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Book Review: ENEMIES AND ALLIES – BATMAN / SUPERMAN STORY Novel By Kevin J. Anderson

I was gonna write a book review on the new Batman/Superman novel “Enemies and Allies” By Kevin J. Anderson that just came out. But my friend Christopher Huff already did so why should I? Actually I have not read the book yet & since I feel kinda lazy today I thought I’d just link his review here, ha ha. I mean, he wrote one that’s just as good as mine would be, OK, actually a lot better! A long time ago, ever since hearing about this book, I have been pretty curious about it & hoped it would be good. Almost all the reviews I have come across lately all say that’s it’s really interesting. The story is set in the 1950’s so there’s a lot of “Cold War period” stuff to deal with & you get a lot of “vintage style” story-telling. It just sounds like it would be really cool! So, this book is going on my wish list. Now, Christopher wrote a really great review & I’m asking everybody to please check it out by clicking HERE!

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New 2010 VINTAGE DC COMICS Calendar with BATMAN Detective Comics

You might remember, last year, Asgard Press came out with a special 2009 VINTAGE DC SUPER HEROES Calendar. I remember seeing it & thought it was pretty cool! It featured many Golden Age Comic Book Covers of Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Flash, Wonder Woman, etc… Well, this year they have a brand-new one called the 2010 VINTAGE DC COMICS Calendar. It’s basically the same thing, but with different artwork. Plus, the general theme with this one is the special 75th Anniversary of the DC Comics company ( DC published their 1st comic book in 1935 ). Plus, I like that DETECTIVE COMICS is on the cover, ha ha! For more info be sure to click HERE!

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DC Direct’s MAD Magazine JUST-US LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES Action Figures

In early April of 2012, if the Mayan Calendar Theory doesn’t kick-in & we’re all still alive, then DC Direct has plans to release a brand-new set of Action Figures called “JUST-US LEAGUE OF STUPID HEROES”. They will feature ALFRED E. NEUMAN, the Mascot for MAD Magazine, as a different member of the Justice League of America: Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Robin, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, and even The Joker. I was a HUGE Fan of MAD Magazine when I was a little kid & totally love these new toys! I gotta say that one of the JOKER is my favorite. Alfred E. Neuman just seems so appropriate for that character, Ha Ha!

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Here’s a wonderful vintage 70’s family photo sent in by our good friend David. It shows him & his friend John Paul playing in the swimming pool with some of those Mego Bend & Flex Figures. Basically they were “bendy toys” of popular DC Comics superheroes ( they made MARVEL ones too ). I have a few of these in my collection. They’re really hard to find in MINT shape. Mostly because, back in the 1970’s, little kids played with them in the water ( Hey David, ha ha! ). If you would like more information about these toys, plus see some great pics, be sure to check out this article at the YESTERVILLE TOY ROOM website, just click HERE!

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Collector Reference Photo – 1976 Pepsi Series DC Superhero Character Promo Glass Set

Just the other day I got an email from a Bat-Blog Reader asking me about a Batman Promo Glass he found at a Garage Sale. He sent a photo of it and as soon as I saw it I knew what it was. I mean, I totally remembered these from my childhood in the 70’s. It’s a glass from the 1976 DC Comics Superhero Pepsi Series. If I remember right, they were a promotion at Burger King, the Fast Food Restaurant ( or was it Arby’s? ). But either way here’s a photo that shows the complete set of 6 glasses ( Click on the pic for a larger sharper version ). OK Rob, you now need to find Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and the Flash!

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DC Superheroes + PENTAX Optio RS1500 Digital Camera Collector Pack

Warner Bros & Pentax have teamed-up to release a special DC SUPER HEROES Digital Camera around the time of the release of the Green Lantern Movie. Pentax is gonna sell a “DC COMICS Collector Pack” for their Optio RS1500 Digital Camera. Basically, it comes with seven different skins you can change on the front ( 3 of them are “Batman-related” ). The characters will include: Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Batman, Joker, and Catwoman! I really like the fact that they’re using older comic book art…nice!

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OK, This week’s “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday” is gonna get really really weird, ha! First off we have a very nice piece of art sent in to us by our friend Gary. It’s an image of one of the strangest Super-Villains in Comic Book history, COMPOSITE SUPERMAN! This weird character has developed sort of a cult following over the years & keeps making appearances from time to time. Basically, his costume is half-Batman and half-Superman. I don’t know, I’ve always thought it looks pretty cool! If ya wanna learn more about this guy then just click HERE, it’s pretty interesting stuff. Also, a special “THANKS!” goes out to Gary for sharing his awesome artwork with us, good job!

Next up, the Bat-Blog is mostly known for being a place where Serious Batman Toy Collectors show-up. The history of merchandise for the Caped Crusader is vast & we love all the cool vintage stuff that’s been made over the years. One area of collecting that I have always loved are the Mego Dolls from the 1970’s. In this wallpaper I used a simple clean photo of THE RIDDLER Figure. Go ahead, try it as a background, you’ll like it, ha!

CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight Rises!

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Dean Cain and Brandon Routh Welcome Sam Daly to the Secret Superman Actor’s Club


Many great actors (and Tom Welling) have donned the red, blue and, yellow tights of the Man of Steel. Recently Sam Daly followed in his father’s (Tim Daly) footsteps as the voice of Superman in the direct to DVD/Blu-Ray animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, but you probably knew that already.

Ya… but bet you didn’t know that there is a secret group of Superman actors? Didn’t think so. The most recent episode of the Daly Show reveals the secret initiation ritual of The League Of Superman, as Sam is inducted by a couple of guys you should recognize.

I am going to assume that shortly after this Henry Cavil showed up, resulting in the tree house on Andrea Romano‘s yard being nothing more than a smoldering crater.
Source: The Daly Show

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BATMAN FAST FOOD TOYS – Justice League Unlimited – Bobbing-Head Heroes 2

HEY KIDS! Check Out These Cool New Toys!! Right now, if you go to an Arby’s Restaurant, they have a new KIDS MEAL promoting JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Bobbing-Head Heroes 2. There are 6 Toy Premiums to collect: Batman, The Joker, Superman, Supergirl, Solomon Grundy, & Lex Luthor. Basically they are “Paper Toy Figures” you put together. I guess I should note that if you don’t want to buy the food then most locations will sell the toys separately. Yeah, you know which two I’m gonna buy, ha ha!

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Video – DC NATION PROMO by Aardman Animations

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days. Here’s a brand-new DC NATION Promo for the Cartoon Network. It’s some really cool Stop-Motion Claymation that was created by Aardman Animations Studio. Yes, the Creative Team that does “Wallace and Gromit”, among others. This video features a ton of DC Comics characters such as: Superman, Batman and Robin, Catwoman and The Joker! Enjoy.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Cartoon Network DC Nation Video!

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