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Destiny is in a playable state

Dunno how I missed this but it looks like Destiny is in a playable state:

Chris Butcher is of course the Whizz Kid from NZ who made Halo awesome. Go the mighty Kiwi!! Also his comment suggests he got bored of Halo? In the word of Alfred Pennyworth, NEVA.

From the Bungie Mail Sack:

“odmichael Based on this tweet, can you confirm that Bungie’s next game is in some sort of playable form?
I can confirm that Chris Butcher did not spend his weekend playing an unplayable build.”
We also know that Urk uses the Facebook app, has AT&T as his telco provider and appears to have an alarm set in his Iphone. 😉

That destiny is in a playable state for a take home play makes me think the game won’t be a big MMO or anything and that it will be just right for single player fans like myself. I don’t want to be playing WoW in space or anything…..

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