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Animazement 2012 Cosplay show

Animazement2012 Cosplayshow06

Animazement2012 Cosplayshow15

Animazement2012 Cosplayshow16

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Tell Casey what you want in ME3

Casey Hudson asks via twitter what we want to see for the next Mass Effect game.

Two things Casey:

Quality writing, reviewed by an expert.

A sequel, not a prequel.

Thanks and have a nice day.

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Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN Spotted in BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Part 2

Late last night I couldn’t sleep and decided to watch “BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, Part 2” again. Now, this is only the 2nd time I have viewed it and the 1st time I pretty much watched it just to enjoy the story. ( It’s a seriously GREAT film. If you have not seen it then please do, it’s awesome! ) Anyways, last night I noticed a few details I had not seen before and here’s a fun example:

OK, there’s this huge fight scene towards the end where Batman and Superman are having a serious battle. There’s a ton of property damage and during one part they crash through the wall of a building and sort of walk through the middle of some little kid’s room. Then, they end up back outside and continue fighting. It’s a very brief moment. But, while I was watching this scene I noticed the little kid had a “1977 Superman Movie / Christopher Reeve” Poster on his wall!! It’s a very out of focus image, meant to be just brief background, and kinda hard to notice. I think they blurred the background to give the images depth.

But hey, here’s photographic proof. WOW! That is a nice homage placed in there by some Art Director or Animator, very cool!

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Here’s Some New BATMAN TOYS and BATMOBILE CARS To Keep an Eye Out For

This is just a quick post to share some random images of brand-new BATMAN items that will be coming out or are out now. First up is a photo from the recent 2013 TOY FAR, Here’s a new 1966 Batman “Penguin Batmobile” Slot Car by Auto-World. Yes, for the few who don’t know there was a classic moment in the vintage 60’s TV Series where the Penguin stole Batman’s car & then sort of customized it for himself. Wow, they’re actually making a toy of that…again, ha!

Then, here’s a cute decorating item called “My Pillow Pets” and it’s the Batmobile in plush form. Jeez, it’s SO gosh-darn cute, goo goo goo.

Now, last but not least, is this photo showing some of the packaging for a Hot Wheels BATMAN Classic TV Series 1966 Batmobile Diecast Car ( Mattel 2013 ). I’ve shared this item here before but this new photo I found is a little better so I thought I’d throw it in here as filler.

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The BastardCast vs Giant Rocks, Huge Flops and, Canada


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This time on The Bastardcast: Jeremy and Jason try to keep it together as they discuss meteoroids, asteroids, zombies, and other world enders like Warner Brothers’ development slate and the Dan Harmonless Community. Also, Jeremy and Jason nerd out on all the Toy Fair 2013 news and then fight about A Good Day to Die Hard.

Following that, Jeremy swings low on latest member of the X-Men First Class: Days of Future Past cast, Jason goes off the deep end when Jeremy mocks Han Solo, and they both think the that reports about the demise of the video game industry are premature and full of poop.

Yes, it’s the kind of high brow episode where our fearless hosts let you know that an actor’s artistic worth is determined by how many times he shows peen on the screen. In fact, that’s this week’s special happy fun hashtag, #PeenOnTheScreen.

All that and more #FebruMurray fun as we continue to celebrate noted kickball striker Bill Murray.


The Bastardcast: Presently running low on witty taglines.

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Rodriguez Tweets Josh Brolin Pics From ‘Sin City’ Sequel


Robert Rodriguez, director of the star-studded follow up to his adaptation of the popular Frank Miller graphic novel: Sin City, is keeping fans abreast of developments via his Twitter account. Above is a shot from Sin City: A Dame To Kill For of Josh Brolin–who has apparently seen better days. Below is the same shot prior to a generous sprinkling of VFX fairy dust.


Sin City: A Dame To Kill For stars Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Jaime King, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Stacy Keach, Christopher Meloni, Dennis Haysbert, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, Jeremy Piven and Jamie Chung. It’s due in theatres on October 4th.

Source: Slashfilm

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New 2013 BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Action Figures – Series 4

Due for release next month, here are some photos of the next wave of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Action Figures coming out by DC Collectibles. It looks like they’re gonna have Batman, Deadshot, Nightwing ( Dick Grayson ), and Talia.

Based on the blockbuster video game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, developed by Rocksteady Studios, and licensed by DC Entertainment.

They measure approx. 6.75″ tall & will have a suggested retail price of $22.95. Look for them around March of 2013.

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This post is a quick shout-out to the HOT TOYS company to congratulate them on winning a very fine award. HOT TOYS was recently awarded the Warner Bros Consumer Products 2012 Best Global Products Award. Congrats guys, you deserve it!! Also, we can’t wait to see your 1966 BATMAN Classic TV Series stuff!!

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Stan Lee Rants His Solutions to the Endings of ‘Batman’, ‘Inception’, and ‘Star Wars’

stan's rants

If you know Stan Lee, then you probably know that he does a series by the name of ‘Stan’s Rants‘, in which he presents viewers with various tirades on various subjects of import to him. Now, the vocal super hero creator does his own ‘How It Should Have Ended’, discussing the way certain films might have been improved via a finale overhaul. Check out what Stan has to say on the movies Inception, Batman and Star Wars: A New Hope, as well as a nice little solution to the Star Wars Episodes I-III issue.

Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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Ewan McGregor Gives His Two-Cents on Obi-Wan Spin-off

ewan mcgregor confused

The news of the Star Wars spin-offs is pretty much the staple of the Hollywood rumor mill lately. Almost anyone who has ever been involved with the Star Wars franchise is being bugged about it, from the major stars to the fkn key grip. In an effort to drum up something – anything – people are being asked their opinions on whether the characters they played in previous films should be given their own shot at a solo movie. And the next on the media’s ‘To Bug’ list is none other than Obi-Wan Kenobi the Younger, Ewan McGregor.

In addition to mentioning that he’d be willing to come back if they needed him, McGregor had a few things to say about the potential of an Obi-Wan-centric flick (in this excerpt from an MTV interview):

I think it’s a good idea. The only bit that I could get away with doing is after the last one I made, ‘Episode III,’ before Alec Guinness [played Obi-Wan in the original films], there’s that period where he’s in the desert.

That might be my window, there, to tell that story. I don’t know what he did in the desert. We could make up some stuff. Could be quite exciting. I’d be up for it, for sure, of course.

While what he had to say isn’t necessarily a bad idea, is does red as the obvious and obligatory answer to said questions. McGregor won’t exactly be hanging out in the writer’s room either.

Oh, media people, will you ever stop bugging these poor people?

Next up, MTV asks “Cantina Alien” about whether they’d like to reprise their role and what they feel a solo film about their character should encompass. Or not…

Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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