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Halo 4 announced at E3

Halo 4 has been announced at E3. It’s a new trilology! More details as soon as I can !!!

Here’s some offiicial guff from Waypoint.

“Halo 4 is the next blockbuster installment in the iconic franchise that’s shaped entertainment history and defined a decade of gaming. Set in the aftermath of Halo 3, the Master Chief returns to confront his own destiny and face an ancient evil that threatens the fate of the universe. Halo 4 is the start of a new trilogy that begins with its release in 2012.”

This is like the best day ever since H3 was announced – a new Halo CE AND Halo 4! Woot!

Here’s the teaser trailer!

Game Informer described the trailer like so: “The video begins with a panicked Cortana yelling for John to wake up. After a minute of frantic pleading, a stasis chamber opens and Master Chief emerges. He is greeted by a ship in its death throes, flames and explosions bursting from every angle. Master Chief activates the thrusters in his boots, allowing him to navigate through the zero gravity environment. This section reminds me of Isaac Clarke’s flight segments through

Dead Space 2

. The video was dark and gorgeous, and seeing Master Chief back in action is a definite treat.”

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Master Chief image from Halo 4 Trailer

Do you need me Cortana?

Here’s the Master Chief about to Re start the Fight in Halo 4!

Also announced today at E3 was a remake of Combat Evolved to be released November this year to celebrate 10 years of Halo.

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So will “Halo 4” be a Kinect game?

HBO tipped us off to this exchange with Mike Delman, of Microsoft and Brier Dudley from the Seattle Times during E3 week. It’s telling.

Q: So will “Halo 4” be a Kinect game?

A: I’m sure we’ll have some Kinect in it but we’re not that far along.

In addition to this exchange, given that it would appear a lot of the future ‘Marquee’ Xbox 360 games will have some from of Xbox Kinect functionality built into the game, it would be pretty safe to expect it in Halo 4.

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The first Halo 4 multiplayer news

Halo 4 multiplayer news as discerned by Gamefan:

  • Story wraps around the multiplayer experience for the first time in the franchise.
  • Players now control Spartan IV’s, which promise to be just as powerful as Master Chief.
  • There is a reason why red and blue soldiers are killing each other.
  • Beyond the typical cosmetic customization options, players will be able to augment their Spartan IV’s abilities and weapon loadouts, altering their gameplay styles for the first time.
  • A lot of focus has gone into giving players a better sense of weight.
  • Audio design has been much improved and really gives a player a sense of where shots are coming from.
  • Maps have been built from the ground up.
  • The Battle Rifle is back and has been redesigned.
  • Two maps have been announced so far: War House and Wrap Around.
  • War House takes place in a civilian manufacturing plant that is travelling in a near space orbit above a gas giant. It has a large decorative Cyclops Mark II mech in the center which serves as the focal point for this slayer style map.
  • Wrap Around is another small slayer style arena, set in a Forerunner facility, that contains catwalks, ramps, and plenty of man-cannons to keep the action fast and frantic.
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Halo 4 News Round Up

General Chat

Frankie: “Certainly there will be huge emphasis on sandbox, exploration and renewed and enhanced emphasis on storytelling, but the addictive heart of Halo is still there – moment-to-moment combat that’s going to be just as challenging against real-life opponents as fictional sci-fi ones.”

Weapons, armor, vehicles and enemies have all been updated with the game’s more detailed, grittier graphics. The audio was tossed out and started over. The game’s multiplayer, too, gets a reboot with new maps inspired by the game’s campaign, but not seen in the story-driven gameplay. And there will be perks, a new way to customize your Spartan IVs armor changing not just the look, but their balance.

Halo 4 will feature deeper integration with Waypoint than any previous Halo game, and we have long-term plans to continue growing and evolving the experience in new and innovative ways. That said, we have no plans to charge players to use Waypoint beyond the standard Xbox Live Gold subscription needed to access the service.”

Creative director Josh Holmes said the game is “the beginning of an epic new sci-fi saga that will define the next decade for Halo … We don’t want to imitate what’s gone before. We need to find our own voice and give ourselves the freedom to take chances and push things forward. In some ways you can see Halo 4 as a bit of a reboot.”

Halo 4 starts 5 years after Halo 3 ends

There will be Covenant

“We’ve a tremendous amount of respect for Bungie and for the universe that they created, and yet we do want to take our own unique view on Halo and on where we want to take the franchise is in the future. It’s about finding the balance so it’s still Halo yet still feels fresh.” Frankie

The maps won’t be lifted from the campaign but rather have been created specifically to allow for balanced gameplay. When asked about balancing the multiplayer for MLG pro-gaming, O’Connor said that they are taking MLG seriously, but didn’t go into detail as to what exactly that meant.

In multiplayer, characters will control Spartan 4s, which are a new type of Spartan super-soldier; there will be a wealth of customization options for your Spartan. Some of those options will be cosmetic, but some will be functional.

343 intends, according to Holmes, to “redefine whatHalo multiplayer is and make it something that’s indisputably Haloat its core but is evolved in important and innovative ways … Our design goal is to dramatically reinvent the multiplayer experience – both the core element and surrounding modes.”

The only footage 343 showed of Halo 4 was of the Slayer multiplayer mode over two maps. It revealed faster play, smoother animation and a slightly cleaner, more coherent visual style. As inReach, armour will be customisable, both aesthetically and with a set of abilities that will mark an evolution of Reach’s Armor Abilities performance-enhancing choices. 343 won’t yet reveal how.

