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Nerd Art Dump: “American Gothic” With a Twist, Evil Power Rangers, Deadpool Celebrates Canada, and MOAR!


Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art.

On with the dump!

Above: Based on classic Grant Wood painting “American Gothic”, but with a Warner Bros. twist, “Toontown Gothic” by Ian Glaubinger looks to bring back Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Jessica and Roger Rabbit. If there were more pieces of work in galleries like this you might see more people actually in galleries. [Comics Alliance]

Hit the jump for The World’s End, beavers and more.


A night out, a few drinks with some old friends, nothing could go wrong, right? An exclusive print for Focus Features by Tommy Lee Edwards of the upcoming The World’s End for San Diego Comic Con, this piece of work will surely be in limited supply. Lucky you if you get your hands on one of these. [XombieDIRGE]


Every top artist in Marvel has drawn her, stealing anything of high value or teasing old Spider-Man, but only Amanda Conner can draw the Black Cat so well. Matching her curves with Amanda’s style, Felicia Hardy knows how to make an entrance, an advantage of being a world traveler. Just make sure you’ve an eye on her at all times, it’d be a shame to see her walk out with a few extra “trinkets” tucked under her arm. [Inuyoku]


Oh Marty, what silly adventures are you and Sean Gordon Murphy getting into now? The pin-up for Back to the Future is almost a hundred percent accurate to the original film, but Sean added a little someone extra to it. See if you can point it out and correct the timeline. [Deviant Art]


You Power Rangers fans are going to love this, a “what if” based on an episode where Kimberly, the first North American pink ranger, was kidnapped to be Lord Zedd’s new queen. A SDCC commission by nebezial, the Rangers may not have fared well against one of their own. Sure would have made Season 2 a whole lot better. [Deviant Art]


Class photos are always weird, even weirder when everyone in the picture is going to be swinging lasers, swords and magic at each other in a few decades. This class photo by Patrick Ballesteros of the future Masters of the Universe is a perfect look at everyone before fame took over. [Geeks are Sexy]


If you’re looking for artwork that can grab a scene you’ll want to see Lee Bermejo. The man’s work, like this commission of Spider-Man lifting some serious weight, is something to behold and worth it if you can get one of your very own. [Nerrrding]


We Canadians are known for a lot of things; the invention of several sports, great beer and a batch of Hollywood heart-throbs, but this sums us up quite nicely. A mash-up of Canadian gold by Zack Newirth including our nation’s beaver, hockey, poutine (Disco fries for our American friends) and Deadpool is a fair representation of my people. Could use some more flair, but Ryan Reynolds doesn’t want to be near Deadpool again. [Herochan]

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Nerd Art Dump: The Legend of Zelda- Skyrule, Sue Storm, the Community Justice League & MOAR!


Each and every week we scour the Internet for nothing but the best in nerdy art. We leave no digital stone unturned, we poke and prod every nook and cranny of the Interwebz. Why? Because we love you, and we love to bring you weekly feed of nerd art.

On with the dump!

ABOVE: Nintendo would be wise to “borrow” from the HeavyMetalHanzo and this sweet Skyrim/Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword mash-up he’s put together. Link has been screaming at everything for years, just thinking about hearing “FUS RO DAH!” squeaked out like a tiny little mouse and you’ve got an instant console smash hit.[Geek Tyrant]

Hit the jump for the Oscars, Ryan Gosling as The Rocketeer and Bill f-ing Murray!


It’s the award season and the biggest awards show of the year is right around the corner, the 85th annual Academy Awards. Inspired by the Best Picture winners, from 1927 through 2012 and based on Gjon Mili’s 1949 Life magazine photographs of Pablo Picasso this tribute to the award show by Olly Moss can be yours. For all you hardcore movie lovers out there try to flex your nerd brain by naming each best picture winner without cheating, go ahead. [Geek Tyrant]


We never would have expected Hellboy to be a Batman fan. A team effort with pencils by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, inks by Francesco Francavilla and coloring by Euan Mactavish, you can imagine this as a setting just before Gotham by Gaslight Batman swoops in for a meeting. [ The Art of Francesco Francavilla]


Sue Storm is arguably the best mother in Marvel Comics. loving, kind, but if you do something to piss her of you better have some kind of resistance to invisible women kicking your ass. Nobody does her better, drawing-wise then the talented hand of Adam Hughes. [Comics Alliance]


NBC may be months behind on their airing the long-awaited, lukewarm episodes of Community, but the artwork of Ben Deguzman continues to live on heroically. Here, the Greendale seven as the Justice League, Ben has fitted everyone perfectly to a hero, being bang on with Abed’s Batman. It’s almost like he’s watched the show. [Geek tyrant]


Featured as the cover to the Star Wars Insider, the official Star Wars fan magazine, artist Roberto Campus created a fitting tribute to the famous Uncanny X-Men cover by John Byrne. Both share similar features to one another, but this is one of the best ones out there thanks to the force. [Deviant Art]


Never trust the lady with a high-power rifle, especially when it’s Tom Hodges‘ version of The Baroness holding said rifle. [Herochan]


Ryan Gosling as The Rocketeer, someone at Disney needs to get onto this as soon as possible. A fan-made promotional poster by Shaun Watson, this is just one of many the United Kingdom resident has crafted for the stars of today. Maybe in some alternate universe Gosling is actually The Rocketeer, breaking hearts in between his many post Mickey Mouse Club appearances. [XombieDIRGE]


You’ve probably seen many of these as highly detailed statue by the talent crew of craftsman at Kotobukiya, but they’re all based on one individual’s talented work. This version of Supergirl for the Marvel Bishoujo line is just one of the many by Yamashita Shunya, who has crafted many of the pieces currently sitting on your shelves and if not go get yourself one. [Uneventful Catastrophe]


“He slimed me.” Three words of legend thanks to Bill Murray. In our continuing support of “FebruMurray” we give you Ghostbusters‘ Dr.Peter Venkman. Created as part of Gallery 1988′s Bill Murray tribute show “Please Post Bills” artist Jason Edmiston crafted the true meaning of the month of love: getting slimed by a Class 5 non-terminal repeating phantasm. And a real nasty one at that. [Deviant Art]

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