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I’m on a boat: Halo Style

What could have been: boats in Halo: Reach!

This Issac fellow keeps releasing some great Halo Reach Concept art and this time round the images of a boat and his commentary that we should have seen it ‘jump in the water’ reveal that Bungie seriously considered having some boating action in Halo: Reach


Check out more Halo concept art from Issac Hannaford and also his Cortana images here.

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Halo News Wrap Up on a cold Sunday

Reach concept art by Esequiel

Loving all the Halo related stuff that’s been happening over the past few weeks – start of course with the announcement of Halo CE: Anniversary

and Halo 4

plus of course the Bungie love such as the announcement of what Bungie Aerospace is and plenty of sightings of t-shirts signalling Bungie’s future fate (or is that Destiny?)

Marathon Tattoo

NobleSixActual decided to bite the bullet and get a Marathon tattoo on his shoulder. He said “As the ten year anniversary of Halo looms ever closer, I decided to finally go through with something I’d planned for quite some time: a tattoo. It’d been the symbol I’d used through every game I was allowed one, from something I’d played on my cousin’s Mac far before I ever played Halo.” Nice one dude. Here’s another cool Halo tattoo – running riot
Speaking of Marathon, Bungie has decided to give away the source code for Marathon Infinity! If you’ve got the programming skills, let’s see what you got?
Word got out that Duke Nukem Forever

contained a pretty sweet Easter Egg that referred to Halo, yep, that’s our favourite Spartan’s armour below. Who would win a fight between the Chief and Duke?

The Duke mocks the mjolnir!

The ever useful HBO points out yet another artist who worked on Reach has a website with some of there concept art on display, this time Esequiel has invited us in to see their etchings:

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Destiny’s conceptual artwork released by Bungie

vex time travelling robots

The Vex – time travelling robots

Destiny Conceptual artwork by Bungie
New game Destiny has been revealed to the world and Bungie took a note from 343 Industries’ playbook and did the reveal with a set of concept artwork (albeit intermingled within a Vidoc of full of explanation).
Here’s some of the art that Bungie designers have done on The Fallen (Cabal), settings, cities and the Traveller, who’s true identity while probably be revealed in game 3…..

The Traveller

Mars’ Exclusion Zone is controlled by the Cabal

You might recall this as the first image that leaked

black garden

The Black Garden. Which looks green.

hell mouth

The Mouth of Hell

Titan, Hunter, and Warlock.

Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes in action.

Go Speed Racer, Go!

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