viewing pleasure… enjoy!

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Paul’s Awesome MODERN BATMAN Bat-Suit Costume

We recently got an email where a Friend named Paul shared these wonderful photos with us. This is Paul at an Office Party they had at his work and he showed-up as Batman, The Dark Knight!! I’m always impressed with how creative the “Cosplay People” get at making their special clothing and costumes. The attention to detail is very clever. This Bat-Suit is AWESOME! I really like the Bat-Logo on the chest, a modern version, and the military-style pouches for the Bat-Belt… nice! Thanks for sending these in Paul, good job.

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OK, I recently got some amazing photos from a few Friends over at Facebook who all live in different parts of the World. So, I thought I’d share them as one post titled “Around The World Wackiness!”. Yes, my concept is stupid but these pic are really great, check it out! The 1st one is a photo of Comedian Kevin Meaney. During a recent trip to Vietnam He found this Giant-Size BATMAN Statue at the entrance to a “Cave” at some Theme Park. It’s crazy!

Next up is a fast Photo, shot with a Cel Phone, by our Friend Mauricio in Santiago City, Chile! Just in time he caught this Subway Car going by that is advertising the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour. He said that he and his family are defiantly going to that show!

Last, but not least, is a random photo from the USA where some Kid is getting a special BATMAN Haircut. OK, now how cool is that?! That hairstylist is a true Artist!

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Funny Silly Humorous BATMAN Wacky Fun Time!

Every now and then we post random bits of BATMAN HUMOR that comes from the web and Bat-Blog Fans who are awesome. Also, all of these funny photos are each sort-of a mash-up between Batman and something else, like: Batman and… Adventure Time TV Cartoon, Bird Twitter Logo, and, of course, Ironman!

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Liven Up Your Sock Drawer With These Superhero Designs

It’s fine to have plain white and black socks on hand for certain occasions, but I recommend keeping your sock drawer full of wacky designs for everyday wear. Seriously, looking down at your feet and catching a glimpse of Batman can turn a frustrating day into a happy one.

Superhero Stuff has your sock needs covered with new styles featuring Batman and Robin, Spider-Man, Superman, and The Avengers.

See more styles after the break.

Product Page ($8.99)

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