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Chip Kidd Set To Write Full-Length Batman Comic Book Story

Graphic designer, novelist and Bat-Nerd Chip Kidd has announced that he will write a full-length Batman comic book story for DC Comics. He gave out this information at the recent Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest. You might remember his recent “Batman Japanese History” book titled Bat-Manga! He also wrote a book about Vintage Batman Toys called Batman Collected. This is his 1st attempt at actually writing the comic book. No exact date has been set yet but it’s something to look for in the future.

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New 2010 VINTAGE DC COMICS Calendar with BATMAN Detective Comics

You might remember, last year, Asgard Press came out with a special 2009 VINTAGE DC SUPER HEROES Calendar. I remember seeing it & thought it was pretty cool! It featured many Golden Age Comic Book Covers of Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel, Flash, Wonder Woman, etc… Well, this year they have a brand-new one called the 2010 VINTAGE DC COMICS Calendar. It’s basically the same thing, but with different artwork. Plus, the general theme with this one is the special 75th Anniversary of the DC Comics company ( DC published their 1st comic book in 1935 ). Plus, I like that DETECTIVE COMICS is on the cover, ha ha! For more info be sure to click HERE!

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Comic Review: Robyn Hood #1

Review: Robyn Hood #1 (Zenescope)
By: Erin DeBorba

Ever since I was little, I loved the stories of the original Robin Hood, the man hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. The man who gave people a future, even though he risked his own. From the stories, to the Disney adaptation of the story, I was always a fan. So when I heard that the Zenescope team had started a new project, Robyn Hood, I was thrilled.

Robyn Hood is the story of a woman who has taken on the role of a thief, so that she could support her broken family, however, little does she know, that her whole world is about to turn upside down.

Issue one of Robyn Hood opens up with a car accident, and quickly flashes back to a fight scene between a man from Myst, one of the Realms connected to Earth, and a warrior woman. Once the battle is over, the man, now known as Shang, finds a baby girl. Although his superiors are against it, Shang is determined to find the baby a home, and does just that.

This baby girl, however, ends up living a life of thievery and darkness. Her mother is sick, her father kicks them out, and she ends up having to take on more than a girl her age should be able to.

We are then taken to a scene in Myst, where a villager asks a favor from a powerful woman. After telling him that the person he seeks is not ready, and to be patient, we switch back to the life of the girl, unknown at the time. Being in high school, she faces challenges of being alone, having people not like her, and more. After standing up for herself against a group of bullies, our heroine steals a car and takes off, leading us back to the opening scene.

After being hospitalized, sued, and thrown in jail, our heroine is then pulled into a portal via the powerful woman from before. Though before she can find out who she is, an arrow strikes her heart, and soldiers surround them.

In a closing scene, the soldiers ask what her name is, and before the end of the issue, she claims, “My name is Robyn.”

Not only does this comic keep you on your toes, wanting more and eagerly awaiting the next issue, but also the artwork is stunning, colorful and eye catching. Pat Shand does an incredible job with the story, and his artists and the Zenescope team do a great job as well.

Keep an eye out for my review of Robyn Hood Issue #2.


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HAPPY NEW YEARS – Batman Comic Books From Around The Globe!

Since today is the first day of a brand-new year, 2012, I thought I would celebrate with some wacky BATMAN Foreign Comic Book Covers from around the World! Now, I’m not sure if this first image is CHINESE or KOREAN but I’m sort of leaning toward KOREA, ha! If anyone knows then please let me know. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just stupid and I only know how to read English, ha! But the cover is crazy beautiful!!

The next two covers are bootlegs from Turkey called BATMEN! That one with the yellow cover that features the Joker, I have that “English” version, how funny! These are extremely RARE!

The next two photos are not actually covers, but are a few pages from inside another foreign reprint comic book and these are from GREECE. I totally love their Greek FONT with the unique letters.

Last, but not least, is a special ITALIAN version of a 1966 BATMAN TV Show Book. OK, I know that’s not an actual comic book but it’s still fun! Hey, do you live in another part of the world and have a few Batman comics from your country? If so, then please send us some pics, thanks!

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THE LAW OF SUPERHEROES – The Bat-Blog Book Review

I was recently contacted by a Book Publisher asking me if I would like to do a Book Review on a new book they were coming out with. They told me the title was, “THE LAW OF SUPERHEROES. They also said it contained a lot of examples that featured “Batman” so I might like it. Well, to my relief, I honestly loved it…Yes, the book is a really fun read! This book covers many legal issues that many superheroes would be faced with.

As a little kid, growing up reading a ton of comic books, I always wondered what would happen if Superheroes “were real” and what would happen after some battle where there was a ton of property damage and who would be responsible to pay for it? You remember these stories. Some Giant-Sized Monster would come to Earth and have a huge fight with Superman, or the Incredible Hulk, and they would destroy a few buildings in the process. Hey, who would have to pay for that? Ha Ha!

Well, this book answers that question and many many more. This book is based off a popular blog called “Law and the Multiverse”. At that website they are always covering many such legal issues. This new book was written by James Daly and Ryan Davidson, who are both not only major comic book fans, but they’re real-life Attorneys as well. The book takes the idea of “What if Superheroes were real and how would they be affected by laws in the United States and abroad?”.

For example: Batman works with the Gotham City Police Department, so if he captures the Joker and the Joker confesses to a crime, could the Joker’s Attorneys later have the confession ruled inadmissible at trial because he wasn’t given a Miranda warning? Or what if a hero kills another, but that second hero comes back from the dead. Would the first still be charged with murder? Can Bruce Wayne patent the Batmobile? Is Superman’s use of x-ray vision or super-hearing an invasion of privacy?

The book goes into great depth about many questions like this and answers them in a very serious way. In most of their commentary they use real “Law Book” statutes and even present actual court cases that are similar to the issue. It’s all very thought provoking and if you’re studying law in school, then it’s something you could use to learn more. But, I’d like to stress that even if you’re only just a fan of reading comics then you’ll enjoy reading this book too.

For more information please be sure to visit LAWANDTHEMULTIVERSE

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