Become An Aperture Test Subject With This Costume Tee

portal 2 test subject tee

Join the rank and file testing subjects at Aperture Laboratories without suffering! All you have to do is buy this bright orange test subject t-shirt from ThinkGeek. The officially licensed Portal 2 tee is more comfortable than putting on an entire jumpsuit plus you won’t look like you just escaped from prison. Pair it with a Portal Gun for a fast and easy costume.

Product Page ($24.99)

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This Guy Looks Exactly Like Montgomery Scott [Cosplay]

scotty costume

It’s a wonderful thing when a cosplayer bears a resemblance to the character he or she is dressing as, but it’s not common for the likeness to be this freaking close. This cosplayer spotted at Dragon Con looks a lot like James Doohan and makes a perfect Montgomery Scott. He’s definitely played to his strengths, and it appears that he’s taken the time to add all the little touches. I hope he embraced it and spoke with Scotty’s familiar Scottish accent.

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Beautifully Tattooed Wonder Woman [Cosplay]


The tattoo and comic book worlds come together perfectly in this cosplay featuring Alyssa Anne. She makes the butt-kicking heroine even more badass, but what she does when she’s not busy channeling her inner superhero is even more amazing. In addition to modeling, Alyssa is a materials scientist. She’s got the brains and the beauty!

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Her Universe Teases Us With Cute Boba Fett Dresses

boba fett dress samples hu

I’m going to admit something that is not going to make me popular: I don’t go crazy over Boba Fett. I think he’s fine as a character, but I don’t have passionate feelings about him the way that a whole lot of fans seem to. That said, I can’t deny these new dress designs from Her Universe are ridiculously cute. They’re samples so I’m not sure how soon they will be available to consumers, but man, I can’t wait. These A-line dress designs may be making my wallet sad but they are making me happy.

(via Instagram)

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A Batman Cowl Replica That’s So Good, Adam West Owns One


Designed by Williams Studio 2, this is the perfect accessory for the Batman cosplayer who’s looking to emulate Adam West in the 1966 television show.

This is an accurate replica of the Cowl Adam West wore during the 1966 Batman T.V. show. It is the only available cowl still being made from the original fabric which has been custom dyed to match a color sample from the dye house used on the show. The pattern was created by a professional pattern maker using a original cowl (from the Hardeman collection) The lightweight fiberglass shell was created using a plaster cast taken from an original as a base. Even the eyebrow paint color has been Pantone matched to the original.

It’s so good that Adam West even owns one!

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Product Page ($1,250 via technabob)

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Stunning Magneto Tattoo Is a Real Masterpiece

magneto tattoo

You know how you come across tattoos sometimes that just blow you away? This one belonging to Redditor KevvCo is just gorgeous. It’s a replica of art on New Avengers Vol 1, #20 by Mike Deodato, Jr. and it shows off Magneto, Iron Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. The colors are so vivid! Tattoo artist Jose Camarillo at All Hope Aside Tattoo in Federal Way, Washington did all the work over a period of eight months.

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(Reddit via Geekologie)

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An AT-AT Invades a Pencil Skirt

AT-AT pencil skirt

AT-ATs would make a good pet, but you have to be responsible and take them outside for walks and play time. Etsy seller Engram Clothing came up with this adorable design and put it on a classic pencil skirt. The art is screen-printed onto cotton so it will be nice and comfortable. Spread the goodwill of the Empire and order one today!

Product Page ($28)

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Bulbasaur Hoodie And Backpack In One


This costume hoodie turns you into Bulbasaur from Pok mon and doubles as a backpack. It was designed by artist ShoriAmeshiko. The unique bulb backpack has a flap that lifts up to reveal two zippers that you unzip to get to the storage space inside.

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(dotcore via PWNlove)

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Awesome Hawkeye Hoodie With Removable Sleeves

hawkeye hoodie 1

Classy superhero sweatshirts are few and far between, but this Hawkeye zip hoodie design is one of them. It’s subtle, sexy, and even has removable sleeves. I love the touches of purple and the placement of the S.H.I.E.L.D. logos. Seriously, the only thing that would make this sweatshirt better is if it came with a bow and arrows. Here’s hoping that Hot Topic eventually has the product in lady sizes.

Check out the sleeveless look after the break.

hawkeye hoodie 3

hawkeye hoodie 2

Product Page ($59.50)

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Now You Can Own a Daryl Dixon Walker Ears Necklace Prop Replica


If you’re a Daryl Dixon fan, then you know he’s fond of wearing walker ears around his neck.

Well, now you can own your very own Walker Ears Prop Replica from Gentle Giant for a little under $90.

Digitally sculpted using the actual prop necklace as reference, this replica is hand crafted by Gentle Giant Ltd.’s master artisans.

The morbid neckware comes mounted in a beautiful shadowbox that also boasts an authentic recreation of actor Norman Reedus’ signature.

More pics after the break.



It’s available for pre-order now and is estimated to arrive in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Product Page ($88.99)

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