66 Batmobile

Randy S. Silvia’s BATMAN BATMOBILE and CATWOMAN Wallpapers!

An Artist Friend of ours named Randy S. Silvia sent us some freakin’ awesome graphics he created the other day that were inspired by some of his favorite BATMAN stuff: The 1966 Batmobile Car & a Retro-Style Catwoman, MEOW! He said I could use them as WALLPAPER BACKGROUNDS so I made them into BAT-BLOG.COM Promo Pieces. Yes, as a Blogger you ALWAYS have to hype your page with crazy propaganda. So, if everybody could please help me out – Please spread the news about the Bat-Blog on your Twitter or Facebook page, Thanks!!


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John Meets George Barris, The Creator of the 1966 Batmobile Car!!

Here’s a fun post filled with some wonderful photos sent in by our friend John. He just got back from the United States where he had made a trip to visit George Barris at his shop in California called “Barris Kustoms”. Of course this is the guy who created & customized the Batmobile car for the 1966 BATMAN TV Series.

Wow! John got some great pics of the original car & even met George while he was there… very cool!! (Thanks John ). Oh yeah, John has a personal Tumblr page where he shares his love of the Batman character. It’s called Bat-Mania and you can check it out by clicking right HERE!

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Funny BATMAN HUMOR Photos and Comics HA HA!

Here’s a nice sampling of totally hilarious BATMAN Photos, Memes and Comic Strips submitted by AWESOME Bat-Blog Fans, enjoy!!

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