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NEW Fisher Price DC SUPER FRIENDS Imaginext BATMOBILE TOY CAR & Batman Action Figure

Our good friend “Batmobile Billy” sent us a photo of this brand-new toy he saw at a retail store the other night. He’s always on the hunt for cool Batman Batmobile Toys & spotted this new variation of the DC SUPER FRIENDS BATMOBILE CAR with Batman Figure made by Fisher Price, as a part of their “Imaginext” series. This one sort of looks a little bit like the car seen in the 1989 Batman movie, kinda-sorta! It also comes with 3 industrial barrels of “Joker Chemical Waste” ( I love the Joker Logo on the top of them, funny! ). The photo showing the toy on the store shelf is Billy’s picture he snapped of the actual product & the other 2 are from the FP website. I like this car a lot & I’m gonna have to get one later, it’s pretty cool! Thanks Billy for sending the pic. If any other Bat-Blog Readers ( that includes YOU! ) spot any brand-new Batman Toys or Merchandise out there then please let us know so we can share the info, thanks!

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SDCC 2009 EXCLUSIVE MATTEL HOT WHEELS The Dark Knight Movie Tumbler Batmobile and Batpod Set ( San Diego Comic Con ’09 )

OK, If you’re planning to go to the 2009 San Diego Comic Con be sure to hit the Mattel Booth for an EXCLUSIVE Hot Wheels THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie Tumbler Batmobile and Bat-Pod Motorcycle Set! They have been keeping it pretty top secret but a reader named Tony sent us this amazing photo. Basically it’s a Window-Boxed Set of 2 vehicles from the Dark Knight film. The way the vehicles are displayed inside the dox it looks like the Bat-Cycle is bursting out of the Tumbler batmobile Car…SWEET! I have also heard they will be the 1:50 Scale size…AWESOME! As we get more SDCC ’09 information we’ll have better pics later, so stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for more info! ( Thank You Tony, You ROCK, Sir! )

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Photos: Custom Batman Batmobile Car ( Part 2 ) Made From 1958 Corvette!!

Recently we published a photo sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Bob who just recently bought a Vintage 1958 Corvette that was customized, in the 1960’s, to look like Batman’s Batmobile car. That post was pretty popular & I asked Bob to send some more pics. He was very gracious & here they are! In these you get a great view of the front & back of the car. Also, the “comic book graphic” at the top…I think that is Bob’s idea on what this car might look like after it’s restored. Let’s hope so because that’s pretty sweet. Actually, any kind of restoration would improve it right now. It’s a little banged up from so many years of neglect. But we all know that Bob is going to give it some tender loving care. I wanna thank Bob for sending us some more photos & keeping us updated. It’s actually kinda thrilling to get to see this really great custom automobile come to life. If you missed the 1st post, or would like to see the 1st photo again, then here’s a link to check it out, just CLICK HERE!

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ATTENTION: The BATMAN FOREVER Batmobile Car Has Been Spotted in Pennsylvania

The Batmobile has been spotted in Pennsylvania…at a TOYS R US in Cheltenham, PA to be exact! A friend to the Bat-Blog, named Michael, just recently saw this BATMAN FOREVER MOVIE Vending Machine Toy Ride-On Batmobile & had to send some pics to us. I like how it looks sort of “cartoony” ( I just invented that word ). Plus, it’s always fun to see one of these things. Now I know a lot of people totally hate this film but I actually kinda like that it is so bad. Now obviously I would have prefered for the film to be good, or even great, but since it’s not we might as well accept it. “Don’t cry over spilled milk”, my Grandmother used to say. I wanna thank Michael for taking the pictures for us, I really appreciate that, it’s a very cool car!

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Video: Halloween BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT Movie Theme Display 2009

Look at how I decorated for Halloween this year! The neighborhood kids really loved it. No, it’s not mine, just kidding, ha ha! This is the work of an extremely creative guy named Jerjod. It took him a whole year to construct all this stuff for his 2009 Halloween Batman Display. In the driveway is a Tumbler Batmobile Replica Car he made. He also made a Life-Size Mechanical Manikin of Batman in costume that moved around. There were Battery Controlled “Wing-Flapping Bats” that hung from the trees & he even had a HUGE Bat-Symbol light shining on his house that took up the entire garage-area section!! WOW! Extremely impressive!! If you wanna learn how he built all this stuff, & try to do it yourself, then be sure to visit the INSTRUCTABLES website by clicking HERE!

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

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BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD – Joker & Batmobile Wallpaper Backgrounds

Just a quick post, here’s a couple of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Cartoon TV Show Desktop Wallpapers I made to help remind people that the brand-new episode “Death Race To Oblivion” is tonight on the Cartoon Network!

CLICK HERE For More FREE Batman Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds of The Dark Knight!

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In the year 2000 ( I love the sound of that, it’s like a movie trailer voice-over for an old sci-fi film, ha ha! ) a company in Japan published a magazine that featured the collection of a Major Batman Toy Collector. The cool thing was that it was a total mix-up of many vintage items & then a few more “modern day” pieces. It’s just a great reference guide for many extremely RARE Japanese Toys from the 60’s & even some cool stuff from the Warner Bros Store, mostly Batman: The Animated Series. When I look at it I see a lot of toys I have, a few things I know about & want, and then even some items that I have never EVER seen before…a great variety! Be sure to click on the photos here for larger versions where you can see all the great Batman Memorabilia in better detail. I swear, you will be drooling for days!!

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World’s Only Jet-Turbine Powered BATMOBILE Replica Car – On Sale Now!

Here at the Bat-Blog, awhile back, we did a story about a guy in Ohio who bought a Military Drone Helicopter Engine & used it to make a Batmobile Replica Car that was unlike any other. Well, I guess he has decided to sell it, it’s on eBay right now. OK, before you get ready to go hit eBay & bid let’s just say that it’s pretty expensive. I mean, the “BUY IT NOW” price is $620,000.00, ha! Yes, over half a million bucks! But the car is pretty impressive & would totally turn you into a complete Chick Magnet! So, go bid now! Here’s a LINK.

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BATMAN EXTREME!! A New Batman Toy Collector Blog!

This post is a shout-out to a Friend of ours who has been doing an excellent job on a new Batman Toy Collector Blog called “Batman Extreme”! Now, he’s a Major Batman Fan and he shares a bunch of cool stuff! At the end of this post I’ll share a LINK to it but I gotta warn ya, his site is mostly done in Japanese! But wait, there is plenty of eye-candy to enjoy plus, he does some posts in English. Also, it’s really not that hard to figure out how to navigate the site.

One tip, at the bottom of all his posts there is a “Pagination Area” where you click the numbers “2, 3, 4, etc…” Just click those and you can enjoy the whole site. There is some neat stuff like Tin Toys ( Robots and Batmobile cars ). Plus, a lot of new merchandise. It looks like he might focus on “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES” Movie Action Figures a little bit too. It’s fun, just click HERE!

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