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Halo Reach Release date fall 2010

Update: Latest Reach Release Date Rumour

What does 1 Up know about the release date of Halo: Reach? Bungie has said that it’s due to “Fall of 2010” yet 1 Up’s website says “9/14/10″. What gives? Is this the actual release date for Halo: Reach?

Here’s the screen shot:

What do you think? Inside knowledge from Lukems passed on to 1 Up, a mistake or is this simply when 1 Up thinks Fall kicks in?

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So Reach will help you find a Co-op Friend?

So. XBL Co-Op games. It seems since Halo 3 came out, that’s been the default standard for all games since. Except Gears of War * had it first AND you could find randoms to play with when you found defeating General Raam too tough.
So, has Reach caught up to the standard set by Gears and will allow you to find co-op partners play campaign mode with? Such a tool in Reach would make getting those ‘Road to Recon ‘type achievements much more realistic goals to achieve!
Will it happen? I found this line from a website who looked at another website who knew a dude that once hired a game of CE from a vid store who returned it late and didn’t pay his fine:
“A source inside the Microsoft X10 event has informed us that while it hasn’t been made public knowledge as of yet, Halo Reach will feature Public Matchmaking for Cooperative game modes.”

So, it could be that Reach will have true co-op matching making / find your partner for life tools….

I’m also wondering if Reach should offer a ‘Chatroulette’ feature for Halo fans. That could make for some interesting matchmaking….

* Yeah yeah, there was probably a million gmaes before GOW that had it….

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The Weapons found in Halo Reach

The Weapons of Halo Reach

The new Halo Reach xbox game is one last chance for the Boys of Bungie to dip their toes into the Halo universe and have a little fun – in a desire to be innovative and ahead of the pack of popular games such as Modern Combat and Gears of War, Bungie appears to be throwing two kitchen sinks into the game – check out the effort that has gone into the ‘sandbox’ of Reach Weapons:

Human based Weapons

Magnum – much loved in CE, much hated in H3

The Magnum will take down a fully shielded player, from start to finish, almost twice as quickly as the DMR will. Bungie have noted there’s some big caveats.

The Magnum gets ‘squirrely’ if you go all out and squeeze off rounds as fast as you possibly can. Real squirrely. Second, the Magnum’s maximum effectiveness is found at short to mid range, fitting snugly between the Assault Rifle and the DMR. And while the DMR may take some extra time to take down a player, at mid to long range, it’s easily the more effective weapon due to its magnified scope and reduced recoil.

Designated Marksmen Rifle

How many shots to take down a Spartan?

Assault Rifle
Pepper your enemies with bullets at mid range. Bungie have said that “ultimately the choice between the Assault Rifle and the Magnum may come down to personal preference, play style, and the situation you happen to find yourself in.”

The Pro Pipe
The Grenade Launcher, or “Pro Pipe” is also a weapon you’ll want to spend some quality time with. If you point and shoot with a single pull of the trigger, you’ll send an explosive round out into the world. If it hits your target dead on, it will explode. If it bounces, it’ll arm much like a frag and explode after a short spell. It sounds like the player will be able to use this weapon quite tactically compared to say the old Brute Shot.

The Sniper Rifle
The Sniper is perhaps the all time classic Halo weapon if you think of it in terms of spreading across the entire Halo series of games (the Magnum was only awesome in CE). Technically speaking, the SRS99 (more formally Special Applications Rifle, Caliber 14.5 mm, SRS99) is a gas-operated rifle firing 14.5x114mm ammunition. The SRS first entered service with the Army in 2460, because of its modularity and ongoing manufacturer support the SRS99 was adopted by all branches in 2521.

Covenant Weapons

The Focus Rifle

Probably this rifle’s name is going to be the but of many pun based jokes. The focus rifle takes the Sentinel Beam and the old school Beam Rifle and combines the two weapon’s traits for some deliciously deadly peanut butter and chocolate type death dealing action. On other words, pain.

The Repeater

Here we have the plasma repeater. I repeat, it’s a plasma gun. The Repeater is, essentially, the Assault Rifle’s counterpart, but it’s a little too effective for use in campaign. So when you’re in that space, you’ll likely see Elites utilizing the Plasma Rifle you’re already familiar with.

