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Emerald City Comicon, here I come !

So unfortunately I had to cancel out of Katsucon due to work obligations so figured I would trade it for Emerald City Comicon in March ! Emerald City was first held in 2003 with an attendance of 2,500. A decade later, it has reached 53,000 – though no idea how they count their attendance … I kinda thinking it is turnstiles number. In any case, I grew up reading comic books and watching anime so it’s not a big leap for me to go to comic cons. In fact, this year, I plan on focusing more on comic cons to go and chat with cosplayers. Some cosplayers crisscross cons while others only go to their genre’s cons so I figured this way, I can get a feel for comic cosplayers.
Don’t worry, I’ll have some Cosplay in America books as well as mouse pads and cosmetic bags available BUT I’m doing things a bit differently here. I will be at the Epic Cosplay wigs booth on SATURDAY and SUNDAY only from 10 am to 1 pm – basically the first three hours of dealer hall. After that I’m out exploring, talking to and enjoying the con. Hey, it’s my work-cation !
I do plan on setting up my backdrop and photograph cosplayers. I don’t know where I’m setting up but will post it on all my social media. Just know it won’t be in the dealer hall.
Same thing for Megacon in Orlando. I’ll be in the dealers with Epic Cosplay wigs on SAT and SUN 10 am to 1 pm. I’ll have copies of my book Cosplay in America as well as Chibi Ejen Mouse Pads and cosmetic bags. Check the Purchase tab to see what they look like.
As usual, follow my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for up to date info as well as photos live from the con.
Hope everyone have a great Katsucon and I’ll see y’all in Seattle for Emerald City !

BTW : here’s a map to where to find Epic Cosplay wigs booth. Walk right in, head to the left and you can see on the map how close they are to the entrance.

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