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SDCC 2009 EXCLUSIVE MATTEL HOT WHEELS The Dark Knight Movie Tumbler Batmobile and Batpod Set ( San Diego Comic Con ’09 )

OK, If you’re planning to go to the 2009 San Diego Comic Con be sure to hit the Mattel Booth for an EXCLUSIVE Hot Wheels THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Tumbler Batmobile and Bat-Pod Motorcycle Set! They have been keeping it pretty top secret but a reader named Tony sent us this amazing photo. Basically it’s a Window-Boxed Set of 2 vehicles from the Dark Knight film. The way the vehicles are displayed inside the dox it looks like the Bat-Cycle is bursting out of the Tumbler batmobile Car…SWEET! I have also heard they will be the 1:50 Scale size…AWESOME! As we get more SDCC ’09 information we’ll have better pics later, so stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for more info! ( Thank You Tony, You ROCK, Sir! )

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I just got these pics from a long time reader, named Dallas, who wanted to share his Custom “BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT PERCHED ON THE BAT-SIGNAL” Statue with us. He wrote, “I thought some of your readers / collectors would be interested in what I did to my Dark Knight Kotobukiya statue to make it an even cooler piece to display. All I did was remove ( with a dremel tool ) the center of the bat signal out and dropped an Ikea disc light in the center, cutting a little opening for the electrical cord…and HOLY BAT-SIGNAL! Now you’ve got one of the coolest lamps EVER!!!” WOW! Now, Dallas, this does look really cool & you did a great job on it. The upward lighting effect is very dramatic. To be honest. The very very first time I saw this statue offered by Kotobukiya I actually thought they were gonna make it have this feature. I mean, it seemed so obvious! But they didn’t. It probably would have made it more labor intensive or something. Plus, they’re in the “Statue Business” & not into making lamps. But I remember actually being kinda disappointed that it didn’t light-up, ha ha! So, your custom job is really neat. Nothing bad against Kotobukiya, because they’re an awesome company & their statues are wonderful quality, but THIS is how it SHOULD have been done! Thank you for sharing the pics & your story, that’s great! I love when readers are responsive like this because it gives the Bat-Blog some nice variety.

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Kevin is HARVEY DENT / TWO-FACE From The Dark Knight Batman Movie!

Alright, these photos were really fun to receive because for the 1st time I got to see what my friend Kevin looks like ( I’ve known him on the Internet for awhile but have never met him ) and I got to see his amazing Batman-themed Halloween Costume! He chose to be Harvey Dent / Two-Face & his make-up plus costume are totally awesome! I mean, extremely well done. He really looks like he has been burned. His business suit is perfect on one side & damaged on the other. Plus, the “Vote For Harvey Dent” Political Campaign Button is a nice touch…he even has a 2-sided Coin! Thank you Kevin for sending us these great pics. You should be very proud of your costume & I bet it will be a SMASH-HIT at any Halloween Party! I’m not dressing-up this year & I’m totally jealous, ha ha!

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College Humor has just made another parody-spoof of The Dark Knight Batman movie & it’s pretty funny! It features Jim Gordon talking on the roof of the Gotham City Police Department building with Batman…enjoy!

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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Video: Halloween BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT Movie Theme Display 2009

Look at how I decorated for Halloween this year! The neighborhood kids really loved it. No, it’s not mine, just kidding, ha ha! This is the work of an extremely creative guy named Jerjod. It took him a whole year to construct all this stuff for his 2009 Halloween Batman Display. In the driveway is a Tumbler Batmobile Replica Car he made. He also made a Life-Size Mechanical Manikin of Batman in costume that moved around. There were Battery Controlled “Wing-Flapping Bats” that hung from the trees & he even had a HUGE Bat-Symbol light shining on his house that took up the entire garage-area section!! WOW! Extremely impressive!! If you wanna learn how he built all this stuff, & try to do it yourself, then be sure to visit the INSTRUCTABLES website by clicking HERE!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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VIDEO – Batman’s Night Out

OK, This is kinda funny. Batman, the Dark Knight, recently hit the streets of Canada to frighten people, ha!

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

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BATMAN GOLF CART Inspired by “The Dark Knight” Tumbler Batmobile

OK, There’s a few people who hated the new Tumbler Batmobile from the recent Batman movies & there’s a ton of people who totally loved it ( I loved it ). But regardless of your opinion, you just gotta admit that this is an extremely clever Custom Golf Cart! Yes, this thing was totally inspired by “The Dark Knight” films. It’s crazy! Unfortunately it’s not an official product. It was customized by a Warner Bros employee & is currently used to get around the lot. Now, my question is, how many of you would totally buy one of these?

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New BATMAN CONVERSE Shoes and Sneakers – Gotham City Style!

DC Comics announced recently that they have teamed-up with Converse Shoes to bring a new series of sneakers with graphics of their comic book characters. Well, a few pair have the Dark Knight himself, the Batman! Check out the pics up above & start drooling! Also, if you’re interested in finding a store location, or seeing all the other shoes they have, then check out this LINK.

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Video – Joyride and Toronto Batman Review the New Hyundai i30

The JOYRIDE Website was recently out in Central London testing the Hyundai i30 hatchback when all of a sudden Batman swooped down out of nowhere and decided he’d be running the show!

The Dark Knight in question wasn’t, strictly speaking, the real deal. This Caped Crusader was in fact, Toronto Batman – the comedy vigilante famous for instilling fear and merriment in innocent passers-by in his homeland of Canada.

It’s fair to say Batman didn’t like it very much at first. Sure, it packs more standard equipment than its rivals, does 75mpg and drives incredibly well but it wasn’t enough to pry him away from his Batmobile or Tumbler.

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