IGN said: What we were allowed to see was a brief look at two new multiplayer maps featured in Halo 4. Wraparound was a vertical map which appeared to take place in the clouds and the second map, Warhouse, was a military base with a giant mech set in the very center. Each map had more of an intimate and less open feel to it, which will undoubtedly result in some high kill counts and frantically paced shootouts. You’ll also be using a new brand of Spartan in multiplayer, the Spartan IV, a sleeker and faster model than the Master Chief. The customization features that the Halo franchise has been known for will be built upon, and 343 Industries also revealed that Halo 4’s multiplayer element would somehow tie into the game’s story, but wouldn’t elaborate further on either.

The maps boast the form that the series has well established, and they’ve been lent a new sense of purpose. 343’s intention is to reinvigorate multiplayer, and to have it work with the campaign in more meaningful ways. Intriguingly, it wants to lend a purpose to the ongoing fight between red and blue, a fight that will be justified in Halo 4’s narrative – setting off spiralling thoughts of a civil war introduced in the campaign and played out in the multiplayer, charting the new conflicts that emerge in the wake of the war with the Covenant.

So Halo 4 looks like Halo and, in all likelihood (playable code, like so much else about Halo 4, is being preserved for another part of its doubtless prolonged PR cycle), it feels like Halo. It’s red-versus-blue, it’s rechargeable shields, and it’s shooting that’s playful in tone.

Frankie: “Our game isn’t going to be any less serious in tone than Reach,” says O’Connor. “Reach felt domestic for a very specific reason, as you felt that you were on one world, and you were trapped there during this catastrophe around you. This game will have a very different, more explorative feeling. There’ll be lots of sci-fi tropes in there, but also smaller stories. I can’t go into specifics, but there’s something in there that’s going to be like walking along a beach looking for Man Friday. “

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Watch them Crawl in Halo 4

This toy box art that’s supposedly for some legit Halo gear reveals two new characters for Halo 4 – The Watcher and The Crawler.

Hardly terrifying names but we’ll see what they get up to – let’s hope they are more interesting than Halo: Reach’s Skirmishers.

Update: So here’s a better picture of the Crawler and The Watcher.

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What is a Promethean Crawler? Halo 4

Promethean Crawler Halo 4

What is a Promethean Crawler? Halo 4

The impressively armed Forerunner machines known as Crawlers represent the most extensive and abundant native enemy on Requiem. Capable of both close-quarters and long-range combat, Crawlers are aggressive quadrupeds, explicitly engineered to ferociously hunt down and eliminate any foreign threats. It is not uncommon to encounter Crawlers in substantial numbers, as most travel in large packs and work together in strategic coordination to bring down enemies by overwhelming them from every conceivable angle.

They represent the most extensive and abundant “native” enemy on Requiem.

Crawlers can be spawned by Watchers, who literally conjure the Crawlers’ raw forms from the material of the planet beneath their four little feet. While Watchers protect Crawlers, Knights treat them as fodder, relentlessly spawning them at a rapid-fire rate. Crawlers act like a skirmishing unit, harassing the player at the Knight’s bidding.

While they often fulfill the role of Promethean fodder, not taking a group of Crawlers seriously would be a mistake as they work together in strategic coordination to overwhelm enemies from every possible direction.

Individual Crawler types include the basic unit, a more heavily armed unit, and a deadly, long-range unit. The heavily armed variant is tougher than the basic unit and is more likely to charge in and melee attack.

LENGTH: 7ft 8in (234.7cm)
WEIGHT: 371lbs (168.3kg)

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What is a Promethean Knight? Halo 4

promethean knight halo 4

What is a Promethean Knight from Halo 4?

Residents of the artificial world of Requiem, Promethean Knights represent the central occupying enemy force, legions of extremely capable combatants with both ancient and mysterious origins. While these Prometheans are significantly different from the legendary Forerunner Warrior-Servants of ages past, these Knights are no less harrowing.

They are fully weaponized, heavily armored bipedal warriors, easily capable of engaging and terminating perceived threats in almost all environments. They are truly lethal creatures, taken lightly only at one’s peril.

HEIGHT: 10ft 1in (308cm)
WEIGHT: 934lbs (423.7kg)

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With the addition of SPARTAN-IV super-soldiers into the Office of Naval Intelligence’s expansive military schema, the Materials Group has spearheaded the next generation of Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor, officially dubbed ‘GEN2.’ Now produced by half a dozen military and privately contracted manufacturers, the newest format of ONI’s prodigious armor technology comes with ad hoc modification systems, which, in addition to Armor Abilities, allows for Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades. These enhancements give Spartans the opportunity to improve their combat performance as well as personalize their actions in the field.

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What is a Promethean Watcher? Halo 4

Promethean Watcher Halo 4

What is the Promethean Watcher that’s found in Halo 4?

As the large, flying sentinels of Requiem known as Watchers are typically deployed from the armored carapace of their Knight commanders and exist to provide strategic aerial combat. Hovering high above the battlefield, Watchers not only heal and augment damaged allies but also catch and return incoming ordnance, such as grenades, using a gravity-displacement beam.

Their existence serves to frustrate all opposition, often forcing enemies to engage them directly before dealing with other more immediate Forerunner units.

HEIGHT: 4ft 3in (128.6cm)
WEIGHT: 318lbs (144.2kg)

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