OK, I decided the other day to go hit Wal-Mart & see what kind of Batman items I could find. If you’re a Serious Bat-Collector then you know it’s been really really dry lately. But that’s cool because it allows us time to save a little money for stuff later, ha ha! But anyway, the trip to the famous retail store was kinda lame. The only new things I found were some Kid’s T-Shirts ( Most of them have a LEGO BATMAN theme which is pretty cool ) & that’s usually not something that I personally buy ( in fact, I didn’t ). But, when I got to their “Seasonal Area”, they were doing a “Summer Time – July 4th Theme” & they had this extremely awesome BATMAN 5 Foot long BEACH TOWEL! Oh man, the graphics are beautiful and it’s the “comic book version” of Batman. The quality is really nice too & the thing is only 10 bucks, can’t beat that! But if ya want one you better hurry because it’s the very best selling one in the bunch. I mean, don’t get stuck with Disney’s Little Mermaid, ha! one last thing, if ANY Bat-Blog Fan out there sees ANY new Batman items, no matter what they are, then please let us know so we can share… Thanks!

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Photos – RARE Vintage 1960’s BATMAN Merchandise

As a Batman Toy Collector I always like to see super-rare items that are out there. It sort of gives me a goal to look for these things. Especially if I never knew they existed before. Here’s a few examples: This 1st photo shows a Batman “Character Sponge” still in it’s original package. Now, this item is so extremely RARE that I will probably NEVER find it, in any condition! I totally love the vintage graphics. The next 2 photos are of a 1966 Batman T-Shirt. This is one you don’t see a lot of. In fact, I kind of wonder if it’s an actual licensed product or not. But either way it’s pretty cool. The last item sort of cracks me up! It’s a Batman Bath Mitt. It’s sort of a hand puppet shaped terry-cloth towel sort of thing. I bet they also made one of Robin but I have never seen it. Items like this usually got used-up pretty good & that’s one reason you never see them today.

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New BATMAN and JOKER Merchandise at the Dollar Store

Batman Collectors are gonna love this! Our friend Kevin just sent us this photo of a very cool 3-D BATMAN and JOKER Placemat his wife bought for him at the Dollar Store. He said they also have a dinnerware set ( plate, bowl, & cup ) to match. I really love the artwork on this baby & will have to make a trip to the store pretty soon. If anyone gets the other items soon please send us a pic, thanks. Oh yeah, and thanks Kevin for letting us know about this, you ROCK, Sir!

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BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Knight Flight R/C by Bandai

Our buddy BATMOBILLY spotted this extremely cool BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD R/C Toy the other night at Toys-R-Us. It’s made by Bandai & is called “Knight Flight Batman”. Basically, it looks like a large figure of Batman wearing a gyro-helicopter backpack. It has an infrared remote control & the figure has twin propellers so it can move up/down or sideways. Oh man, I would have totally freaked out as a little kid if they made this a long time ago, ha ha!

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New Batman Merchandise Over at The ROBIN THE BOY WONDER Website!

As Serious BATMAN Fans most of us totally love the 1966 BATMAN TV Show & here are just a few brand-new products related to that series. You see, Burt Ward, the Actor who played ROBIN THE BOY WONDER, has an official website where he has a few exclusive pieces of merchandise. I went there the other day & noticed a few things I have not seen there before. Shown here is a Batman and Robin T-Shirt, Writing Pen, & Key Chains with “1966 Batman” graphics ( I really love the Bat-Pen, ha! ). You can also see a few other new items there, just click HERE!

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Rare 1966 BATMAN Girl’s Summer Shirt

Here’s a wonderful photo of an extremely RARE piece of Vintage Batman merchandise. It’s a 1966 BATMAN Shirt… for a Little Girl. This item was bought off eBay awhile back from our friend Doug, who wrote, “I recently purchased this 1966 Batman Girl’s Summer Shirt on eBay for a song. It is size 3X small cotton shirt with the Joker, Penquin, Batmobile, Batman, and Robin. It also has Gotham City in the background. Please note the Batman Logo is highlighted in pink and other features as well. This is the first one I have ever seen.”

Yes, I have to agree that this is the very first time I have seen this variation. Now, I’ve seen this same graphic used on Baby bibs, Pillows, T-Shirts, etc…but never on a little girl’s outfit & never in the strange hot pink variation, very cool! Thanks to Doug for sharing. So, do YOU have a RARE Batman Collectible you would like to share? I’m talking about a “Museum Piece” you have never seen before. if so, then please shoot the Bat-Blog a photo & send it to us, thanks.

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