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‘Star Wars’ Spam Daily – John Williams Wants in on New Flicks

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And now for another round of… Star Wars Rules Your World! A few days ago you may have caught the rumor that Harrison Ford was coming back for Episode VII. And then the next day you may have heard that it wasn’t quite official yet. But this one is a no-brainer and something that everybody should have expected – John Williams wants to be the guy with the soundtrack come Episode VII time.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, Williams recently had this to say at a concert for the Young Musician’s Foundation Debut Orchestra (conducted by Williams himself):

We’re about to play Star Wars and each time we play it, I’m reminded of the first time we played it decades ago. Neither I, nor George, nor anyone else involved thought this would go far or in a few years there would be a sequel and I’d have to revisit the themes…and years later another trilogy. Now we’re hearing of a new set of movies coming in 2015, 2016…so I need to make sure I’m still ready to go in a few years for what I hope would be continued work with George…

Well, of course you will be coming back Mr. Williams. How on Earth could they make a new Star Wars without using your epic music? Everyone would be sitting in the theaters and wondering what was so wrong about the film, regardless of how good it turned out to be.

What do the folks at home think? Would the lack of John Williams’ amazing scores leave you feeling cheating?

Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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