New ‘Terminator’ is Delayed… One Week


Okay. So we know that Terminator, which is either the fifth film in the Terminator series or some combination of a continuation or reboot of the franchise, is currently in production under the combined auspices of Paramount Pictures, Skydance Productions, and Annapurna Pictures. We also know that the film is being written by Laeta Kalorgridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry), and that Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor is in some state of negotiation to get behind the camera for the project. Now there’s one more thing we know, it will now be released on July 1st, 2015 instead of June 26th, 2015.

So what does this buy the film in terms of calendar advantages? No one can say. As it stands now, Terminator will now open the same long weekend as Independence Day 2, which means that the two sci-fi titans will now go head-to-head on the July 4th long weekend in 2015. The previous release date would have given Terminator a couple of days to build momentum over ID4-2, so maybe Paramount and its partners want to make Fox, the studio behind ID4, blink and move their own expensive sequel out of the way in what is already a very crowded Summer 2015 playing field. So what’s the plan? Your guess is as good as there’s I bet.

More news as it develops.

Source: Geek Tyrant

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More Thor! Check Out the New Extended ‘Dark World’ Trailer

thor hammer

And because all the trailers and footage you have seen thus far of Thor: The Dark World just aren’t enough, the powers-that-be have issued one more look at the upcoming film. Check out the almost-the-same-but-just-a-bit-longer trailer for the flick below:

Yup, still looks pretty awesome. See even more footage when the entire movie gets released come November 8th.

Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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Veteran’s Day: Not Just A Normal Day For These Cosplayers

Today, in honor of Veteran’s Day and for those who served in the military and protected our rights, I wanted to spotlight certain cosplayers in our nerd community to share with us their thoughts on the holiday and whether their military background has made an impact on their nerd lifestyle. In this article, I talked to Matches Malone, a well-known Batman cosplayer from Boston who does charity work at hospitals around New England. I spoke to Wendell Smith, who not only is a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps but also is a member of of the cosplay group, the East Coast Avengers. Eric Moran is a man that wears many hats. He is an actor, body guard, wrestler, filmmaker, host and cosplayer. He is involved in helping inner city youth as well as anti-bullying events . He also speaks to kids at schools on how to be a positive and motived in their communities. Nelson D. Martinez is a lifelong comic book fan, who since returning from Iraq, attended Mega Con 2011 and has become heavily involved in cosplaying.


Nelson Martinez as Deadpool. Photo by Adam Jay.

E. Ortiz: How has your military experience affected your nerd/geek life or lifestyle?

Matches Malone: I think it pretty much gave me the discipline to do my character with integrity and honor, rather than letting it go to my head. I can do the character as if it was real and give the fans and people the magic of the character and the enjoyment of it.

Nelson Martinez: My military experience I would say, has never really had any type of affect on my nerd/ geek life. It’s keeping me busy at times, but doesn’t change my actual experience. I do find it cool though, that most movies and comics are in a way recognizing the military and somehow including them in various movies and comics that have been put out.

Eric Moran: It keeps me disciplined in the ways of taking care of myself, being respectful and staying humble to help others.

Wendell Smith: To be honest, I think my military experience has shone through some of my cosplays. There are a few people who have told me they knew I was prior military from the way I carry myself when I cosplay certain characters (i.e. John Stewart, Mace Windu). Overall my going into the military had initially snuffed out my creativity because of my duties while I was active duty.


Wendell Smith as Green Lantern. Photo by SF Design

E. Ortiz: Wendell, what do you mean by “carry yourself”?

Wendell Smith: Um, some call it military bearing, others call it that “you look like you don’t take too much mess” characteristic, organized, well behaved, respectful, having a disciplined look


Matches Malone as Batman. Photo by Otaku Haven

Do you feel that military service is misunderstood by most geeks and nerds?

Matches Malone: No, because those who go in have a idea of serving their country whether a geek or a nerd. Its just about doing something that’s honorable and something to be proud about.

Wendell Smith: I don’t think it’s misunderstood because, as I am finding, there are quite a few of us. I think that those who are not military may not understand that us military folk are just as big a group of nerd/geeks as they are. We just don’t get to show it, while on active duty.

Eric Moran: Not really, it’s all about how they were raised on what the military means to them.

Nelson Martinez: The military is looked at different by many. Some people have and show alot of respect for soldiers, especially for those who have fought in previous wars. I’d say in today’s time, more places have been military friendly and we have so many open doors to various things that in the past soldiers didn’t have, such as having better medical care, people you can go to and talk to, and just places giving military discounts; [it’s] very much appreciated by us. Of course people who are anti-government do have their own beliefs on what I would say, they might think we do. People who are ignorant and that don’t really know what the military’s actual job is, they blame us for the wrong reasons.

