BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD And The Next McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys!

Here’s some great news for wacky-crazy BATMAN Toy Collectors! The next Happy Meal Toy Promotion at McDonalds will be BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD! This is the 2nd time they have promoted this TV cartoon so that’s cool! I guess the 1st time was pretty popular! OK, This news is so early we don’t even know what the toys are gonna look like or how many there will be. There are also NO photos yet. But, be sure to stay tuned to the Bat-Blog and as soon as we know, you’ll know!

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Vintage 1960’s BATMAN TOYS Advertising!

OK, as a Major Batman Toy Collector I’m usually obsessed with finding good reference material showing the older vintage toys & items. Scanning through old store catalogs, newspaper ( and comic book ) ads, & wholesale pamplets you can discover a treasure trove of items you have never seen before. Shown up above are 2 great examples. One is an old ad for a Batman Yo-Yo from the 1960’s called the BAT-YO! It was manufactured by the PLAY-MORS Toy Company. It looks like they used some Carmine Infantino-inspired artwork, cool! The next picture is another ad, this one is from an old 60’s comic book ( exact issue unknown ) showing a special “Life-Size Batman poster” you could order…for one dollar, ha ha! Now, I’ve seen the actual poster before & it’s really nice. Sadly, I have not found it for my personal collection just yet but someday IT WILL BE MINE!!

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VIDEO – McDonald’s BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Happy Meal Toys TV Commercial

Here’s the TV Commercial advertising the new BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Cartoon Happy Meal Toys at McDonald’s. There are 8 toys to collect. Check it out!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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New BATMAN Toys by SQUATZ – DC Universe Figures

Here are some photos for the retail packaging ( prototype ) to some brand-new Batman toys to keep an eye out for in the future. These are SQUATZ Figures of popular DC Universe characters. There will be 6 to collect in the 1st wave: Batman, Joker, Penguin, Green Lantern, Flash, & Superman. Because of space limitations I’m just showing the Batman-related ones. Now, in each package you get 2 figures & one of them is totally unknown, a mystery! The way you find out who it is you put the figure in water & allow the special coating to dissolve. Then, you know who the mystery figure is, woo hoo! Sounds like hours of fun!! Actually, I’m really loving the retro-style characters presented on these cards. The figures look sort of cool too. I can’t wait to see these in stores. You know, to see what they actually look like. Stay tuned to the Bat-Blog & when we find out, you will too.

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BATMAN TOY NEWS – Eaglemoss Company To Cancel Batmobile Series

Shown up above are the 1st five Issues in the “Batman Automobilia” Series by Eaglemoss, in the UK. You should be familiar with these toys, the BAT-BLOG was practically the 1st website to report on them. Basically they’re highly detailed Batmobiles with small dioramas set-up inside clear-plastic display cases that were sold with it’s own special magazine that told the history of that particular Batmobile. Well, the Eaglemoss Company had 10 cars already planned, but now there is very recent news that they now plan to only make the 1st five & the rest will be cancelled. This is sad news because these things are totally cool. We’re not quite sure why they have been terminated but hopefully things will turn around. Stay tuned & we’ll let ya know.

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