Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto: Shippuden: Tenten

naruto cosplay - tenten

The only female member in Team Guy, Tenten specializes in many different types of weaponry raging from projectiles to close combat. She also has the ability to summon hundreds of weapons to attack her opponent simultaneously with pinpoint accuracy. At one point in the first season, she uses her techniques to help Hyuga Neji strengthen his defensive techniques. He is probably the only one who can block all of her attacks.

I actually like her costume in Shippuden than in the first season of Naruto. This photo was taken by Tony Quan, but since I found this in another site and not his own, I’m not sure how to properly credit it. But thanks for the photo!

EDIT: Thanks to Chibified Kitsunes for pointing me to Chuwei’s Deviant Art!

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Naruto: Shippuden: Hyuga Hinata

naruto: shippuden cosplay - hyuga hinata by lolytachan

Inspired by Naruto’s confidence and determination, Hinata’s infatuation over him affects her training in a good way as she tries her best to win his attention by continually improving her skills and helping him out. While Hinata is hesitant to openly admit her feelings for him, almost everyone else knows about it. In Shippuden, she finally confesses her love to Naruto while protecting him from Pain, but there has been no follow up to her confession as of yet.

Fantastic cosplay by Brazilian cosplayer, LolytaChan! Whoever said cosplay was only for the Japanese can eat their hearts out. Thanks to Miranda for sending this in!

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