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Art : THE JOKER & HARLEY QUINN Custom Converse Shoes / Sneakers

A new friend to the Bat-Blog, named KEN, sent us these amazing photos of some custom art he recently did. And when I say amazing I actually mean extremely freakin’ cool! Ken took some plain boring white-canvas-style Converse Sneakers & made these shoes true works of ART! One shoe has graphics drawn all over it of The Joker while the other shoe is Harley Quinn. Check out the pics, they’re pretty neat, huh. I wanna thank Ken for sending these awesome photos & I know he has an amazing Batman Toy Collection so I hope he sends some pics of those too ( Ken – hint, hint ). But seriously Ken, you did a great job on these! Nice coloring, sharp lines, they’re just totally unique & clever! OK, as always I wanna extend an invitation to ALL Bat-Blog Readers who have any kind of info or pics that are Batman-related to please send them to us. Sharing the love of the character, doing fun art, & toy collecting is what this page is all about!

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Photos: Custom Batman Batmobile Car ( Part 2 ) Made From 1958 Corvette!!

Recently we published a photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Bob who just recently bought a Vintage 1958 Corvette that was customized, in the 1960’s, to look like Batman’s Batmobile car. That post was pretty popular & I asked Bob to send some more pics. He was very gracious & here they are! In these you get a great view of the front & back of the car. Also, the “comic book graphic” at the top…I think that is Bob’s idea on what this car might look like after it’s restored. Let’s hope so because that’s pretty sweet. Actually, any kind of restoration would improve it right now. It’s a little banged up from so many years of neglect. But we all know that Bob is going to give it some tender loving care. I wanna thank Bob for sending us some more photos & keeping us updated. It’s actually kinda thrilling to get to see this really great custom automobile come to life. If you missed the 1st post, or would like to see the 1st photo again, then here’s a link to check it out, just CLICK HERE!

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I just got these pics from a long time reader, named Dallas, who wanted to share his Custom “BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT PERCHED ON THE BAT-SIGNAL” Statue with us. He wrote, “I thought some of your readers / collectors would be interested in what I did to my Dark Knight Kotobukiya statue to make it an even cooler piece to display. All I did was remove ( with a dremel tool ) the center of the bat signal out and dropped an Ikea disc light in the center, cutting a little opening for the electrical cord…and HOLY BAT-SIGNAL! Now you’ve got one of the coolest lamps EVER!!!” WOW! Now, Dallas, this does look really cool & you did a great job on it. The upward lighting effect is very dramatic. To be honest. The very very first time I saw this statue offered by Kotobukiya I actually thought they were gonna make it have this feature. I mean, it seemed so obvious! But they didn’t. It probably would have made it more labor intensive or something. Plus, they’re in the “Statue Business” & not into making lamps. But I remember actually being kinda disappointed that it didn’t light-up, ha ha! So, your custom job is really neat. Nothing bad against Kotobukiya, because they’re an awesome company & their statues are wonderful quality, but THIS is how it SHOULD have been done! Thank you for sharing the pics & your story, that’s great! I love when readers are responsive like this because it gives the Bat-Blog some nice variety.

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Ken’s “1939 BATMAN” Custom Toy Mego Doll Action Figure

OK, This Custom Mego Doll has “WIN” written all over it!! Our friend Ken, who we know from the Mego Museum Forum, sent us these wonderful pics of an action figure he recently completed. His idea was “What if the Mego Toy Company were making their World’s Greatest Superhero Figures at the time when Batman 1st came out in 1939, what would the toy look like?”…well, here it is! I don’t think I need to post any vintage graphics from the Golden Age Comic Books to show how accurate this thing is. It’s so cool! It not only represents “1939 BATMAN”, but it also follows the general “design rules” of Mego. I totally love this thing! Thanks Ken for sending the pics & you did a great customization here, keep up the good work! If there are any other Bat-Blog readers out there who like to get creative every now & then please send us some pics. It can be Drawings, Paintings, Custom Toys, anything Artistic!

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Awesome LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEO GAME Artwork Made Out of Actual LEGO Bricks!