Man of Steel cosplay by Eric Moran. Photo by Adam Jay

Man of Steel cosplay by Eric Moran. Photo by Adam Jay

E. Ortiz: How do you plan to commemorate Veteran’s Day?

Matches Malone: Paying respects to my father and placing a flag on his grave and saluting the men and women around him, since he’s in the military section [of his cemetery]. Shaking hands with those who served their country – war or not – and thanking them for their service.

Wendell Smith: Talk to family and friends mostly. I don’t do alot of the fanfare because people tend to not be on their best behaviors during most holidays. My mom, dad, stepdad, and older brother are vets. So we’ll spend much of the day talking with each other. Then I have other family and close friends who have served as well, including two older uncles one who is in his 90 s and ther other in his 80 s

Eric Moran: Hopefully to pay my respects to my brother’s grave.

Nelson Martinez: I’m going to relax, I have the day off for Veteran’s Day; also going to go out to eat with a few military friends of mine.

In conclusion, I will leave you with this final thought by Matches Malone. “[Being in the military] is about making a difference for the better of everyone and we can all do good whether it’s cosplay or military or charity or just being there for a stranger in need. The difference is a choice we can all make. Any plus is better than a negative.”

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You Might be Able to Charge Your Phone with Han Solo

A maker of artistic, collectable USB sticks is on Kickstarter with an attempt to fund the development of a series of smartphone portable spare battery-based chargers shaped like cute little monster and creatures. Interesting, but why report on it here?

Because the company, Mimoco, is known for having one of the widest portfolio of licensed characters for its USB sticks, from DC Comics to Star Wars to Hello Kitty and My Little Pony. The USB memory sticks are called Mimobots, so the planned new chargers are called BatteryBots. And it will start with a series of original characters like Terry Le Bat, but there should be no doubt that Mimoco will try to expand its licenses to cover the BatteryBot devices.

I don’t know about you, but I really want a Green Lantern Kilowog that can charge up my phone – or better yet, an Emperor Palpatine. Unfortunately, the only Mimobot version of him the company had, Darth Sidious, has been retired. Yes, the company regularly retires designs to increase the collectability factor. Fingers crossed that it will bring him back for the BatteryBot.

To be clear, this isn’t a plea to fund the Kickstarter campaign – frankly I don’t know why a successful company with years of product sales under its belt would go to Kickstarter for financing its R&D. Unless it is also licensing the battery tech and needs to raise the extra money above the cost of product design. But either way, I am sure Mimoco will find a way to make this happen, however much it raises under the campaign.

“In brightest day, when night is loose, no cell phone shall escape my juice!”

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Inaugural Nerdvemberfest A Critical Hit with Players

Imagine you’re hunkered down at a table with six companions. On the table before you: boxes filled with colorful dice; a sheet with your character’s vital information; and stacks of books and graph paper. The Dungeon Master leans forward and whispers, “A fire beetle just bit you for four points of damage.”

Sound like a typical night roleplaying? Then consider that at Nerdvemberfest, held Nov. 17 in Fort Washington, Pa., there were 190 board games available for play and dozens of roleplaying games underway at the same time.

I spent my session in a well-run, well-contested pick-up game of basic D&D. To my one side, a group played “Call of Cthulhu.” A little further away, the chief organizer Matt “in the hat” Aaron ran the new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Another table played the forthcoming board game “Eldritch Horror.” Many of the tables welcomed new players to on a continual basis. Reserving a spot at the game cost only five dollars – the only fee associated with the event. They even provided donuts for people to snack on between sessions.

Several attendees remarked that the most surprising thing about Nerdvemberfest was how smoothly the event proceeded and how friendly and welcoming the atmosphere was. For example, if a player were deathly afraid of spiders and a spider attacked them in the game, the player could point to a card on the table with a large “X” on it and – poof! – the spider would be transformed into another nasty creature. Well, unless you were playing Call of Cthulhu that is.

Matt told Nerd Caliber that the hope is to hold more events in the future with even more variety of games, including war games. With the hundreds of people who came out to support this event and the overwhelmingly positive response, it’s hard to imagine that the next Nerdvemberfest won’t be an even bigger success with gamers hungry for more.

Learn more at

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Why Next-Gen? Games Are Awesome Right Now

The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are nearly a decade old. Their hardware is so outdated that even the most budget-friendly gaming PC’s match its specs. In fact, if you play game on the 360 or PS3, you probably own a newer, thinner and more efficient version of the original consoles. Given the age and number of refreshes from the current generation, the Xbox One and PS4 seem way overdue. There’s just one thing – right now, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are in their absolute prime.

Breaking Records
Rockstar spent more than a year ramping up hype for Grand Theft Auto V. The success of the series, alongside other games like Red Dead Redemption, helped GTA V fly off the shelves when it launched in September. So quickly, in fact, that the game earned an unbelievable $1 billion in just three days. For some context, it took “Marvel’s The Avengers” 19 days to earn the same amount. GTA V is the most successful launch in entertainment history, not just gaming, as Forbes points out.

