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There’s a pretty cool art show event-thing going on at the BEAR & BIRD BOUTIQUE + GALLERY in Lauderhill, Florida that a lot of Bat-Blog readers might like to see. In fact, the show ends on July 31st so, you have until the end of this month to see it. It has a “Love of Vintage Toys” theme & a few pieces are even Batman-related. Basically, it’s a group show with many artists contributing artwork & photography that is inspired by cherished toys from their childhood. They all pay homage to different action figure toy lines: You have Mego’s Batman, Kenner’s Star Wars, Mattel’s He-Man Master of The Universe, Lego Characters, & much much more! A lot of the artwork is really amazing! Here in this post we feature the 2 Batman-inspired ones. The 1st one was done by the curator of the show & it’s actually an original comic book ad for the Magnetic Batman figure by Mego, framed. She also displays the actual figure right above it…cool! The next one is an acrylic painting of a Batman String Puppet flopping around. It was masterfully done by Lora Zombie. There are too many artists & pieces of art to mention here but the flyer ( last photo ) shows all of their names. Plus, at the end of this post is a really really great video of the Art Gallery Installation & you can see all the artwork very well. For more information be sure to visit BEARANDBIRD.COM plus, if you would like to see all the art in sharp detail, be sure to visit their online Flickr gallery by clicking HERE!

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