Comic Book News: BATMAN AND ROBIN # 1 Cover Variations

Just a quick post, DC Comics just recently released BATMAN AND ROBIN Number One the other day & so far it seems like a total success. Now, I have not read it yet but all I have been hearing is really great things so that’s cool. One thing I wanted to mention is that this comic book has three different covers to collect. The 1st one photo shows the regular cover. The 2nd one is the variant cover. The 3rd is the special “Sketch Cover”. Personally, I have always hated when comic book companies do this. I mean, they’re just trying to get everybody to buy multiple copies. But I gotta admit that these are pretty cool! Just wondering, has anybody read this thing yet? If so, then please leave a comment down below & let us know what you thought about it, thanks. ( Oh yeah, click on the small photos up above for larger pictures ).

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ART GRAPHIC PAINTING : THE JOKER With German Batman Hand-Puppet

Longtime Readers of the Bat-Blog might remember awhile back we posted 2 Desktop Wallpapers that featured artwork by the Graphic Artist / Painter named Tom Dougherty. One of them was Poison Ivy & the other one was The Penguin. I know you guys remember “The Penguin” one because I got a lot of e-mails about it. He was done to look just like Alfred Hitchcock. It was really cool & people went nuts, ha ha! Actually most readers liked both of them very well. Anyways, Tom just did another piece of art recently with The Joker & it’s amazing! Basically it’s the Joker, looking totally insane, & on his right hand is a Batman Puppet ( Be sure to click on that graphic for a larger, more sharp, version ). The funny thing is, as soon as I saw it, I recognized the hand puppet as being one that was featured here at the Bat-Blog awhile back, ha ha. It’s a “German Bootleg Toy” of Batman and I posted a pic down below to jog people’s memory. Now, once I started to get past the whole “puppet thing” I suddenly realized that this graphic is painted extremely well. The coloring is great! The composition is wonderful. Everything about it is awesome! OK, now if you like this guy’s work then you need to check out his blog because he has a lot of artwork showing there too that’s pretty cool. There’s a LINK BUTTON down below. Plus, I think it’s neat to see what artists are up too. You know, you always have to keep an eye on them…make sure they’re now causing trouble, ha ha! ( Thanks Tom for sending the cool pic ). One last thing, if you click HERE you can see those 2 Poison Ivy & Penguin Desktop Wallpapers I was talking about, they’re beautiful!

CLICK HERE To Visit The Art Gallery Website of Tom Dougherty!!

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Art : THE JOKER & HARLEY QUINN Custom Converse Shoes / Sneakers

A new friend to the Bat-Blog, named KEN, sent us these amazing photos of some custom art he recently did. And when I say amazing I actually mean extremely freakin’ cool! Ken took some plain boring white-canvas-style Converse Sneakers & made these shoes true works of ART! One shoe has graphics drawn all over it of The Joker while the other shoe is Harley Quinn. Check out the pics, they’re pretty neat, huh. I wanna thank Ken for sending these awesome photos & I know he has an amazing Batman Toy Collection so I hope he sends some pics of those too ( Ken – hint, hint ). But seriously Ken, you did a great job on these! Nice coloring, sharp lines, they’re just totally unique & clever! OK, as always I wanna extend an invitation to ALL Bat-Blog Readers who have any kind of info or pics that are Batman-related to please send them to us. Sharing the love of the character, doing fun art, & toy collecting is what this page is all about!

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The focus of this week’s “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday” is going to be some totally amazing Batman artwork! The 1st background uses some vintage 1960’s comic art from an Italian BATMAN Comic Book Reprint. I’m not quite sure who the original artist was ( Is it Carmine Infantino’s work? ) but it’s just really great! The next one is a lot more modern-looking. This is a detail of a painting done by Joe Jusko for a charity auction at the San Diego Comic Con in 2007. The art is just amazing & has a highly realistic feel about it, very cool! Plus, the FULL MOON backdrop is a really nice touch. Now remember, we post 2 FREE Batman Background every week so if you have a suggestion for a certain character then please drop us a message. Our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this page ( it looks like an envelope ), Thanks!

CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

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I just recently joined a Message Board called the “Drawing Board”. It’s for artists & illustrators to share tips or information. Plus, it’s just a great place to see a lot of neat Comic Book Style Artwork, Pin-Up Girlie Art, Portraits, Cartoon Graphics, Animation Videos, & Graphic Styles of all kind. Now, speaking of graphic style, here’s an example. They had a thread where people were invited to post their personal artwork of The Joker. They call it an “ART JAM”. Well, this thing must have been pretty popular because a TON of awesome artwork got posted. Because of space limitations I can only show a few as an example but, really, at the website there are many many more! So if you look at these you can see what I am talking about. I sort of picked some out at random. They all have their own unique style but also very different from each other. Some artists draw things very realistic, like replicating a photograph, while others have a “Cartoon Style”. I know a lot of readers of the Bat-Blog are extremely creative people who work as artists so this post works on another level & that is, you should join the “Drawing Board” to help you become a better artist. If not in your craft, then maybe just to network with other professionals. You can visit their website by clicking HERE!

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Video: BATMAN Comic Book Art – Drawing Sketch in Time Lapse

Here’s a video showing you the different drawing stages in making comic book art like sketching, inking, coloring and final rendering. All is done with very cheap materials: like Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen, Letraset Twintip Markers ( they are not as expensive compared to Copic Markers ) and Watercolors. This is sort of a “How To…” Instructional Tutorial Video. So, anyone who loves drawing comics can do this without spending a lot of money & get a nearly professional result.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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BATMAN’S 70th ANNIVERSARY: 3D Computer Art!

This amazing 3D Computer Graphic Art was done by our good friend Achim Loobes to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Batman, the Caped Crusaider! He has a website devoted to Batman that has a ton of very cool 3-D computer artwork. Now, the only problem is that the website is from Germany & is totally in the German language. So some of you, like me, can’t read anything, ha ha! But it’s very well designed & easy to navigate. It’s worth a look just to see the cool images. Some of them are interaction & when you move your mouse around on top of the image, they come alive! Oh yeah, the site is called DER-VIGILANT & you can make a visit by clicking HERE!

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Alright! It’s “Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday” again here at the Bat-Blog & this week we have some really really weird stuff. Now most of you know our Batman Wallpapers are usually breathtaking, plus elegant & tasteful, ha ha! Well, they still are this time but they’re also kinda strange. The 1st one is using Japanese graphics from a Vintage 1960’s “Batman Toy Briefcase”. It was a bootleg item from Japan & that explains the unusual coloring. But it’s a great part of Bat-history so there you go! the next image is from a future DC Comics Batman comic book showing the “Return of Bruce Wayne”. Well, sort of. You see, when “Bruce Wayne Batman” was killed by Darkseid awhile back he wasn’t really killed but sent back in time. He awakes much later & his mind is confused plus he doesn’t quite know where he is or what his name is ( something like that ) &, the kicker, he still becomes “Batman” anyway! Oh yeah, he becomes the Dark Knight in the “Caveman Days”, ha ha! But don’t laugh. I think this is gonna be an extremely cool storyline ( or at least let’s hope so ). The artwork here is done by Andy Kubert & it’s totally totally incredible. Now, don’t forget, the large wallpapers are for your computer desktop & the small ones are formatted to fit the screen of an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone…enjoy!

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Awesome LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEO GAME Artwork Made Out of Actual LEGO Bricks!

This post is a friendly reminder that our current BAT-BLOG CONTEST to win a FREE Mint Copy of the LEGO BATMAN: THE VIDEO GAME ends in a few days on February 11th, 2010. So, if you have not entered yet then please do so today! For more details about this amazing event please click HERE!Now, this picture up above is NOT the item we’re giving away ( I wish! ). No, this is a very cool piece of artwork I came across the other day & the artist who made it did it using nothing but Lego Bricks & a little bit of black vinyl tape ( for the “flying bats” & Batman chest logo ). Don’t you think it’s really cool? I do! I think he did a great job on it. I love when artistic people get inspired by the Dark Knight Universe. So, If you’re a creative person who has done a Drawing, Painting, Custom Toy, or Whatever…then please send us a photo!

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