Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII: Rinoa Heartilly 04

final fantasy viii cosplay - rinoa heartilly 04 by saya

Rinoa Heartilly is perhaps one of the most controversial characters created. No, I don’t mean her personality, design, or anything of the like. I’m talking about her fans.

You can either love Rinoa or hate her. Some Final Fantasy fans think she’s cute, while others think she’s annoying. Honestly speaking though, without a voice actress portraying how she actually says her lines, it’s quite difficult to determine.

Then again, even with a voice actress, I think people will still either love her or hate her.

What I do love is Saya’s cosplay of her. She looks very much like Rinoa… like she came straight out of the game! Wonderful work as usual, Saya! I think I’m now a fan of hers too!

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