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BATMAN FAST FOOD TOYS – Justice League Unlimited – Bobbing-Head Heroes 2

HEY KIDS! Check Out These Cool New Toys!! Right now, if you go to an Arby’s Restaurant, they have a new KIDS MEAL promoting JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Bobbing-Head Heroes 2. There are 6 Toy Premiums to collect: Batman, The Joker, Superman, Supergirl, Solomon Grundy, & Lex Luthor. Basically they are “Paper Toy Figures” you put together. I guess I should note that if you don’t want to buy the food then most locations will sell the toys separately. Yeah, you know which two I’m gonna buy, ha ha!

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New BATMAN LEGO TOYS FIGURE Inspired Art and Photography

Over at the LEGO TOYS Company Website they have been showing some Lego Fan Art that celebrates the release of more BATMAN Licensed Products next year. Yes! LEGO BATMAN is coming back and I think it’s gonna be even bigger and crazier than last time. Whoops, back to the ART. The 1st one, with the Joker making an appearance, was drawn by Alison Goetz. It’s pretty funny and looks like it was done with Colored Pencil. Then, my favorite of the bunch, is a very excellent parody of the iconic comic book cover to Detective Comics # 27. It was made by Tony Norton. Last, but not least, is this piece of Photography Art created by Daniel Mezraev. Batman is struggling to reach his trusty Batarang, ha ha!

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BATMAN FAN? Facebook Member? Come Join The BAT-BLOG.COM Fan Page!

OK, I finally got around to revamping the BAT-BLOG.COM Facebook Fan Page, ha ha! So, if you’re a Facebook member and enjoy this website then PLEASE JOIN ( or “Like” ) TODAY!! Here’s a link button right here, down below, and in case you want to join later it will always be on the top right-hand side of this website.

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New BATMAN TOY – Mattel Hot Wheels R/C Nitro Speeders – Batmobile Tumbler Vehicle

OK, Mattel is totally torturing me with all the cool BATMAN TOYS they keep cranking out, ha ha! Plus, to make matters worse, you know they’re gonna go wacky-crazy once THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie appears! In fact, here’s a brand-new HOT WHEELS R/C Batmobile TUMBLER Vehicle that is coming out soon called “Nitro Speeders”! I love the WINDOW BOX ART and the toy looks pretty cool too! ( Thanks to our Buddy BATMOBILLY for the heads-up on this ).

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New BATMAN TOYS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Action Figures 1st Wave!

This is sort of a weird post but really actually pretty cool if ya think about it, ha! OK, Please let me explain. Here at this site we have a Fan who just so happens to work at Wal-Mart. She’s also a Huge Batman Fan & was very excited to see that some brand-new Bat-Toys came in that were related to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. She said the weird thing was that all the Employees there have very strict rules about NOT placing the product on the shelves until Midnight, on May 27th. So, at that time, this new stuff will be appearing. The cool thing was she snapped a photo for us of the Action Figures in the 1st wave. You can see them in the 1st pic.

Also, as a side story: The 2nd photo features some of the new “Mattel Batman” Figures that are out right now ( they don’t have a special release date ). I call them the “Mattel Batman” Toys because they DO NOT tie-into any Comic Book, Movie, Cartoon, Video Game or anything. Their actual name is “Power Attack!”. These are designed exclusively by Mattel, what they call “in-house”.

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Chuck’s DENVER COMIC CON 2012 Batman Adventure!

Here are some really fun photos sent in to us by a very loyal BAT-BLOG.COM Reader named Chuck. He was pretty excited to share some news with us because he said he had just got back from his very first Comic Con that he ever attended! This is always a great thing to experience because they’re just so fun. Plus, this was the 1st ever DENVER COMIC CON so it was very unique. As a side note I should say that I have heard from some other people who went and everyone said it was great. So, we’re glad that Chuck got to go.
Now, here are some of his pics. The 1st one is guaranteed to completely torture all of our Readers, ha! This is a Cosplay Girl who was there as Catwoman. I totally LOVE her vinyl cat-suit, MEOW! Next up are a few other Cosplayers with equally cool costumes. We have Harley Quinn ( Arkham City version ) and The Joker, probably the best couple there. We also get to see the Riddler, Animated Series Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and another great Joker.
Chcuk got to meet a few of his personal heroes: the Legendary Comic Book Artist Neal Adams and Michael Uslan, Executive Producer of all the BATMAN Movies. Uslan was there promoting his new Biography Book, “The Boy Who loved Batman”. Also, the very last photo is of some homemade Superhero Art/Crafts Toys that are pretty cool! WOW! It seriously looks like this is an event I would have loved to attend. Before I sign-out here I wanna say THANK YOU to Chuck for sharing his experience, I appreciate it.

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The other day, over at our BAT-BLOG Facebook page ( Please join if you’re not a member ), a new friend was nice enough to share a really great photo of his Vintage Toy Collection. To be more precise, it’s the “Batman section” of his collection. His name is Bob and he has some amazing stuff. He’s got tons of Boardgames, Puzzles, Puppets, Toys and Magazines with Pop Culture stuff like the Banana Splits, Quisp Cereal, Marvel Superheroes, and much more. His house is like a Toy Museum! Anyways, it’s great that he shared this photo of some of his BATMAN items. There’s a lot of wonderful older stuff here that brings back a lot of fond memories. ( Thanks Bob! )

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New KILLER CROC 2013 DC Universe Hot Wheels Car by Mattel

Here’s a quick post to share this nice pic sent in to us by our good buddy Batmobilly. While cruising through some of his local retail stores he spotted this brand-new 2013 DC Universe Hot Wheels Car by Mattel that is out now… KILLER CROC!! ( Thanks Batmobilly, you ROCK, Sir! )

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Here’s Some New BATMAN TOYS and BATMOBILE CARS To Keep an Eye Out For

This is just a quick post to share some random images of brand-new BATMAN items that will be coming out or are out now. First up is a photo from the recent 2013 TOY FAR, Here’s a new 1966 Batman “Penguin Batmobile” Slot Car by Auto-World. Yes, for the few who don’t know there was a classic moment in the vintage 60’s TV Series where the Penguin stole Batman’s car & then sort of customized it for himself. Wow, they’re actually making a toy of that…again, ha!

Then, here’s a cute decorating item called “My Pillow Pets” and it’s the Batmobile in plush form. Jeez, it’s SO gosh-darn cute, goo goo goo.

Now, last but not least, is this photo showing some of the packaging for a Hot Wheels BATMAN Classic TV Series 1966 Batmobile Diecast Car ( Mattel 2013 ). I’ve shared this item here before but this new photo I found is a little better so I thought I’d throw it in here as filler.

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New 2013 BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Action Figures – Series 4

Due for release next month, here are some photos of the next wave of BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Action Figures coming out by DC Collectibles. It looks like they’re gonna have Batman, Deadshot, Nightwing ( Dick Grayson ), and Talia.

Based on the blockbuster video game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, developed by Rocksteady Studios, and licensed by DC Entertainment.

They measure approx. 6.75″ tall & will have a suggested retail price of $22.95. Look for them around March of 2013.

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