About Damn Time: ‘A Knights Tale’ Being Developed For TV

Yes, I said it. It is about damn time someone adapted A Knight’s Tale for TV. The 2001 guitar rock driven, Mountain Dew spewing anachronism about a peasant (Heath Ledger) who fakes being a knight so that he can compete in jousting (the medieval extreme sport) and win the favor of a lady or win a bunch of money or save an orphanage or something… The movie wasn’t really deep on plot. Yes, it was a bad movie, but it was fun-bad. I hated it in theaters and now love catching it on cable when I am hungover on a Sunday.

Deadline is reporting that ABC has picked up a TV show based on the movie from Sony with Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica) to write. Expected to hug closely to what made the movie a box office success, it will undoubtedly be filled with power cords on guitars and be in no way shape or form even remotely be historically accurate.

And that is OK. No word on when A Knight’s Tale will see the light of day on TV, but I do look forward to watching it on weeknights when I am hungover.
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