This post is a friendly reminder that our current BAT-BLOG CONTEST to win a FREE Mint Copy of the LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEO GAME ends in a few days on February 11th, 2010. So, if you have not entered yet then please do so today! For more details about this amazing event please click HERE!Now, this picture up above is NOT the item we’re giving away ( I wish! ). No, this is a very cool piece of artwork I came across the other day & the artist who made it did it using nothing but Lego Bricks & a little bit of black vinyl tape ( for the “flying bats” & Batman chest logo ). Don’t you think it’s really cool? I do! I think he did a great job on it. I love when artistic people get inspired by the Dark Knight Universe. So, If you’re a creative person who has done a Drawing, Painting, Custom Toy, or Whatever…then please send us a photo!

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MEGO DOLLS TOY CATALOG 1978 – Mego Museum!

Over at the MEGO MUSEUM they recently thought about the idea of “What if the Mego Toy Company had NOT gone out of business & they had created a 1978 Toy Catalog?”. What would it look like & what sort of products might they have come out with? Well, here’s the answer! The Mego Museum has made an extremely cool “fake catalog” of “1978” Mego Dolls & Accessories titled “1978 REIMAGINED”. It’s loaded with a ton of beautiful color photos showing many Custom Mego Dolls of items we all wish they would have had the chance to make. What if they extended their line of Superhero Toys? What if they made some 8″ KISS Dolls? How about if they made Cartoon Characters like Scooby Doo? What about the early SUPERMAN Movies? My favorite is the idea of making dolls based on the 1966 BATMAN TV Series. They also ask the question, what if Mego had got to do Star Wars figures back in the day? The list goes on & on. This looks like a pretty cool product & a great idea. If you would like more information on this then be sure to visit their website today by clicking HERE!

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Hal’s Custom BATMAN BAT-CYCLE Harley-Davidson Motorcycle!

Check out these awesome photos of a really great “Bat-Cycle”! This is a 1988 Harley Davidson FLHTP owned by our friend Hal. Originally, it was an old Police Bike that used to be in service in New Jersey. Hal removed all the Police-related items off of it and customized it a little bit with some fresh paint and Batman Bat-emblems. I really like that he kept the design sort of minimal. I mean, he didn’t over-do it and that’s important because with some “Bat-Vehicles” a lot of People just go totally crazy, ha! Now, don’t get me wrong though, “extreme” can be cool too, but I really love this Bat-Bike. Good Job Hal, and Thanks for sharing these fun pics.

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BATMAN GOLF CART Inspired by “The Dark Knight” Tumbler Batmobile

OK, There’s a few people who hated the new Tumbler Batmobile from the recent Batman movies & there’s a ton of people who totally loved it ( I loved it ). But regardless of your opinion, you just gotta admit that this is an extremely clever Custom Golf Cart! Yes, this thing was totally inspired by “The Dark Knight” films. It’s crazy! Unfortunately it’s not an official product. It was customized by a Warner Bros employee & is currently used to get around the lot. Now, my question is, how many of you would totally buy one of these?

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Bat-Dave Takes a Ride In The Batmobile!!

Our buddy, known as “Bat-Dave”, just recently got to ride in the Batmobile!! No, seriously, he sent us some pics to prove it ( Be sure to click on them for larger, sharper versions ). Plus, he has a great story about it too. Check this out:

I was having a cold beer last weekend at The Beachcomber Bar & Grill on Seaside Heights boardwalk where MTV films that horrible ‘Jersey Shore’. I commented to this older fellow to my left wearing a ‘weathered’ Batman tee how much I liked his shirt. It turns out that the guy is Jay Weatherby, New Jersey’s coolest Adam West/Batman impersonator!! Not only is Jay a walking encyclopedia of the 1960’s TV series, he even had his own costume tailor-made and… get this…He MADE his very own BATMOBILE!!! A few years back, Jay sawed the entire top off his 1980’s Ford Mustang and has basically customized it as a homage to the 1966 George Barris vehicle!!! Jay does parties and other personal appearances from time to time. It was a real thrill when he took me for a quick spin around Seaside in his trusty ‘Batmobile’! Kids of all ages on the boardwalk were loving it!

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