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Ken’s “1939 BATMAN” Custom Toy Mego Doll Action Figure

OK, This Custom Mego Doll has “WIN” written all over it!! Our friend Ken, who we know from the Mego Museum Forum, sent us these wonderful pics of an action figure he recently completed. His idea was “What if the Mego Toy Company were making their World’s Greatest Superhero Figures at the time when Batman 1st came out in 1939, what would the toy look like?”…well, here it is! I don’t think I need to post any vintage graphics from the Golden Age Comic Books to show how accurate this thing is. It’s so cool! It not only represents “1939 BATMAN”, but it also follows the general “design rules” of Mego. I totally love this thing! Thanks Ken for sending the pics & you did a great customization here, keep up the good work! If there are any other Bat-Blog readers out there who like to get creative every now & then please send us some pics. It can be Drawings, Paintings, Custom Toys, anything Artistic!

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Ryan’s CUSTOM BATMAN TOYS – Mighty Muggs Madness!

The Bat-Blog totally digs creativity, in any form, and here’s a GREAT example! Here are some photos from a Fan who likes to create Custom Batman Toys. He takes Hasbro MIGHTY MUGGS Figures & repaints them. Now, for Non-Toy-Collector-People out there who don’t know, Hasbro has the license to make Marvel Comics Superhero Characters & Mattel does DC Comics. So, since Mighty Muggs are made by Hasbro then they will NEVER do any BATMAN Figures. So, for the people who want them your only choice is to… customize them!Our Friend Ryan has done an extremely excellent job on his Customs. First up is Robin & he looks great! He has also done Bane, Clayface, Batman, & Azrael. Please check out the photos because they are AWESOME!! The Bane & Clayface are my 2 top favorites, then Robin. Which ones do you like?I wanna thank Ryan for sharing these pics & if you want to see more of his cool artwork then just click HERE!

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Glenn’s CUSTOM BATMAN TOYS With CATWOMAN Dolls and 1967 BATGIRL Model Kit

Check out these amazing Custom Catwoman Dolls, Batgirl Model Kit, & Re-Designed Retro-Style Batman Toys! These were all made and or customized by our friend Glenn, also known as “infadoll”. He likes to take old beat-up toys and give them new life. His main focus is Superhero-related characters. Shown here are two versions of Catwoman. The 1st one is Julie Newmar from the 1966 BATMAN TV Series. The fabric for the costume looks great & the necklace is really nice too. Then you have the “Golden Age” version from the 1940’s comic books…MEOW!

The 3rd photo shows his talent for adding dioramas to his model kits. Here is a “Yvonne Craig” Batgirl from the 2nd season of TV’s BATMAN. Wow, the face looks just like hers! Then, look at the last 2 pics. This is an old Vintage 1960’s Palmolive BATMAN SOAKY Bubble Bath Bottle… transformed into ADAM WEST! If you’re not familiar with the old toy it was actually extremely simple-looking & basic. In Glenn’s version he detailed it quite a bit & made it more authentic to the TV Show, Coolness! He has a pretty awesome website & there is actually way more there that I can’t post. So, if you enjoy his work, then click HERE!

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David’s BATMAN MIGHTY MUGGS Custom Figures

Take a look at these ultra-fun Custom BATMAN Mighty Muggs Figures created by an Artist named David Krawczyk. He recently submitted these to the BAT-BLOG.COM with the explanation that he will be making more characters. That’s great news because these examples are very cool! Here are Catwoman, The Joker ( Green Lantern Corp outfit ) and Two-Face… excellent!

Now, for the few people who don’t know, “Mighty Muggs” are toys made by Hasbro and, for certain legal reasons, they will NEVER make any DC Comics’ Superheroes. So, Fans of the BATMAN usually have to create their own customs. The basic reason is that Mattel has that license and Hasbro does Marvel ( They also do the Transformers, G.I.Joe, and Star Wars ).

Thanks David, great job on these!!

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