Plasma Launcher
The Plasma Launcher weapon can send a volley of one to four plasma explosives toward your opponent, depending on how long you keep your finger on the trigger. How many rounds you’re prepping is communicated to you through a nifty combination of visual and audio cues. And when you see and hear it coming your way, you need to find some cover. Pronto.

The rounds will track both infantry and vehicles, but don’t freak out, the magnetism is more akin to the Needler than it is the Missile Pod. Vehicles are much easier to hit, given their size, but if you play it right, you can affix an explosive round to some poor sucker’s face. It’s the new sticky bomb!

The Needle Rifle

“The Needle Rifle is the Covenant’s answer to the DMR weapon. It’s a medium-to-long range weapon with powerful anti-shield damage. It’s faster and more accurate than the DMR, but doesn’t have the same stopping power. It’s a Blamite! super-combining weapon (three shots to an unshielded body) that can also score headshots.”

Plasma Pistol

A classic halo weapon – The Type 25 Pistol (or T25 DEP) is more commonly identified as the Plasma Pistol. This small directed energy weapon has two modes of fire: semi-automatic direct and semi-guided AOE. The secondary AOE mode drastically reduces battery life.

It’s important to note the descriptions of these weapons and their operation is based on how Bungie has geared them to work in the forth coming beta test – and as such a liable to be changed by shipping date.

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Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox Console

Get your hands on the Halo Reach Limited Edition Xbox Console with a pre-order from Amazon

. Here’s a Vidoc by Bungie’s Sketch, Marcus and a nice lady whose name I can’t recall!

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Why I’m Looking forward to Halo: Reach

Why I’m Looking forward to Reach being released

Halo is my new Star Wars. Luke and Leia were my cool buddies back in the day and over the last 5 years or so its been 117 and Cortana. I know the cute couple are Lost in Space somewhere so I need new friends and I think Jorge is gonna be that friend. In all the Halo Reach promo stuff the dude just looks awesomely heroic.

I’m looking forward to coming across Buck again as he was kinda cool in ODST, in fact you could almost say he was that game’s Han Solo.

I’m looking forward to playing on the Ascension map remake that can be found in Forge World. Rocket grabs, sniper pissing contests and camping with the shotgun in the nooks and crannies were some of my most favoured Halo 2 things on that Map.

I’m looking foward to a totally new story. Halo: Reach is not simply a retelling of the novel The Fall of Reach, it’s a new chapter inthe universe. It’s unexplored terrortory and you just know it’s going to make way more sense that any of the pa-lava served up in Gears of War


Space is supposedly the final frontier. In terms of the Halo uiverse, Bungie have cracked it and now we are going to be able to pilot a space ship in a Halo game. It’s like we get to fly around in an A-Wing, taking down the Emperor’s finest pilots.

I’m looking forward to driving around fire rockets from my Warthog:

I’m looking forward to awesome assassination moves (though I’m wondering if they might result in me getting killed more!) I’m looking forward to the new weapons and let’s face it, I’m gagging for matching making abilities for Firefight. I feel we got sold a pup for ODST

‘s Firefight – let’s hope Bungie have learnt their lesson and if they haven’t been able to deliver and idea they haven’t mentioned it!

I’m also looking forward to Halo: Reach because I may have done my dash with Halo 3 multiplayer – after being spoiled to bits by the Beta test programme, Halo 3 just isn’t the same online these days – that’s not to say the campaign isn’t worth of another run through! And that said, I did a Combat Evolved run through some months ago to get back into the Halo zone and I still loved it – Halo 2 kept the magic, Halo 3 Finished the Fight, ODST was a fun round around the park, I want Reach to have some magic that is greater than the sum of its parts like CE, and given what we’ve seen, I suspect Bungie may have given us the game they really wanted Halo 3 to be…and that’s what I’m really looking forward to.

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We’ll be havin’ some fun under the Boardwalk

Video of multiplayer action on the Halo Reach Maps, Boardwalk and Countdown…

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Cody Miller is a Forerunner.

Surely, he is after this very very impressive speed run on Winter Contingency. He hijacks a falcon and then rides on a drop ship. Genius!

Hat Tip: HBO

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Halo: Reach Redefined

master chief with reach toothbrush

Even a Spartan needs to clean his teeth.

I found this picture of the Chief on 9gag this morning – certainly gives Reach a new edge eh?

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