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Onegai My Melody: Hiiragi Keiichi

onegai my melody cosplay - hiiragi keiichi

The famous violinist who is very popular among girls, Hiiragi Keiichi is your average, teen heartthrob; rich, talented, and a snob. He has everything a person could ever want…

With the exception of happiness.

Despite his talent, he is estranged from his family, including his younger brother Jun. Worse, he could not get the one girl he truly cared about…

This is why, even though he seems happy and content on the outside, he’s probably one of the loneliest characters in the series. That’s also what makes this photo so perfect. Enough said, am I right?

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Onegai My Melody: Kurumi Nui 03

onegai my melody cosplay - kurumi nui 03

The Cinderella of the story who did not have her happy ending, Kuromi cast a spell on herself so that she could have one night to dance with her prince: Hiiragi Keiichi. However, this spell had one small condition: she must return to the spell casting circle before all the magical candles blew out or she would turn into the one thing she despises most… that is to say, a tapir like Baku.

This is just amazing. It looks like her dress is made of leather, and she may have used a real rose on her hair. Love her blue eyes the most though, great job!

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