What makes this figure more impressive is GTA V is, for now, current-generation console only. There will be no version for the Xbox One or PS4 and a PC version is still a floating rumor. Rockstar made a clean billion dollars (and more) off two consoles getting replaced in a month.

Pushing Limits
Look at games made for current generation consoles in 2007 and compare them to a game released this year. You won’t believe they were even made for the same console. First-person shooters like Battlefield 4 use advanced physics engines letting players level entire buildings on a map or break levies to flood a town. Those were features not possible in the early days, and now it’s the standard on these old consoles.

On the other side, this could be a bit of foreshadowing, considering the upcoming consoles. It took developers years to master the hardware under the hoods of the 360 and PS3 and the first rounds of games released in 2013 and 2014 for the next-gen consoles will hardly be fully optimized. We won’t see what the next-generation is really made of until several years down the road.

Perks of Current-Gen
It’s not as if your current-generation consoles tragically shut down when the new ones launch. Microsoft and Sony will continue to support them for years and developers will still make games for both generations. Current owners get some perks for the transition between consoles. Microsoft announced it was ditching its annoying points system and now lets enthusiasts buy games with real money instead of the pointless (no pun intended) conversions. Gamers on both the 360 and One get to take advantage of this as Kotaku points out.

Free games are also going out during this process. Microsoft gave Halo 3 as a free download for Xbox Live subscribers this month, and have been handing out freebies for the past few months before that, as reported. The next-gen consoles will be awesome, no doubt, but gamers with a 360 or PS3 have years of fun to look forward to. For the current-gen, 2013 is a great year for gaming.

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BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM 2009 E3 2-Part Demo Gameplay Video HD QUALITY

These 2 videos show some awesome demo gameplay of Batman: Arkham Asylum from E3 2009. Oh man, it’s looks really GREAT!!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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Comic Book News: BATMAN AND ROBIN # 1 Cover Variations

Just a quick post, DC Comics just recently released BATMAN AND ROBIN Number One the other day & so far it seems like a total success. Now, I have not read it yet but all I have been hearing is really great things so that’s cool. One thing I wanted to mention is that this comic book has three different covers to collect. The 1st one photo shows the regular cover. The 2nd one is the variant cover. The 3rd is the special “Sketch Cover”. Personally, I have always hated when comic book companies do this. I mean, they’re just trying to get everybody to buy multiple copies. But I gotta admit that these are pretty cool! Just wondering, has anybody read this thing yet? If so, then please leave a comment down below & let us know what you thought about it, thanks. ( Oh yeah, click on the small photos up above for larger pictures ).

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Holy Bootleg Toys, Batman!

Awhile back a good friend to the Bat-Blog, named Andreas, sent us a few photos of his “Bootleg Batman” Collection. I posted some back then but decided to wait a little bit before releasing more. You see, he collects both new & Vintage Batman Toys but one thing he likes to focus on are the wacky-crazy bootleg toys that get made all over the globe. The 1st toy is actually a pin-back button with candy attached. I think he got this in the UK where they don’t say “pins” but call them badges. ( Or was it Mexico? Sorry, forgot ). It’s a rip-off of the Bat-Signal Symbol. The 2nd photo is a “Super Heroes” Action Figure. The Blister Card features graphics with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, AND Power Rangers characters…strange. Also, if you make Batman RED & SILVER, then I guess it’s not copyright infringement, ha ha! The next photo is also an action figure but this one is from Greece. They gave him a trident which is more of a weapon for Aquaman, ha ha. The 4th pic is sort of an action figure. Well, it’s a “Marble Shooter”. Which is kinda weird because kids don’t really play with marbles much anymore. This bootlegger must have been in his 80’s, “Kids love them marble games, aahhhh”. The other weird thing is a Power Ranger makes an appearance on the card & isn’t that small picture of a monster a villain on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The figure is kinda nice though, an “Animated Series” Batman. The last picture is the best. Yeah, I saved the best for last! This is a Batman Theme Song Tribute Vinyl Record with AWESOME Batman Graphics. If I remember right these were made in France, or maybe the UK, & they’re extremely cool! Plus, these are great quality unlike most bootlegs. Now, the main reason for posting these, other than a good laugh, is to show the history of the Batman Toys. I love the bootleg stuff but don’t go out of my way to hunt it down or pay for it. If I come across it at a flea market or garage sale really cheap I’ll get it for a funny display piece. I wanna thank Andreas for taking the time to shoot these photos & for sharing, that’s great, thanks!!

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Chip Kidd Set To Write Full-Length Batman Comic Book Story

Graphic designer, novelist and Bat-Nerd Chip Kidd has announced that he will write a full-length Batman comic book story for DC Comics. He gave out this information at the recent Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest. You might remember his recent “Batman Japanese History” book titled Bat-Manga! He also wrote a book about Vintage Batman Toys called Batman Collected. This is his 1st attempt at actually writing the comic book. No exact date has been set yet but it’s something to look for in the future.

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